credit where credit is due

Note: All tests have now been tested against Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1 (both 64 bit).

This directory contains a lot of testaces for bugs I reported at the IE Connect Database. Some of these bugs were discovered by myself. However, the majority were already published on the web by various people.

Some testcases are completely new, others are extended and some are almost the same as the original testcases.

I apologise to everyone who feels deceived by that fact. Although some of these bugs were already reported in earlier bug collection cycles, Microsoft's policy to close every open bug by the time a new version is released, made it necessary to re-report thise bugs.

Because a lot of bug reports were not re-reported for whatever reason, I decided to report every bug not reported yet by myself. This doesn't include every unreported bug out there, but most of the more (in)famous ones. I ignored most of the original authors to achieve the so called greater goal, i.e. an interoperable web.

I want to thank everyone who ever discovered or reported a bug in any browser. It is you who enable an great web experience to millions of users.

What is a bug?

By 'bug' I mean a problem or unexpected behaviour in Internet Explorer compared to other browsers or compared to a specification. Not all bugs in this list are bugs that document an implementation mistake. Some reports simply describe a different behaviour from other browsers or behaviour that just seems illogical.

How I create a testcase

When I encounter a testcase that works in one browser but not in another one, I try to find out what the bug actually is.

A lot of testcases are very complex - very often too complex. When I found out what the bug is, I try to reproduce it with as little code as possible. That's why some testcases here look almost the same as the original testcase and others are completely different.

Tests rendered in IE7 mode

If accessed from the testcases may be rendered in IE7 mode because the domain is listed in Microsoft's Compatibility View List. Please make sure the tests are rendered in Standards Mode when viewed (perceivable at the bottom of every testcase by he reported Compat and Document Modes).

External scripts

The testcases are located on a free host webserver that is supported by ads. These are unfortunately added into the testcases. However, before reporting an issue, I test that the testcase on this server works. So there should be no downsides.

