The Legendary "Red Dragon's Hannibal Lecter"

is now in San Antonio Tx!!!!!



         Welcome to Texas Gotti Kennel, A True and Honest breeder involved with the American Bully Terrier we are located in San Antonio, Texas. We have been involved with our loyal breed since 1996 and have great plans for the future.
         We breed only to produce the best Temperament.  Our dogs are the ultimate true bully style pitbulls (Pocket  Pits to Big blue Bullies) with the right size compact with thick bone and wide muscular structure with brick shaped heads. A quality stock of bullies with great movement. 

        Our dogs are associated with not only our family but new people and children. We use only the absolute best bloodlines in our program Gotti, Razors Edge, GreyLine, Chevy, Camelot, Peterson, TNT, Avant and a few others. Please feel free to contact us at any time.  

 THANK YOU for visiting.   



GOTTILINEBAN.jpg picture by TexasGottiKennel

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