Scarlet Women Chapter 15


“Hey, Sa,” said Ginny Weasley as she climbed through the trapdoor into the Divination classroom.

“It came!” said Sasha Koenig excitedly pulling a velvet pouch out of her book bag. It had a large round bulge in the bottom of it.

“Let’s see,” said Ginny plunking herself in the large burgundy overstuffed chair beside Sasha.

Sasha pulled out a deep blue clear orb from the pouch and held it aloft like a crown.

“Wow,” said Ginny. “It’s flawless.”

“Siberian crystal,” Sasha said proudly. “Misha sent it to me.”

“None of my brothers send me anything that cool,” said Ginny grinning.

“I’d be afraid of a package from Fred and George,” said Sasha fitting the orb into the large pewter ring sitting in the center of the small round table in front of them. She lifted a corner of the pink velvet tablecloth up to polish her fingerprints off it.

“Now that you mention it, you’re probably right,” Ginny admitted.

“Hello, my dears,” drawled a breathy voice from beyond a beaded curtain in a corner of the room.

“Hello, Professor,” said the girls as Professor Trelawney swept into the room.

“Is that the new orb?” asked Professor Trelawney.

“Just arrived this morning,” said Sasha proudly.

“I know, of course,” drawled the Professor. “Your brother always had a knack for the art. Had he had a fine orb like this he might have gone far.”

As she swept away Sasha began to snicker.

“He’s better off at Gringotts,” said Ginny under her breath. “At least he’s getting paid.”

“True,” said Sasha as the trapdoor swung open and students began filing in.


“So, how’d it go?” asked Ron as Ginny slouched next to him at dinner.

“Don’t ask,” Ginny groaned. “Sasha has ‘promise’ but I have ‘a cluttered mind unable to comprehend the otherworld.’” She rolled her eyes.

“Don’t worry,” said Ron cheerfully. “At least you aren’t going to die some horrible way.”

Harry nodded, his mouth full of potatoes.

“I don’t know why you don’t take something more useful,” insisted Hermione.

Ginny shrugged as she began to fill her plate. She gazed at Sasha and Neville. Neville was feeding Sasha mouthfuls of custard between bites of her normal dinner.

“But you do look like you’ve been losing weight,” he insisted worriedly. “You study too hard and have been neglecting yourself.”

Hermione snorted at Sasha’s look of helplessness and glanced at the head table. Snape was scowling, but when he realized she was watching him he winked at her. She blushed furiously, but tried to cover it up by coughing. He took a long drink from his goblet to hide his smile.

Hermione looked to the Slytherin table and was relieved to see Draco wearing a clover in his buttonhole. Not that she didn’t want to have the company of Ginny tonight, but it prevented her from choosing one of them.


It seemed to take forever for the dinner to end. Ginny and Hermione walked up to the common room together.

“Hope you take his advice and find a better place,” said Hermione snickering.

“Filch has shackles in his office,” said Ginny grinning. Hermione stifled her laughter as Ron and Harry rushed by, going over a new offensive play.

“Lion’s den,” the girls heard Harry announce and they turned the corner to see the portal open. They climbed through to the Gryffindor common room and Hermione caught her smile quickly before it fell.

Colin Creevy was waiting for her, Arithmancy book in hand.

“Have a minute, Hermione?” he asked.

“Of course, Colin,” said Hermione with a sigh. Colin had decided to try Arithmancy, but didn’t seem to have a knack for it. This might take awhile. She hoped Snape was patient.

Severus. His name was Severus. She had to stop thinking of him as Snape. It would be odd to call out his surname while coupling. It would be even worse to call him Professor.

3 hours later she finally entered her rooms, exhausted. She grabbed a handful of floo powder from her mantle and threw it into the enchanted fire burning in the hearth. The flames turned green and leapt up higher.

“Professor Snapes quarters,” she said. Then she stuck her head in.

At first she thought something was horribly wrong, and then realized the roaring sound she was hearing was snoring. She tried not to laugh. He had fallen asleep on his couch, parchment piled around him, quill still in hand.

She slipped quietly into his quarters.

“Mobilis corpus,” Hermione said with a wave of her wand and his body began to rise. She pulled his covers back and put him in bed, still clothed. She wasn’t sure she wanted to risk waking him.


Snape woke the next morning, wondering just how much brandy he had put in his toddy the night before. Then he realized there was a folded piece of parchment hovering near his bed. He unfolded it.

You owe me.

Then the distinct touch of a girls lips pressed upon his.

“Indeed,” he said to the parchment, eyebrows raised. “Indeed.”