Scarlet Women Ch. 6


Hermione took a small empty glass vial off one of her bookshelves and put the black hairs inside.

No wonder he had insisted they meet in secret and continue acting normal during the school week. Draco would treat them normally. He didnít have a clue.

Well if it wasnít really Draco, than who was it?

Someone that would know that they would be there, obviously. Crabbe or Goyle didnít quite fit the description, or the hair for that matter.

She thought of Draco hovering above her mouthing her name over and over. Although he acted like he was more attracted to Weasley in his actions, his eyes had been lying. He hadnít given Ginny a strange look before leaving. Even when he was inside Ginny, his eyes were on Hermione.

Hermione flushed embarrassedly to herself.

She decided not to tell Ginny immediately. Hermione knew Ginny carried a flame for Malfoy. She couldnít help it. Hermione had no feelings for Malfoy, other than an offhand desire to degrade him. It would really upset Ginny, and Hermione wanted to have more information before confronting anyone.

She walked over to her bed and disrobed. She lay on top of her velvet comforter staring at the hair in the glass, turning it over in her hands. She shifted her hips and felt something sticky begin to spread between her legs. She had no idea whose sperm was seeping out of her. The idea repulsed her.

Naked, she swept off the bed and went to her small work area. She turned on the small burner and set a small silver cauldron on it.

She examined the books on her shelf before finding the one he was looking for.

She carefully began to measure and weigh potions ingredients before throwing them into the cauldron. She stirred slowly in a figure eight pattern. The murky gray potion turned a vivid blue. She stopped and turned her burner on low. Hermione reached between her legs with a glass spoon and stirred it into the potion. The potion changed from blue to yellow, finally fading into a pale green.

She would need some ingredients she didnít have on hand to complete the ceremony. They would easily be obtained in Hogsmede but that trip wouldnít be possible until tomorrow. She sighed and poured a dollop of the potion into a white porcelain jar. It would have to cure for at least 24 hours anyway, and the ceremony would have to be preformed during the full moon, which wasnít due for another 4 nights.

She placed the jar on the top of her bookshelf and looked at it.

Who was he? And what the hell had happened to Malfoy?