Scarlet Women Chapter 14


“Pink Pony!”

Ginny stormed into the Gryffindor common room and flopped down onto a couch.

“Oh come on Gin,” came a voice behind her. “It wasn’t that bad.”

Ginny looked up to see Sasha, another 6th year climbing into the common room. A lock of her curly brown hair seemed to have caught somehow in the portal and she struggled to free it.

“My desk had frog liver dried all over it,” Sasha winced. “It was disgusting.” She pulled the lock loose and fell into the common room.

“I think he’s rubbing off on you,” Ginny laughed as she rose to help Sasha up. Luckily, Sasha had fallen on her book bag and it had cushioned her fall a bit.

“God forbid,” Sasha said with a grin as she brushed herself off.

“Oh, I know,” Ginny said getting back to the subject of double potions. “But it’s a bit intimidating being singled out for his desk.”

“He didn’t find a single thing wrong with yours,” Sasha said, half limping over to the couch and taking a seat.

“I know,” said Ginny sitting next to her. “That was kind of refreshing.”

Maybe this wasn’t going to be as bad as she thought.


Ginny had wanted Hermione to expand her horizons, hopefully in the direction of Draco Malfoy. Snape should have never entered the equation, but he had. And it was her fault. If she hadn’t gone to Draco that night and Hermione hadn’t followed her and gotten jealous…Snape of all people!

The Potions Master had very little patience with the students and was known to be cruel to the Gryffindors. Now he had seemingly won the heart of its shining star. And was acting downright kind to Ginny, considering the circumstances.


Ginny vaguely wondered if he thought about her and Hermione together. She gave a small shiver.


“Hello!” called Hermione from the portal. “Been in the library researching a new formula.”

“Oh, hello!” called out Sasha. “How was Arithmancy?”

“Fine,” Hermione said, She wondered if her expression looked normal. She really hoped so. “How was double Potions?”

“Polishing potions,” Sasha made a face.

“Really?” Hermione said puzzled. “That was a fifth year potion.”

“I know,” Sasha said. “It was like he just decided the classroom needed a good scrubbing. Ginny had to do his desk!”

Realization dawned on Hermione and she felt her expression unwillingly change.

“Well,” she began in a poorly controlled voice. “I have to look at that formula again, ta!”

Hermione walked over to the door to her quarters and mumbled at the lion. The portal swung open and Ginny noticed her shoulders shaking as she scurried in.

‘You would think it was funny!’ she thought to herself.


The portal clicked shut behind Hermione and she threw her bag on the couch. She held onto the back of the couch for support as tears of laughter poured down her face.

“Something amusing?” a silken voice asked.

Hermione looked up and saw Snapes face floating in flames in her fireplace.

“Hi,” she smiled.

“Can I come in?” he asked. She nodded and he climbed into her room. He looked around.

“Nice,” he said. His eyes wandered over the selection of books. “You really got the information for the potion you made out of these?”

“No,” Hermione said with a wave of her hand. “Those are in my room.”

“May I?” he asked.

“Sure,” she said and smiled.

He quirked a corner of his mouth and opened the door to her rooms. Neat, orderly. He expected nothing less. A large orange cat was curled in a large burgundy armchair in one corner. He looked at her selection of journals above her small work station and was impressed.

“Which book was it?” Snape called out.

“An Anthology of Greek Influence : Theoretical Applications in Modern Potion Brewing,” she called out. “The page is marked with a green ribbon.”

Snape was amazed at how organized Hermione was. He flipped the book open and read:

The Polyjuice Potion is not unique in it’s requirement of human tissue but the elements in the potion can make it unstable if prepared incorrectly. This instability causes me to assume that the elements can be disrupted after ingested as well and the Theogems Theory of the Polyjuice Reversal Potion can be recognized as an attainable goal.

He walked back into her study and flopped down on her couch. With a wave of his wand a small table replaced itself in front of the fireplace.

“Redecorating already?” Hermione asked him from her desk. She had Arithmancy charts spread out in front of her.

