The Star Sapphire

Serving the Sprawl since 2064

About the Sapphire

Founded in 2064 by Lucien, Dusk and Raphael, the Sapphire was built to provide affordable luxury accomodations for any in the Sprawl who wished to live within the Sapphire's walls.  Leading the rental housing market in affordability and honorable business practices, the Sapphire has pioneered every discount and overall lease-cost reduction that the Sprawl's housing market has seen to date, resulting in a better standard of living for all.  Comfortable, luxurious and emanating that warm feeling of a true home, the Star Sapphire of East Tacoma is glad to welcome new residents into the fold.

Location is Key

The easiest way to reach the Sapphire is via the ever-present taxi service- simply ask your driver for the 'Sapphire' and he will take you there.  If, however, you're of the more intrepid sort who wishes to walk or drive, we are located on East Anselm St. between Newman St. and Cleary Ave.  If you wish for the convenience of direct parking, simply gridguide to the coordinates -140608, 70404 to find our public parking lots.

News Feed

Our Condensed news is published here, with full details on the News page. 


3/23/10: Updated the information available on this site.

9/12/09: Neophyte Subsidy Card discount, Discounts page added.

8/9/09: Lucien is out of town on business and will not be readily available.

8/9/09: [Sapphire-Tech] is now open.

8/8/09: Leases updated to mesh with the new calendar.

8/7/09: Calendar implemented for residents to easily view their rent due dates.

8/6/09: This site is now open.