Scarlet Women Ch. 3


Hermione and Ginny made their way down to the dungeons under the cover of the invisibility cloak.

“How did you get Harry to loan it to you?” asked Hermione.

“Begged him for the most part,” Ginny snickered. “I told him I was supposed to meet someone. He thinks I’m meeting a fifth year Hufflepuff.”

Hermione shook her brown locks beneath the cover of the invisibility cloak at Ginny with a weak smile.

“I’m glad you like me,” she muttered under her breath.

Ginny put her arm around Hermione and gave her a small squeeze. They stopped walking at an intersection to listen for noises. Ginny drew Hermione closer and embraced her. Hermione lay her head on Ginnys shoulder and sighed.

“Having second thoughts?” whispered Ginny sounding concerned. “We can just go back.”

Hermione kissed her on the cheek and tugged her forward and down a winding staircase. Here, the stonework of the castle seemed to take on a darker hue. The shadows seemed to increase their depth since the moonlight was blocked out now they were underground.

Ginny abruptly halted near an abandoned classroom and motioned Hermione inside.

“He’s not supposed to get here for another half an hour.” Ginny whispered. “That should give us plenty of time.”

Hermione looked around at the empty classroom. There was a solid polished oak desk in the center, most of the other furniture was pushed to the walls and stacked. She turned to Ginny and watched her unpacking a small bag.

“What do you have in there?” Hermione asked.

“Some practical things,” Ginny said vaguely as she unrolled a sheet of green velvet and placed it over the top of the oak desk.

“This has been enchanted so the desk won’t be cold.” she explained. Then she began to loop the ropes around the legs of the desk.

“These are comfortable, but restraining. They’re also spelled to unravel if the person restrained truly panics.” Ginny said. Hermione raised her eyebrows and nodded approvingly. Ginny handed Hermione the blindfold and giggled.

“Put it on,” she laughed.

Hermione wrapped the deep red silk cloth around her eyes.

“I can see right through it!” Hermione exclaimed.

“But it looks like you can’t,” said Ginny slyly.

Hermione folded Harry’s invisibility cloak and placed it carefully under the desk. She slipped her shoes off and placed them beside the cloak. She then climbed on the table and settled in.

Oooh, cushy,” she remarked and snuggled into what now felt like a velvet covered down coverlet.

Ginny began looping the gold rope around Hermiones limbs. The rope seemed to slink around them and tighten gently. They were incredibly soft, seeming to hold her but not restrict the blood flow to her hands and feet.

Hermione closed her eyes under the blindfold and felt her legs rise in the air to Ginnys will. Ginny ran a cool hand along one of Hermiones legs, sliding up her sock covered calf and onto her bare thigh. Ginny raised her wand into the air and muttered an incantation. The air in the chamber lost its chill and became a comfortable temperature.

“Nice touch.” Hermione breathed.

Ginny grinned evilly and pointed her wand at Hermione.

Slatarus,” she laughed, and Hermione felt her clothing shortening and tightening so it mimicked Ginnys. Hermiones cheeks reddened and she pulled against her restraints in a futile attempt to cover herself up.

Ginny walked around the desk and cupped one of Hermiones breasts. She placed a soft kiss on her lips.

“You look beautiful,” she whispered. “I need to warm you up, Draco should be her in a few moments.”


Out in the hallway Draco gaped at the two girls. He felt his trousers tighten and his breathing nearly stopped.

“I do believe you were right, Mr. Malfoy,” came a silky voice near his left ear. “You do seem to have been ‘set up.’”