Scarlet Women Ch. 4


“Obliviate,” a single hiss like steam and Malfoy slumped into Severus Snapes arms.

Snape lugged the limp form to an alcove and pulled a small vial from his pocket. The bottle itself was black ceramic, thick, the bottle only held a few drops of a potion, activated by air. Snape held his head back and uncorked the bottle. He poured the entirety of the bottle onto a green silk scarf he pulled from his pocket. A light pink gas began to rise from the scarf and Snape quickly tied it around Malfoys head, under his nose to be exact, not to inhibit his breathing, but to make sure he breathed in the sweet fragrance emanating from the scarf.

“I’m sorry my dear boy,” Snape said with a sigh. “If I thought you’d appreciate it half as much as you should I might have let you.”

Snape pulled a long thin silver flask from his pocket and pulled a few hairs carefully from the nape of Malfoys neck. He unscrewed the top of the flask and dropped the hairs in.

He looked down at Malfoy and shook his head sadly before he took a drink.

“Putrid.” he grimaced to himself as his bones began to shriek in pain.

He felt his body becoming smaller, thinner. His muscles tightened up under his skin and his skin began to lose pigment and tighten over his body. Snape held his hands out and watched his fingers elongate, the wrinkles smoothen, light freckles fade, and signs of age disappear.

Snapes memory flashed to his own years at Hogwarts, how he never noticed how old he had gotten. The years seemed to pass so quickly, he remembered his first potions class under Professor Morgan. Unlike Longbottom, he had never melted another cauldron again. Then came a smattering of years he’d rather not reminisce on, and then he was back at Hogwarts. Just a few simple steps really, gone in an instant.

But now, now he was going to make up for all that wasted time.

Snape slipped out of the clothing he was now swimming in and began to undress Malfoy. At least the boy was fairly uncomplicated, every second was precious wasted time.

He looked in at his reflection in the foggy window. For all intents and purposes, Draco Malfoy looked back at him.

He smirked at himself. Draco smirked back. He quirked an eyebrow. Draco quirked back. He grinned wolfishly at himself. Oh, this was going to be perfect.

Snape left Draco unclothed in the alcove, save his cloak if anyone were to come upon him, although it was doubtful. He hid his own clothing in a small nook that once held an oil lamp, but was now covered up by a tapestry.

He walked up to the not so empty classroom door and began peering through the crack again.

They seemed to still be kissing. He was mildly surprised they hadn’t progressed, but decided with a small smile that it was the nature of females to be gentle.

The thought had barely lasted a minute in his mind when Ginny slid her hand between Hermiones thighs, moved her panties to the side and slid her middle finger inside. Hermiones back arched off the desk, which looked remarkably…well, abnormally fluffy. He vaguely remembered a transfiguration charm, long forgotten and gave the girls credit for their ingenuity. His eyes were riveted to Ginnys work and he didn’t even notice the door when he leaned forward.

It moved slightly. Not enough to open, but enough to squeak. Loudly.

Gods, didn’t Filch ever get down here to oil the hinges.

The gap in the door was nearly three inches wide now. Hermione continued shivering at Ginnys touch, but Ginny raised her head and met Snapes eyes at the door.

She grinned seductively and made her stroking of Hermione more rhythmic, deeper, broader strokes. Hermione cried out her pleasure and her face flushed.

Ginny slowly drew her finger out of Hermione and trailed it up to her mouth. She slid it over Hermiones lips, making them glossy before she slid it into Hermiones mouth.

Snape watched as Hogwarts Head Girl sucked greedily at this red headed vixens fingers. He saw Ginny walk around the deck, positioning herself between Hermiones thighs and bend over. He felt his knees go weak. Wherever did they get those uniforms? Ginny glanced back at him and grinned before beginning to nip at the damp cotton in front of her.

Hermione opened her eyes under the blindfold and saw Malfoy staring at Ginnys backside dumbfounded. She began giggling uncontrollably, fortunately Ginny was the only one that knew she could see. To the onlooker it looked like she was ticklish.

Ginny looked up at Hermione and grinned devilishly. The door creaked open wider and Hermione watched Draco walk into the room.