Overview of testcases in this directory
TestcaseStatus on ConnectOther notes
01-gc-list-item.htmlConnect Bug Won't FixWon't Fix in IE10
02-gc-table-types.htmlConnect Bug FixedFixed in PP8/RC1; However, display: table is rendered like inline-table.
03-html-table-display.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
04-blank-page.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
05-margin-collapse-clear.htmlConnect Bug FixedFixed in PP5.
06-eszett-letter-spacing.htmlConnect Bug FixedThe capital Eszett is rendered, letter-spacing is correct on that letter. Fixed in IE11. Fails in Gecko.
07-xml-mode.xml (text/xml)
Connect Bug (1st) Fixed
Connect Bug (2nd) Fixed
Fixed in PP8/RC1.
08-xml-document-write.xml (text/xml)
Connect Bug Fixedtext/xml: Fixed
application/xml: Fixed
application/xhtml+xml: Fixed
09-xml-conditional-comment.xml (text/xml)
Connect Bug Fixedtext/xml: Fixed
application/xml: Fixed
application/xhtml+xml: Fixed
10-cap-eszett-input.htmlConnect Bug Won't FixWon't Fix in IE10. Fixed in IE11.
11-shrink-to-fit.htmlConnect Bug FixedFixed in PP6
12-bool-attr.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
13-css-media-type.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
13-css-media-type.htmlConnect Bug Not reproducedSame as before, but for local documents. Fixed in IE11.
13-invalid-cursor.htmlConnect Bug FixedFixed in PP3. Test 3 regressed in PP6, and was fixed again in PP7.
15-image-cursor.htmlConnect Bug Won't FixWon't Fix in IE10
16-auto-focus.htmlConnect Bug By DesignAccording to Microsoft this is per spec and both Gecko and WebKit are wrong.
17-dom-doctype.htmlConnect Bug FixedFixed
18-alt-text.htmlConnect Bug Won't FixSame behaviour in WebKit/Blink.
19-parent-scroll.htmlConnect Bug Won't FixSame behaviour in WebKit/Blink.
20-input-accept.htmlConnect Bug FixedFixed with some small glitches: text/html will find *.htm but not *.html (see Issue #217)
21-empty-dynamic.html (frame)
21-empty-dynamic-framed.html (test)
Connect Bug Not reproduced
Connect Bug Won't Fix
Inside an Iframe the bug seems to be reliably reproducable.
22-computed-value.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
23-visibility-override.htmlConnect Bug FixedFixed in PP5
24-font-inherit.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
25-font-family-string.htmlConnect Bug FixedFixed in PP5
26-system-font.htmlConnect Bug FixedFixed in PP5
27-z-index-decimal.htmlConnect Bug Won't FixFixed even though the fix wasn't intended.
28-block-button.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
29-direction-bfc.htmlConnect Bug Won't FixWon't Fix as of IE10.
30-p-form.htmlConnect Bug Won't FixFixed in IE10, P2 due to the implementation of the HTML5 parser.
31-quirks.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
32-image-hover-quirk.htmlConnect Bug Won't FixPP8/RC1: Partially fixed; Interoperable as of IE10.
33-ms-filter-opacity.htmlConnect Bug Won't Fix
Connect Bug Won't Fix
Was Fixed, but regressed in IE9-PP5. Fixed in IE10.
34-first-letter-double.htmlConnect Bug Won't FixUnsure what the spec says, but IE is the only engine with this behaviour.
35-pseudo-element-text-align.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
36-pseudo-attr-dynamic.htmlConnect Bug FixedFixed in PP5
37-multiple-id-selector.htmlConnect Bug FixedPartially-Fixed: Using the same ID twice doesn't compute the correct specificity, see Test #150
38-first-important.htmlConnect Bug FixedFixed in PP8/RC1
39-max-height-height.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
40-blank-page.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
Connect Bug FixedTest#1: Fixed in PP5
Test#2: Fixed in PP4.
42-attr-default.htmlConnect Bug PostponedFixed completely as of PP6
43-control-visibility-inherit.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
Connect Bug Won't Fix
Fixed in PP3;
Regressed again in PP4; Fixed in IE10.
44-first-l-bg.xhtmlConnect Bug FixedIntermittently the green background isn't drawn on the second line.
45-input-padding.htmlConnect Bug FixedFixed in PP5
46-zero-height-float.htmlConnect Bug Won't Fix