“Thought it would be better than going down to the Great Hall for lunch,” he said, his eyes never leaving the book. He waved his wand again and a platter of half-sandwiches appeared on the table, followed by two tall black glasses.

Hermione arched an eyebrow. Maybe the teachers were used to luxuries like this, but she wasn’t.

“Doesn’t that make a lot more work for the house elves?” Hermione asked.

“Not sandwiches,” Snape said turning a page and taking a sandwich from the platter. “They’ve got a stock in the cold room. This plate just apperates some of them here. They’ll make more when they’re not busy.”

He picked up one of the black glasses and took a long drink. He burped.

Hermione walked over to the table and picked up the other cup. She sniffed. Small bubbles fizzled and hit her nose.

“What is this?” she asked.

“Muggle drink,” he said turning another page. “I think you’ll be familiar with it.”

Hermione sipped the fizzy cola. She began to laugh.

His eyes rose from the page and darted to the glass.

“Is it not to your liking?” he asked.

“No,” Hermione giggled, taking a sip. “I like it very much. It’s just- my parents are dentists. I don’t get a lot of sweet things. I like them, though.” she added, hastily.

“What are dentists?” asked Snape.

“When you have problems with your teeth they fix them,” Hermione explained. Then she launched into a short explanation of common dental problems and orthodontia.

Severus Snape paled.

“Barbaric,” he whispered, taking a bite of his sandwich.

“Mind if I borrow this?” asked Snape.

“No,” Hermione said reaching for a ham sandwich. “Go ahead.”

A small staccato knock came from the portal. Snape slammed the book shut and jumped to his feet. Hermione put a hand on his shoulder.

“It’s Ginny and she’s alone,” Hermione said.

“How can you tell?” Snape said.

“Her knock,” said Hermione simply before murmuring a word. The portrait swung open and Ginny entered. The portrait closed and Ginny hit Hermione in the shoulder.

“You big jerk!” she said annoyed. Hermione laughed at this outburst and kissed Ginny.

“It was funny,” Hermione said. “I’d have made you polish my desk, too.”

Ginny spotted Snape and jumped.

“I’m sorry Miss Weasley,” he said silkily. “But had you been in my place I believe you would have acted the same way. Your expression was priceless.” He smiled thinly.

“You torture us because it’s amusing?” she accused him.

“Most of the time, yes,” he said reaching towards the platter. “Care for some lunch?”

“Err-” Ginny stammered. “Yes, thank you.”

Ginny felt very strange. Snape was acting very strangely. He was tolerable for starters. Ginny wondered secretly if his problem was just a lack of lustful diversions. She selected a sandwich and peeked inside it.

“Roast beef?” she asked. “Wow. Room service.” She smiled at Snape tentatively. “Nice.”

He conjured another glass for her and Ginny looked in it.

“Cola?” she asked. He nodded. She drank deeply.

Hermione gave them a baffled look.

“All right, I give,” she said. “What’s the big deal with the cola?”

“It may not be anything to you,” Ginny said, taking a bite of her sandwich. “But it’s a delicacy for wizards.”

“But you have sodas and things,” Hermione protested.

“Well, colas don’t have a natural taste do they?” Snape asked, nodding at his glass before taking a drink. “We’ve never been able to get it right.”

“You could just go to London and get some, couldn’t you?” Hermione asked reaching for a chicken sandwich.

“Have you ever witnessed a wizard trying to use muggle money?” Snape asked, reaching for a pickle on the platter.

Hermione began to giggle.

“A time or two, yes,” she confessed recalling Arthur Weasley at the Quidditch World Cup.

“Well then,” Snape said.

“But why can’t they import it to Diagon Alley?” Hermione persisted reaching for a radish. Small raw fruits began appearing at random on the tray as the sandwiches disappeared.

“Well they do,” Ginny said. “But it’s horrifically expensive.”

“Then how did you get some?” she asked Snape suspiciously, hoping they weren’t drinking down a small fortune.

