Scarlet Women Ch. 5

Snape felt his borrowed loins tighten in anticipation as he approached the girls.

Weasley looked absolutely enticing in that getup, and Granger seemed to be enjoying the attention, perhaps he'd have to entertain her in his own way.

He placed a hand on the small of Ginnys back and felt her positively shiver under his touch. How long had it been since a girl had trembled in front of him in anticipation? There was that Ravenclaw the summer between his Sixth and Seventh year at Hogwarts, what was her name again? Celia? Cecily? It didn't matter really, her family line had been one of the first to be wiped out as the Dark Lord rose.

His hand trailed his hand downwards, over her rump to rest on Ginnys own small triangle of white fabric. He heard her muffled moan, that subsequently had an effect on Granger, who began to squirm.

Hermione felt Dracos mouth close softly on hers. She had expected him to be rough, and almost jumped at his touch, but he seemed to be gently grazing his lips over hers, teasing her, and dropping small kisses like raindrops over her face.

Ginny felt Dracos hand move the fabric over her mound and his fingers gently probe her. Her cheeks burned and she deliriously massaged the sensitive tissue between Hermiones legs. She looked up to see Draco gently showering kisses on Hermione. She felt him leave her and watched him slide his fingers between his and Hermiones tounges. Oh, this was a good idea indeed.

He stood up stiffly and began unbuttoning his robes. They fell open to reveal black pressed trousers , stiff pressed white shirt and Slytherin tie. His hand adjusted his erection, and his robes pooled on the floor around him as he began to undress.

The robes left first, followed closely by his shoes, which clattered loudly on the stone floor.

Hermione heard him whisper "Did you put a Silenco charm on the chamber?" to Ginny.

Ginny shook her head and took Hermione over the edge. Her limbs tensed up and she fought against her bonds as spasms wracked her body. She felt Draco crush his mouth on hers, but she had a feeling it was to keep her silent, not an expression of passion.

Hermione felt herself relax and Ginny pull away from her. Her eyes fluttered open under her blindfold and she looked up at Draco. One corner of his mouth quirked at her amusedly. His belt was gone and the buttons at his cuffs and collar were undone to reveal creamy soft skin. He kissed her on the forehead before beginning to unbutton her blouse. Ginny kneeled in front of him, between his legs and the desk and began unbuttoning his trousers and freeing him.

Snape sighed in relief as Weasley pleasured him. He was afraid Malfoys equipment would be reason for embarrassment, but found the boy to be adequate.

The Weasley wench had a talent after all, but was decidedly inexperienced. Perhaps she favored females.

At that point he stiffened. As Head of Slytherin House he heard most rumors that abounded the school: who was trying to cheat on their O.W.L.'s, who was betting on this weeks Quittich match, and of course, the latest sexual escapades in the castle. Weasley and Granger had never been mentioned. Granger was considered to be focused primarily on her education and Weasley kept herself busy with tutoring younger students in Charms.

As Head Girl, Hermione would have her own chambers with a private study and sleeping quarters, that would explain how they had managed to keep their romance secret, but Snape hardly believed any male in the castle was noble enough to bed the both of them and remain silent.

He looked down at Granger and realized her cheeks were flushed partly with passion and partly with embarrassment. He guessed by the irregular rhythm Weasley was blessing him with that she was just as inexperienced. What a position to find himself in.

He pulled a black wand from his pocket and muttered "Silenco!" The room gained a slightly muffled quality, and he groaned out loud.

Hermione watched as Draco opened her blouse and traced his fingers over her bosom before unclasping the front of her bra.

She was exquisite. His hands reached out and massaged her, thumbs dragging roughly over her nipples. He had to have her. He pulled Weasley to her feet and kissed her roughly.

"Hello," he whispered to her, looking deeply into her green eyes. His hands reached down and cupped her firm bottom. He ground himself into her and bit firmly to the spot where her neck connected to her shoulder. She wrapped her arms around him and groaned.

"Draco," she moaned into his ear. "Oh, Angel."

Oh dear, it looked as if the girl was infatuated with the boy. This would have to be taken seriously, or Snape was going to blow his cover. He wanted that Head Girl. He wanted her grinding out his name between her teeth. His Name. Not Draco.

However Weasley was more to Malfoys liking and demanding attention from him.

"Bend over her," he whispered to Ginny.

Ginny positioned herself between Hermiones bound legs and bent over, laying her head on Hermiones flat stomach. She looked back to see Draco smiling down at the sight in front of him.