47-mc-through-padding.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
48-list-content-drop.htmlConnect Bug FixedMS states that this was fixed, but it isn't in IE10/IE11.
49-bg-shorthand-syntax.htmlConnect Bug ExternalFixed in IE10.
50-hover-area-shrink.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
51-table-text-select.htmlConnect Bug Won't FixFixed in PP8/RC1
Connect Bug FixedIE10 and IE11 only render the text contents. Gecko and Blink render the element tree instead. Although there doesn't seem to be a spec, testcase #53 is rendered as an elemen tree.
Connect Bug Duplicate
Fixed, Fixed
text/xml: Partially fixed (, no tree like Gecko and Presto)
application/xml: Partially fixed (text-only, no tree like Gecko and Presto)
Reopened because Beta 1 doesn't render a document tree.
PP8/RC1 now render a tree in this case.
54-dynamic-z-index.htmlConnect Bug FixedFixed in PP5
55-tr-bg-position.htmlConnect Bug Won't FixOnly Gecko and Presto pass this test.
56-default-outline.htmlConnect Bug Won't FixTab to the link if clicking doesn't expose the outline. Apparently not speciefied in enough detail for MS.
57-tc-percentage-padding.htmlConnect Bug By DesignActually Fixed.
58-list-style-image.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
59-gc-stacking.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
60-select-hover.htmlConnect Bug FixedIn IE11 the widgets no longer suffer from this bug. Try for regressions in later releases.
61-select-focus.htmlConnect Bug FixedIn IE11 the widgets no longer suffer from this bug. Try for regressions in later releases.
62-abs-pos-inline-parent.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
63-marker-outside-overflow.htmlConnect Bug PostponedNo browser passes this test. The CSSWG is discussing a spec change.
64-external-cursor-url.htmlConnect Bug Won't Fix
65-overflow-jitter.htmlConnect Bug FixedPP4: Jitter is gone, distortion appears: Scrolling rendersthe background all over the element.
Fixed in PP5
66-image-width-height.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
67-max-percentage.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
68-text-deco-visibility.htmlConnect Bug Won't FixFixed in IE11. When the text is selected, you can see that all three lines are taken into account.
69-underline-img-va.htmlConnect Bug Won't FixUnderline incorrectly positioned.
70-va-top-background.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
70-va-top-background.htmlConnect Bug FixedRegression in IE9-PP8 from IE9-PP7. Fixed in IE10.
71-li-margin-nullify.xhtmlConnect Bug Fixed
72-at-import-limit.htmlConnect Bug FixedFixed in IE10, P2
73-bfc-vertical-pos.htmlConnect Bug By DesignNot sure which rendering is correct. IE, Gecko and Blink all render differently. Only the old Presto agrees with Gecko. See also Hixie's test case.
74-block-in-inline.htmlConnect Bug Won't FixFixed in PP8/RC1
75-header-link.htmlConnect Bug Won't FixThis only tests the Meta-Element, which is currently not implemented in any browser (except for the old Presto). However, Gecko supports the HTTP-Header.
76-unitless-dynamic.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
77-clip-auto-reset.htmlConnect Bug FixedFixed in PP8/RC1
78-hr-alignment.htmlConnect Bug ExternalUnsure what MS wants to do about this. Gecko and Blink agree on the rendering, while IE doesn't.
79-dynamic-restyle.htmlConnect Bug FixedFixed in PP8/RC1
80-table-rules-all.htmlConnect Bug FixedWhile the bug is fixed, the border is only black and not inset/outset like in other browsers.
81-min-max-height-scroll.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
82-max-width-overflow.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
83-whitespace-hover.htmlConnect Bug FixedPartially Fixed in PP8/RC1: the only sensible white space is now the one on the second line. Fixed in IE11.
84-ms-zoom-overflow.htmlConnect Bug Won't FixThis is an IE only feature, so there's no spec. But I would expect the parent's width to fit the child elements size just like its height does (like it was in IE8).
