The Elise Academy Of Dance

           The Elise Academy Of Dance


Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz, and Dance Gymnastics


Classes are held on TUESDAYS and WEDNESDAYS at:-

Royston Methodist Church Hall,

Midland Road, Royston,

Barnsley. (Near Royston NETTO)


TUESDAY Class Times are:-

4.15pm To 5.00pm Tiny Tots (Tap & Ballet) Age 2 1/2 years to 5 year olds

5.00pm To 6.00pm Junior Tap & Ballet Age 6 years +


Classes held on WEDNESDAYS at Royston, are for children over 8 years old and of higher grades.

Classes are also on SATURDAYS at Athersley, for older more experinced children. 

 Please contact Miss Lisa for more details of the classes on these two days.



Classes are taught to both girls and boys for exam work, festivals /competitions,

and small end of year Christmas show.

For more information Please Contact Miss Lisa Jones on Mobile 07704414991

 or Email -

Miss Lisa has been dancing since the age of three and from being a teenager had always wanted to run her own dancing school. She was able to find premises first in Monk Bretton, and a few years later she started classes in Royston. She runs a small, happy dance school and she has been teaching children to dance for over 13 years now.

Miss Lisa teaches children (girls and boys) from  2 1/2 years old. They are taught Ballet, Tap, and Dance Gymnastics, and has recently started to teach Modern Jazz for children over 8 years old. She trains children for exam work (exams take place twice a year), festival / competitions (private lessons are available for children wishing to dance on stage), and a small Christmas Show that was very popular with our parents in 2006,when we had our first show. Children can of course dance just for fun, as it is a very good form of exercise and there is no pressure for any child to perform on stage if they do not wish to.

Some of her dancing school successes are :-

Hannah Dickinson at 5 1/2 years old (now 7 yrs old), won all three Baby sections at the 'Barnsley Festival of Dance' at Kingstone School, Barnsley, in February 2007. Hannah had been dancing for only two years, and won her gold medals and trophies for her Character Solo, Modern Solo,and Song & Dance Solo.

Brooke Parker at 12 years old (now 14 yrs old), had a wonderful success at the 'Brampton Springtime Festival', held at Montgomery Hall in March 2007. She won the title of  'South Yorkshire Junior Modern Championship' against 35 other competitors, with her modern dance solo. She then went on to win the D modern section with the same dance. Brooke started dancing at the age of three years old.

We are very proud of both these girls, and of all the other medal winning competition children, that we have at our dance school - keep it up girls.


We would like to wish our older girls success in their choosen careers, remember girls don't forget us and send us an Email to let us know how you are getting on. (Photo's to show the younger competiton children would be nice, as they miss you all so much!)


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