[Tgs] Clan

Halo's Top Aces

Welcome To the Home of Clan Topguns!

Welcome to the [Tgs] Clan Home Site

So Please enjoy viewing the pages

If you want to join [Tgs] go to our forums site and fill out an application. You will receive further instructions upon doing so.

If you have a question or comment add tgsmaverick9437 on your xfire.

Thank you, [Tgs] Mav, Leader of clan topguns.     


Clan News

-We ARE recruiting!!!

-Any support to help us get a dedicated server would be appreciated!

-Once we have enough members with working mics, we will get a teamspeak.


These rules apply for any [Tgs] game that is up or a [Tgs] dedi.

1. No cussing. And no drastic namecalling

2.No whining. We don't give any cheese out either. Take your sissy whining somehwere else, or make a post about it in our forums.

3.No Hacking or modding. If you are found hacking, your are gone. No exceptions, no chance of coming back. And If your a [Tgs] member, your banned permanently.

4.No Intentional teamkilling or revenge teamkills. If you get teamkilled intentionally don't retaliate. Just tell an admin(There will almost always be one), and let hom handle it.

5. No Idleness. Afk players will be kicked from the server. The only exception are AFK clan members who threw their player in to help start the server.

6. No recruiting for other clans in our servers.

7. Do not badmouth Clan members.


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