85-object-crash.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
86-object-image-print.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
87-inaccessible-title.htmlConnect Bug Won't Fix
88-button-shift.htmlConnect Bug Won't FixFixed
89-abs-pos-click.htmlConnect Bug Won't FixRelated to Issue #90. Fixed in IE11.
90-link-hover.htmlConnect Bug Not reproducedWon't Fix in IE9; However, the issue will likely be fixed in IE10. At least fixed in IE11.
91-cursor-reset.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
92-outline-invert.htmlConnect Bug FixedFixed in PP6
93-max-width-overflow.htmlConnect Bug FixedPP4: regression from IE8; PP5/Beta1: Fixed
94-hover-parent-child.htmlConnect Bug Fixedregression from IE8
Fixed in PP8/RC1
95-fixed-position.htmlConnect Bug FixedFixed (was a regression from IE8)
96-head-foo.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
97-slash-zero.htmlConnect Bug Won't Fix
98-document-crash.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
99-pi-stylsheet.xmlConnect Bug FixedPP4: Opening developer tools makes the browser crash
PP5/Beta1: Fixed
100-inline-style.xmlConnect Bug Won't FixNot implemented in any browser.
101-x-lang.xmlConnect Bug Fixedtext/xml, application/xml: Fixed in PP7
102-dynamic-xml-lang.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
103-xml-alt-stylesheet.xmlConnect Bug FixedFixed in PP6. However, there is no method to choose the alternate stylesheet.
104-style-alt-stylesheet.htmlConnect Bug Won't Fix
105-button-valign.htmlConnect Bug Fixedregression from IE8
106-select-multiple-focus.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
107-header-nesting.htmlConnect Bug FixedPP5/Beta1: Fixed
108-white-space-crash.htmlConnect Bug Fixedregression from IE8; Crash: Fixed in PP4
Rendering Fixed in PP8/RC1
109-node-constants.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
110-root-margin-bottom.htmlConnect Bug FixedFixed in PP6
111-calculations-differ.htmlConnect Bug Won't FixOne of the factors is being truncated before the calculation happens.
112-print-prev-checkbox.htmlConnect Bug FixedFixed in PP8/RC1
113-hyphen-break.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
114-text-plain.txtConnect Bug Fixed
114-text-plain.txtConnect Bug Reproducedregressed in IE10, P2. Fixed again.
115-li-marker-before.htmlConnect Bug Won't FixBug report
Fixed in PP8/RC1
115-li-marker-before.htmlConnect Bug FixedCrash: Fixed
116-cssrule-counter-reset.htmlConnect Bug FixedWhile the first button is fiexed, the second one doesn't pass now.
117-css-style-declaration.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
118-print-float-in-cell.htmlConnect Bug FixedPartially-Fixed regression from IE8; Floates correctly rendered, table-cell not.
Fixed in PP8/RC1
119-shrink-to-fit-resize.htmlConnect Bug FixedFixed in PP6
120-shrink-to-fit-too-wide.htmlConnect Bug FixedOld bug: position absolute/fixed
regression from IE8: display table-(row|header|footer)-group, table-row and table-cell
Fixed in PP8/RC1
121-object-about-blank.htmlConnect Bug Won't Fix
122-iframe-background.htmlConnect Bug Won't FixFixed in PP8/RC1
123-option-white-space.htmlConnect Bug FixedPP4: regression from IE8;
P5/B1: Fixed
124-dom-select-value.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
125-run-in-dynamic-clear.htmlConnect Bug FixedApparently this regressed in IE11. Only Blink is correct, but since the bug is about run-in the spec may have to be written first.
126-select-min-width.htmlConnect Bug Won't FixIn IE11 only the multiple select box suffers the issue.
127-get-elements-by-name-id.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
128-get-elements-by-name-unknown.htmlConnect Bug Won't Fix
Connect Bug Fixed
129-small-width-select.htmlConnect Bug Fixedwidth (regression from IE8): Fixed;
max-width: Broken; Fixed in PP8/RC1
130-outline-input-hover.htmlConnect Bug Fixedregression from IE8; Fixed in PP8/RC1 (textarea slightly glitchy, otherwise fine)
131-margin-collapse-dynamic.xhtmlConnect Bug Fixed