He slowly pulled down her panties and kissed her on the bottom. He inhaled her fragrance and stood up straight. He gently probed his way inside her, while reaching up to cup Hermione's breast.

Ginny squeezed her eyes shut. Draco seemed to be taking great care, but the gentle explorations she and Hermione had experienced had not prepared her for this. He reached around and massaged her. She became more comfortable with his thrusting and felt herself tense up and her legs begin to buckle.

He gripped her firmly around the waist and supported her as he felt her grip around him and bury her face in Hermiones midriff.

He gently lay a hand on her back and caught his breath. Ginny slowly began to stir and he withdrew from her. Ginny turned to Draco and embraced him. She turned to look at Hermione and then looked back at Draco quizzically.

He placed himself between Hermiones legs, removed her panties with a wave of his wand and sunk himself in. She squirmed uncomfortably as she accomidated him, but began to moan.

Under her blindfold Hermiones eyes were clenched shut as Dracos thrusts and hands violated her body fervently. He raised her bound legs so she was practically suspended mid-air and wrapped them around him so he could penetrate her deeper. She opened her eyes and watched as he mouthed her name silently over and over, synchronized with his thrusting. She saw Ginny grinning and waggling her eyebrows at her over his shoulder. Her core soared with pleasure. Here was the boy that had done nothing but annoy her since her first day at Hogwarts become encompassed by lust at her mere presence. She smiled smugly to herself, or at least started to before he snaked a hand between her legs and pressed firmly. She screamed out her release and Draco began thrusting faster. With a final thrust and shudder he collapsed on top of her.

Ginny reached her hand over and massaged Dracos back, then kissed Hermione. He lifted himself off Hermiones form and removed her blindfold. Then he leaned over and kissed her.

"Good night," he said to her before straightening himself up.

He began unbinding Hermione's legs as Ginny unbound her arms.

"Do you have to go so fast?" Ginny said softly.

"I'm afraid so," he said ruefully. "I have to do bed checks and Snape will know if I'm late."

Hermione sat up on the edge of the desk, buttoning her blouse closed and tugging down her skirt.

"Insufferable bastard!" Ginny spat out.

"I don't think it's a good idea for you to send me owls," he said slowly. "There's an alcove hidden behind a tapestry on the fourth floor. Never leave a note, just a shamrock if you want me to meet you here again."

He quickly wrapped himself in his robes, and began to leave. He stopped and embraced Ginny at the door, taking her panties from her hand. He placed them in his pocket and smiled at her.

"We must be careful so we're not caught," he awkwardly began.

"I understand, you pathetic git," she said with a grin.

"Same for you, Weasley," he smiled as he pecked her on the cheek.

He quickly walked over to the desk and kissed Hermione on the forehead. He gave Hermione a look that she couldn't quite decipher and quickly left.

In the hallway, Snape gathered up his things and dragged Draco to his office nearby.

The girls began gathering their things, including the untouched hamper of food, and redressed. Ginny put a hand on Hermiones shoulder as she retrieved her shoes and the invisability cloak from under the desk.

Hermione turned to see Ginny's face.

It's alright, love," Hermione said gently. "I know you like him."

And they embraced.


In Snapes office, Malfoy began to regain consciousness. He raised his weary head to look at his Head of House.

"What happened?" he asked.

"I have no idea, I came to meet you, as we had prearranged and you were out cold on the floor." Snape said. "Did you see who did it?"

"No, sir," said Malfoy, surprised.

"Well Malfoy, I think it's time you went to bed. You've had enough excitement for the night," said Snape. "Don't you have a class in the morning?"

"I-I think that's a fine idea sir, good night," Malfoy said slowly and rose from the couch. He shook his head to clear it and slipped out of the room, off to bed.

"I certainly know I have," said Snape to himself in the empty room, twirling the small blonde hairs he had severed from different parts of Malfoy. Quite a large amount to be sure, but only a few here, a few there. He'd never miss them.


Hermione and Ginny parted at the door to her chambers and Hermione prepared for bed alone.

She prepared for bed, feeling satiated, yet a little empty. Ginny was truly fond of Malfoy, Hermione knew that, and the experience was wild, that was to be sure, but Hermione wasn't in love with him.

She looked at herself in the mirror and examined herself. She finally slept with a boy. She didn't look any different. She felt a little different. Her clothing was rumpled and still that ridiculous length.

She picked a few stray blonde hairs off her blouse and absent-mindedly twirled them between the thumb and forefinger of her right hand.

She watched in amazement as they elongated and turned black.

The pit of her stomach dropped out.