Scarlet Women Chapter 22


“Never ever, are you to leave the tower after curfew,” Hermione growled as she bit Ginny on the shoulder.

“I promise,” Ginny squeaked out as Hermiones leg rubbed aggressively between her thighs.

“No nookie in strange places,” Hermione ordered as she grabbed a handful of one of Ginnys breasts.

“Define ‘strange,’” Ginny groaned as Hermione twisted one of her nipples.

“Later,” Hermione mumbled


“This will be your new room, Mr. Malfoy,” said Snape showing Draco a room near his own. “We thought your safety might be at risk in your previous location. Your things have already been brought down.”

Draco nodded silently and examined his surroundings. They were certainly more spacious than his previous lodgings.

They were nice, located at the top of a tower near Gryffindor. He had a nice view of the lake, he noticed as he went to pull the shutters shut. The moonlight played over the water and he saw a crest where the giant squid surfaced and dove again. The shutters were a solid dark colored wood, much like all the accents in the room. The walls were a forest green and the fireplace had a black leather couch sitting in front of it. There was a door that led into the bedroom where a large canopied bed waited for him.

After two weeks of bed rest, he would be resuming his classes in the morning.

There was a knock at the door and Snape turned sharply.

“Did you tell anyone you were here?” asked Snape.

“No,” said Draco, confused. Snape drew his wand. “Go into the bedroom.”

Draco retreated to the bedroom and closed the door. He pressed his ear to the keyhole and listened to the door swing open.

“You’re paranoid, you know that right?” Draco heard Hermione say.

“It’s clear,” Snape called out, sounding exasperated. Draco emerged from his bedroom to see Hermione and Ginny arriving.

“How did you know I was here?” he asked as Ginny flung herself at him.

“How do you think this place got livable?” asked Hermione, watching Draco get smothered with kisses by Ginny.

“House elves,” said Draco plainly.

“Shows how much you know,” said Hermione, annoyed.

“How did you know I was here?” Draco asked.

“Severus told us where your room was,” Ginny said, her hold getting tighter, if anything.

‘Severus?’ Draco thought to himself. He’s my head of house and I don’t even call him ‘Severus.’ Draco managed to loosen Ginnys grip somewhat and they sat down near the fire. Draco and Ginny on the couch, Severus and Hermione on the other couch Severus transfigured from a small table.

Draco noticed Snape seemed pretty familiar with Gra- Hermione. He wondered jealously if he had them both. He shook the thought out of his head for the time being.

“We got an owl from Madame Pomfrey when you had been discharged,” said Hermione. “We came right up to see how you liked our job. We tried to do it much like your old one. Anything can be changed, of course.”

“It’s very good,” said Draco, truthfully. He had despised Hermione for so long because she was a Mudblood. He would never be a Deatheater now. As if no animosity had ever passed between them, she was being kind with no questions asked in his time of real need. Reality finally hit him. He was no longer a Malfoy. A stray tear welled up in one of his eyes. He wiped it away quickly and hoped it appeared that he was tired. “Thank you.”

Snape realized quickly that this might not be the best time for Draco to have so much company. He waved his wand and a plate of sandwiches appeared.

“I can’t believe how much you eat,” said Hermione. Severus rolled his eyes at her.

“This is for them,” he said as if explaining something complicated to a very small child. “We are going to the kitchens.”

Ummm,” Hermione said, finally catching on. “Excellent idea. We’ll catch up later, you’re probably exhausted.”

“Thank you for coming,” Draco said, getting to his feet. He shook hands with Severus and Hermione as they walked to the door. Ginny hugged Hermione and waved goodbye as the portal shut.

“This is incredible,” Draco said, looking around at his sitting room. “Did you have to transfigure the space?”

“No,” said Ginny, running a hand over the dark paneling that trimmed the room. “It was previously staff quarters. All we had to do was clean it up a bit.”

“Well, it’s wonderful,” said Draco drawing her closer to him. “And I’m not nearly as tired as you might think.”

Ginny quirked an eyebrow at him.