132-disabled-option-highlight.htmlConnect Bug By Designselected and disabled option elements loose their selection status if the select element is not disabled as well. (There should be another test below).
133-tr-onmouseover.htmlConnect Bug FixedPP4: regression from IE8; PP5/Beta1: Fixed
134-keyboard-submit.htmlConnect Bug FixedFixed in PP5/Beta1
135-checkbox-focus-break.htmlConnect Bug Won't Fix
136-dynamic-css-property-invalid.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
137-ctrl-click-bubble.htmlConnect Bug By Design.Now only 'works' in Blink. IE/Fx could be right here.
138-image-map-coords.htmlConnect Bug Won't Fix
139-set-interval-click.htmlConnect Bug FixedFixed; However, see Test #181
140-title-tooltip-truncated.htmlConnect Bug Won't Fix
141-anchor-image-map.htmlConnect Bug Won't FixAt the moment this is only in Firefox (and the old Presto).
142-table-inner-html.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
Connect Bug Fixed
PP5/Beta1: Very basic and buggy implementation; PP8/RC1: Revert to IE8 behaviour
IE10, P2: Fixed completely!
143-node-list-item.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
144-block-to-inline.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
145-xslt-crash.xmlConnect Bug Fixed
Connect Bug Fixed
Crash: Fixed;
Blankness: Apparently fixed in PP7
146-xslt-online.xmlConnect Bug FixedIssue only exposed if the testcase is loaded online (by HTTP, not by a local path).
P5/B1: Fixed. Now works online and offline. - PP7: doesn't seem to work sometimes
147-p-nesting-div.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
148-link-empty-href.htmlConnect Bug Won't Fix
149-unclosed-span.htmlConnect Bug PostponedFixed in PP8/RC1
150-multiple-id-selector.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
150-multiple-id-selector.htmlConnect Bug Won't FixSpecificity incorrect
151-gc-getpropertyvalue.htmlConnect Bug ReproducedImplemented in PP8/RC1; Non-GC-elements are treated per CSS 2.1; Initially this was consistent with Gekco/Blink, but now it is not consistent anymore.
152-query-selector-selected.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
153-query-selector-tree.htmlConnect Bug FixedFixed in PP8/RC1
154-ltr-first-letter-float-right.htmlConnect Bug FixedPP5/Beta1: Fixed; No text-indend support on ::first-letter, use margin-left instead
Note: In Gecko ::first-letter doesn't inherit text-indent.
The issue should be fixed within the tolerance of CSS 2.1 (it differs from Gecko/Blink though).
155-dynamic-img-size.htmlConnect Bug Won't FixAppears to be fixed as of IE11.
156-calc-multiply-percentage.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
157-calc-zero-percent.htmlConnect Bug Won't Fix
158-ic-background-position.htmlConnect Bug Won't Fix
159-clip-computed-value.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
160-th-text-align-magic.htmlConnect Bug Won't Fix
161-remove-style-methods.htmlConnect Bug By Design
162-remove-style-float.htmlConnect Bug Won't FixRequired for compat.
163-remove-remove-node.htmlConnect Bug Won't FixHas been added to DOM4?
164-unstable-margin-c.xhtmlConnect Bug Fixed
165-xml-space-crash.xmlConnect Bug FixedFixed in PP5/Beta1
166-svg-get-attribute.htmlConnect Bug FixedFixed in PP8/RC1;
Fixed only if "null" is an accepted return value per SVG.
167-remove-attach-event.htmlConnect Bug Won't FixWon't Fix in IE10. Removed in IE11.
168-font-size-ex.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
169-whitespace-lost.htmlConnect Bug ReproducedFixed in PP8/RC1
170-small-sub-sup.htmlConnect Bug Won't Fix
171-iframe-vp-border.htmlConnect Bug Won't FixFixed in PP8/RC1
172-inline-bg-repeat.htmlConnect Bug FixedFixed in PP7
173-cookie-enabled.htmlConnect Bug By DesignUnfortunate Design.
174-outline-hidden.htmlConnect Bug Won't FixFixed (report is incorrectly labeled)
175-search-soft-hyphen.htmlConnect Bug Won't Fix
176-calc-border-radius.htmlConnect Bug FixedFixed in PP8/RC1
177-va-no-tbody-table.xhtmlConnect Bug FixedFixed in PP8/RC1
178-rowspan-no-tbody.xhtmlConnect Bug FixedFixed in PP8/RC1
179-calc-background-position.htmlConnect Bug FixedOpera fails this test.
