Scarlet Women Ch 2.


Ginny bumped into Hermione in the hallway, between classes midmorning.

“Did you do it?” Hermione asked.

“Yup. He should have gotten it during his break this morning,” said Ginny. “Tonight love…” she whispered and drew one finger down Hermione’s back. Then Ginny turned right down a corridor and was gone.

Hermione could hardly keep up with Professor Vector’s discussion during class. Not that it was difficult, it was mostly review, but her mind kept wandering to darkness and warmth, silk and soft skin, and a massive hardness pushing at her….

Her next class was double potions with Snape. With the Slytherins. Nothing had changed much over a few years. She still had the book memorized before classes began, and Neville was still her partner.

“Hello Neville,” she said brightly.

“Hello Hermione.” he replied smiling. As she glanced over Neville’s head she saw Draco taking his seat behind an oak desk near Professor Snapes. Finally, in his seventh year he had managed to surpass her in something: potions, and had been offered a journeyman’s position. Studying directly under Professor Snape, of course.

“I believe silence is in order, class has begun,” Professor Snape boomed as he swept into the classroom.

Hermione and Neville lowered their heads and began furiously scribbling notes about the many uses of female cricket husks while watching Snapes collection of tarantulas eat breakfast.

“Potter! Weasley!’ Snape snapped at the two boys trying to enter the class quietly. “20 points from Gryffindor due to your lateness.”

The boys slinked into their seats behind her. Ron mouthed ‘Quidditch’ to her and grinned ruefully.

In Rons 6th year he had finally made house team and it consumed most of his time now. Being able to train with Harry had improved his playing immensely and he had already gotten an offer from a professional team.

Hermione quirked a grin at him and shook her head.

When she turned back around, she noticed Draco was looking at her. He glanced back down quickly at the stack of first year papers he was helping Snape correct and began writing on them with a large red turkey feather quill. She noticed a bit of light green parchment poking out of a black notebook laying near him on the immense desk. Her cheeks turned pink and she began to furiously sketch the spiders in front of her.

She glanced up to catch his gaze again. She looked down and continued sketching while smiling to herself.


“Time to go, love.”

Hermione awoke to a whisper in her ear and a shake at her shoulder. She sat up and caught Ginny’s mouth in a kiss.

“You’ve already got your clothes on!” said Ginny incredulously.

“I spelled them with a Wrinklefree Charm,” Hermione explained as she got out of bed. She took a good look at Ginny.

Only Ginny’s head was visible and seemed to be floating in midair. As she stepped back to make room for Hermione, Harry’s invisibility cloak fell open to reveal a coiled rope at her side and a blindfold tucked into a belt she had thrown on over her school uniform which had been-

“Shortened it a bit, didn’t you?” asked Hermione amusedly.

Ginny threw the cloak back to give Hermione a full view of her new uniform, which seemed to mold to her skin and the altered skirt that stopped about 2 inches below her tight ass. She bent over to show Hermione a quick flash of white and brought her hands between her thighs to massage herself in full view.

Hermione leaned forward and placed a chaste kiss on the clean cotton.

“Later, love.” she whispered. “We’re on a mission.”