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Photo above taken March 2012

We hope you will enjoy looking into the Samtastic world of The Fluffters 

This Web Site was first set up in 2002 in dedication to our beautiful Rescue Samoyeds Coney Angel and Kaylie
then in August 2005 Kirby our first West Highland White Terrier was added followed by 
Nova our second Westie in October 2006. in June 2007 Alfie our 4th Samoyed joined our Family from The Samoyed Association Rescue followed by Merli our Cocker Spaniel in July 2008.
In February 2009 Kiki our Chinese Crested Powder Puff joined our family followed by  Ruby in Jan 2010 and Vinnie our second Chinese Crested Powder Puff in June 2010 From Gray Matter followed by Button Westie in Nov 2010.
 Eddie our Chinese Crested Powderpuff joined us in March 2011 followed by Penny in Sep 2011 and then Noodle our Toy Poodle in Dec 2011, Bertie our lil x breed from Cyprus joined us 20th Sep 2012 and then came Nola - Bell our lil x breed from Cyprus on the 24th July 2013 followed by Pepe our Poodle X from Cyprus on the 27th Dec 2013 and then Sugar on the 20th Aug 2014.
We have been involved with The Samoyed Breed since 1998 when Coney our FIRST ever Samoyed came to live with us and Since then we have taken on three more Rescue Sammy's Angel, Kaylie and Alfie all from The Samoyed Association Rescue.

We have Fostered Samoyeds in the past waiting for a loving home but we Foster any breed when we can. Our dogs are pets - we do not show or enter serious competitions with them but do attend lots of Charity or fun dog shows which we enjoy very much.

Coney, Angel, Kaylie, Kirby, Nova, Alfie, Merli, Kiki, Ruby Vinnie, Button, Eddie,Penny,Noodle, Bertie Nola and Pepe are very loyal, loving and well-behaved dogs....Most of the time! We have - and always will - pay them very special attention despite being called NUTS and a lot worse! - they have a strong routine (which we believe to be important) especially so in the early days of a rescue dog’s new life with you. It's been a lot of work and effort with Some of our dogs to get them any where near being normal happy trusting dogs but it's been worth every moment when we look at the fantastic results we have had.

We think our dogs need to know where they stand and learn from you what is expected of them from the word go - without any confused messages. We made our minds up what would be and stuck to it including working with unwanted behaviour. Kaylie our Samoyed and Kirby our Westie were the only two dogs that came to us more or less problem free the rest had issues such as deep rooted fear issues, aggression toward other dogs, biting us, separation issues, lack of confidence, could not walk on leads, no basic training or understanding of even very basic commands, fear of men, no house training, general fear of the outside world and strangers. We have also dealt with what we would call nerve realated ticks such as constant checking of the same part of their body, grinding of teeth and shaking of the head while chewing thin air! 

 We sure have had many problems along the way as most of our dog's were not ready made pet dog's but we tackled problems one at a time, with a great deal of patience kindness and Training ..... we say and know you can teach ‘an old dog new tricks’ but there is not always a quick fix. We enjoy every day we spend with our beautiful dogs - they make us very, very proud indeed

Giving a Rescue Dog a home is so very rewarding seeing their trust faith and love in you build and develop is an amazing experience and one we hope to have over and over again.

The black and white Collie you see in some photo's is Rio he was such a wonderful Boy but despite our very best efforts we could not keep Rio and he was re homed. Re homing Rio left me broken I don't give up easily and he was a very special Boy.





Very sadly we lost our Coney Bear on the 18th April 2006

we all miss him deeply.
On Jan 15th 2009 we lost our Angel but as with Coney
these pages will be a real Tribute to her.


The 19th Dec 2009 our Kaylie went to sleep

 she was our last original Fluffter and the reason for this website

On the 3rd Oct 2010 very unexpectedly we lost our Nova my doggie soul mate

Together our Fur Family are

The Fluffter's

 Our Fluffter Family Over The Years







The Fluffters March 2012

Below 26th Sep 2012


Photo below is from NOV 2012...Oh look I am that mad dog lady my Dad said don't turn into.....


Photo's Below August 2013

Alfie Ruby Button Eddie Vinnie Noodle Penny Nola Kirby Bertie and Kiki

Tim and The Fluffters below August 2013


Below The Fluffter Pack Jan 2014

Page created 2002 and updated

If you think a UK Rescue Samoyed is for you click the link below