180-outline-width-inherit.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
181-set-interval-rclick.htmlConnect Bug FixedMS says this is fixed, but it isn't.
182-blank-pseudo-table.htmlConnect Bug FixedFixed in PP7
183-node-list-item.htmlConnect Bug Not ReproducedFixed
184-calc-transform-origin.htmlConnect Bug Won't Fix
185-select-inner-html.htmlConnect Bug Postponed
Connect Bug Fixed
IE10, P2: Fixed completely!
186-html-inner-html.htmlConnect Bug ReproducedIE10, P2: Fixed completely!
187-calc-division.htmlConnect Bug FixedFixed in PP8/RC1
188-calc-parenthesis.htmlConnect Bug FixedFixed in PP8/RC1
189-query-selector-clone-node.htmlConnect Bug FixedFixed in PP8/RC1
190-childNodes-length.xhtmlConnect Bug Not ReproducedFixed.
191-window-close.htmlConnect Bug Won't Fix
192-line-breakout.htmlConnect Bug FixedFixed in PP8/RC1
193-list-bullet-float.htmlConnect Bug By Design
194-clip-scroll-area.htmlConnect Bug FixedFixed in PP8/RC1
195-head-inner-html.htmlConnect Bug FixedIE10, P2: Fixed completely!
196-attr-type-default.htmlConnect Bug Won't FixCSS 3 attr() has been disabled in IE9 RTM. Standard attr() working as intended.
197-orphan-widow-non-pos.htmlConnect Bug Won't Fix
198-unicode-bidi-line-box.htmlConnect Bug Won't Fix
199-input-hover.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
200-attr-namespace.xhtmlConnect Bug FixedSome tests also fail in WebKit
201-second-body.xhtmlConnect Bug Won't FixWebKit fails background test
202-root-outside-html.xhtmlConnect Bug By Design
203-xhtml-source-no-ns.xhtmlConnect Bug By DesignBased on Issue #52.
204-gradient-same-stop.htmlConnect Bug FixedIE10, P2: Fixed
205-dom-level-3-xpath.htmlConnect Bug FixedNote: There is no XPath in IE, this bug was about an API reporting incorrect values.
206-selectors-api-response-xml.htmlConnect Bug Won't Fix
207-float-ib-sibling.htmlConnect Bug By DesignAdditional Testcase by Gérard Talbot; Although initially deemed by design, this is fixed in IE11.
208-initial-keyword.htmlConnect Bug Won't Fix
209-print-preview-input.htmlConnect Bug Not ReproducedMicrosoft couldn't reproduce in IE10, Preview 1; but the issue is definitely there; reopened with second Preview.
210-css-ruby.htmlConnect Bug Won't FixApparently five display values from CSS Ruby have been implemented in IE11. This is great, but apparently still needs some spec work.
211-input-email-idn.htmlConnect Bug Won't FixOpera passes the second test, but incorrecly applies the :invalid style until the element is selected.
212-text-shadow-quality.htmlConnect Bug Won't FixWorks due to implementation of text-shadow.
213-table-border-width-value.htmlConnect Bug Won't FixMS requests test for all reflecting attributes.
214-orientation-scan-shorthand.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
215-grid-media-feature.htmlConnect Bug Won't FixWon't Fix in IE10. Fixed in IE11.
216-box-content-missing.htmlConnect Bug FixedIrrelevant for IE11, since the Flexbox model has been updated.
217-input-accept.htmlConnect Bug FixedThis still seems to depend on OS/configuration, the text/html,text/plain still only shows *.htm + *.txt on Win 8.1
218-hover-flicker.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
219-positioned-float-missing.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
220-pixel-text-zoom.htmlConnect Bug Won't Fix
221-html-margin-pos.htmlConnect Bug Won't Fix
222-option-mouse-events.htmlConnect Bug Won't Fix
223-negative-list-item-value.htmlConnect Bug Reopened
224-border-radius-direction.htmlConnect Bug Fixed
225-run-in-hiding-trick.htmlConnect Bug Not ReproducedFixed in IE11.
226-abs-pos-max-width-margin-auto.htmlConnect Bug Won't FixOpera 11.62 has the same bug. Additional Testcase by Gérard Talbot
227-fix-pos-clipped.htmlConnect Bug Not ReproducedOpera 11.62 and Firefox 11 still fail the test if the element with overflow got height: 1px; see bug 740770).
228-table-containing-block.htmlConnect Bug By DesignOnly Presto passed every subtest. Unfortunate part of CSS 2.1
229-disabled-option-highlight.htmlConnect Bug Won't Fix

Other reports and suggestions