Scarlet Women Chapter 21


“Good god,” Draco heard a familiar voice. He lifted his broken head and realized Madame Pomfrey was staring down at him. She pointed her wand at him and mumbled something he couldn’t decipher. His pain began to ebb slightly.

“Drink this down, boy,” he heard a rough voice behind him say as a goblet was passed over his shoulder. “It will make you sleep as the damage repairs itself.”

“Thank you, Professor,” Draco said as he sipped at the goblet. “Where is Ginny?”

“She’s speaking to Dumbledore,” said Professor Snape as he tried to get the boy to lay back on the bed that had been prepared for him. “You can see her when you wake.”

“I want to see her now,” insisted Draco.

“I understand that,” said Snape sounded exasperated. “But she is unharmed and you are severely impaired. The potion is taking away your pain, but be assured it will be awhile before you are well.”

“Not to mention you look like a bludger salesman,” said Madame Pomfrey, forcing a spoonful of bitter pink liquid into his mouth.

Draco reluctantly lay back upon his pillows and let Madame Pomfrey force different potions down his throat. She finally seemed to be satisfied and pulled his blankets up to his chin. His eyes were getting heavier by the second and he finally let darkness envelop him.


“Are you sure, Ginny?” asked Dumbledore.

“Yes sir,” said Ginny. “I do suspect Mr. Malfoy is smarter than to leave Dark Arts items laying about when he decides to entertain.”

“I suspect you’re right,” said Dumbledore smiling at her. “Thank you Miss Weasley. You will find your family waiting for you in the receiving room on the first floor. Draco will probably be unconscious for a few days. We will let you know when he regains consciousness.”

“Thank you, sir,” said Ginny and she retreated to the first floor to seek out her family.


“Ginny!” screamed Ron as she opened the door to the receiving room. He pounced on her at once and lifted her in a hug.

“I’m all right,” she whispered into his ear as she straightened the hair he’d been tugging and pulling at all day. Her father pulled them roughly to him and Ginny was pulled from family member to family member.

Ginny looked over her sobbing mothers shoulder and saw Hermione and Harry sitting on the couch, fidgeting nervously. Ginny ran to Hermione and hugged her tightly. Harry stroked her hair gently and patted her on the back.

“No more night time excursions for you,” Hermione said sternly, her voice cracking.

“Yes, ma’am,” Ginny whispered back to her.

Ginny spent the next hour explaining how they had gotten to the top of the tower and began unpacking the basket. The cloth they had sat on was a portkey. They had arrived at the Malfoy estate, endured a tedious lecture from Lucius Malfoy about wallowing with filth and familial obligations. Then Lucius had begun torturing Draco and Ginny had been too afraid to save him.

“It was not your fault,” George said stubbornly. “It’s not like you had a wand or anything. You could have gotten killed.”

Ginny had merely been grabbed roughly and thrown into the cell in the deepest basement on the grounds.

“We need to discuss your behavior,” said Arthur Weasley. Ginny blushed. She had no idea how much her parents actually knew.

It turned out they didn’t know half of what had happened in the last year. They acknowledged Hermione and Ginnys relationship, although Mrs. Weasley looked a bit strained. She did seem to act as if she were trying to get used to the idea.

Somehow her parents seemed to have the idea that Ginny and Draco had developed a fondness for each other and had been operating secretly, although unsuccessfully.

Ginny was a bit stunned at the G rated account of the story, but nodded and accepted it.

“It was Hermione that came up with the idea to get you out,” said Fred. Hermione smiled shyly.

“It wasn’t that hard really,” said Hermione. “Dobby was from the Malfoys. The elves there really support S.P.E.W. and when Dobby asked them to do this small favor they were more than happy.”

“And portkeys come with you so there was no evidence,” smiled Ginny. “Brilliant.”

“I thought it was a good idea,” said Hermione shrugging. ”Have you seen Draco?”

“No,” said Ginny. “He’s healing and sleeping. I’ll get to see him later.”

“Sleep is an excellent idea,” said Mrs. Weasley. “You will be expected to be in classes tomorrow.”

“No more going out after curfew,” said Mr. Weasley sternly.

“I won’t,” said Ginny.


Harry opened the portal to the common room and Hermione and Ginny followed. The few Gryffindors that had stayed up late clapped at the arrival of Ginny.

Apparently the entire school knew Draco and Ginny were an item. Lucius Malfoy had publicly disowned Draco and half of Slytherin house publicly denounced him.

Ron rubbed his eyes as Ginny caught up on all the rumors and finally begged off and went up to bed.

“Stay with me tonight,” said Hermione suddenly.

“Alright,” said Ginny shyly.