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After the BTK killer Dennis Rader was arrested on February 25, 2005, police uncovered his stashes of writings, photos, artwork and other assorted items he had kept over the years related to his crimes.  He had a bondage fetish and enjoyed wearing the undergarments of his slain female victims.  He enjoyed tying himself up in all sorts of ways.  Using various mechanisms he was able to photograph himself with a Polaroid camera.  During his years as a Boy Scout troop leader, he nearly got caught once when he couldn't escape his own bonds after tying himself up inside a camper during a scout outing.  He eventually worked himself loose.  

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Clothing was stolen from Dolores Davis

Taken in his parents' basement, he is bound at the legs and hands while wearing clothing stolen from victims

All bound up in plastic in a freshly dug grave


All tied up during an outdoor outing


Rader is hanging out

He's actually standing on a stool here

The flying pixie?

The rear view


Upside down


His obsession for bondage expressed itself in his artwork.  He used tracing paper to reproduce female images from photographs, and then would add ropes and other bindings.  Rader was obsessed with cutting out magazine and newspaper ads of women models and sketching binding materials over the images.  Art photos courtesy of web designer Anubis whose work can also be seen at Serial Killer Central.


Rader's depiction of the Fager murder, which he didn't commit

His rendition of the murder of Dolores Davis

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