Brikwars battles

Clone beat spacemen!

This is the battle that was chosen from the Who battles Who forum on

You guys chose it you guys get it!

The teams

Alien team the leaders have a minigun and the other one has a giant gun

 The viking heros

 The other vikings



The vikings move up


Oh i forgot to tell you there is a knight that has been killed.


the aliens move out

The vikings get closer....

the viking hero prays to his goods to send down something useful  as a heroic feat

 he succeeds and summons Eric the giant, WITH A BEAMSABER THING


Aliens blow the hell out of the viking front line.

thanks to a critical failure, the aliens gun exploded in his face

 The vikings moved up again..

 one of the vikings rolled this

this is what happened

 Eric gets OVERKILLL!!!!!!

a critical failure happens as the viking hero's sword is thrown, deflected of the aliens head  and comes back to he viking queen to kill her.

the hero is gunned down
Eric get more OVERKILL!!

The last man is killed.

The end overview