“I have the capability to do math,” he said with an arch of an eyebrow.

“Imagine that,” said Hermione dryly. Ginny giggled. Snape swept her with a look that went from the top of her head and traveled the length of her body. Ginny turned red. Snape had obviously seen her disrobed before. She was happy her school robes were so voluminous.

“Tell me Miss Weasley,” Snape said. “After seeing your little display at breakfast I assume you are going to meet Mr. Malfoy later this evening.”

“I might,” Ginny squirmed uncomfortably.

“Then I might suggest meeting somewhere other than my classroom,” he said smoothly, narrowing his eyes at her.

“I think that would probably be a good idea,” Ginny agreed.

“I wouldn’t suggest the Slytherin Common Room, either,” he smirked into his glass.

“Stop it!” Ginny laughed at him. This was a nice change. She didn’t expect him to become pleasing in class, but at least he was tolerable in private.

Private. Ginny looked at Hermione. She was smiling and looking so happy. Ginny felt pangs of jealousy. She knew she shouldn’t, but she finally thought she had an idea of what Hermione must have felt when she saw Draco having her. She understood why Hermione had jumped into the arms of whoever happened to show her a little kindness. Ginny inwardly shook her head. She was having lunch with Snape. He was smiling. It was kind of nice. And Draco was going to meet her later. She hoped he wouldn’t be too disappointed if Hermione wasn’t there, but Ginny was counting on Hermione backing out.

“Well,” said Snape standing up and brushing himself off. “I have to prepare for the first years. I hope you ladies have a nice day, don’t kill Mr. Malfoy.”

Ginny giggled. It seemed Snape assumed Ginny and Hermione shared everything. That great, huh? Ginny sized up Snape. Err- not.

“Good afternoon, Professor,” echoed the girls as he stepped into the green flames and whooshed away.

“Well, that was more pleasant than expected,” Ginny said sipping at her glass of cola. “I wonder how he’s so comfortable walking around muggle London.”

“Don’t know,” Hermione shrugged. “Herbology next.” She made a face.

“I thought you liked Herbology,” Ginny said, reaching for another sandwich.

“I do,” said Hermione. “But I have a personal vendetta against bubotubers in general.”

Ginny snorted into her glass.

“I guess it’s time to go,” Ginny said, looking at a plain muggle watch, a present from Hermione last Christmas. “I have to get to Divination.”

Hermione made a face.

“I don’t know how you can stand it,” Hermione said.

“Family gift,” Ginny said. “How else do you think Fred and George could predict a thing like the World Cup outcome?”

Hermione sniffed imperiously.

“Well it’s not very scientific, is it?” said Hermione emptying out her bag and repacking it with a protective mask, dragon hide gloves, and a small shovel.

“Guess not,” Ginny said with a small smile. “I’ll see you at the boys practice this afternoon!”

Ginny rose from Hermiones couch and pecked her on the cheek.

“Will you be joining me tonight?” Ginny asked, brushing a stray curl away from Hermiones face.

“Maybe,” Hermione said.

“Sevvie-poo seemed to be OK with it,” Ginny said, teasingly.

“Don’t call him Sevvie-poo!” Hermione said testily.

While Hermiones hands were full of school supplies Ginny snaked a hand up her skirt and down the back of her panties. Hermione squirmed.

“That’s not fair,” Hermione said, closing her eyes.

“What isn’t fair?” Ginny asked, lightly raking her nails over Hermiones smooth skin. Hermione shifted her legs so they were parted. Ginny reached around and bushed her finger into Hermiones folds.

Hermione dropped her supplies and pushed Ginny into her bedroom.

“I thought you had to go to Herbology?” Ginny asked as Hermione flung her bodily onto the bed face down and pulled down her panties.

“Vibrato,” Hermione whispered as she brought her wand out of her sleeve. She began to work the handle of her wand in, pinning Ginny’s thrashing form to the bed by straddling her.

Ginny had no idea where Hermione had learned this. Well, she had a pretty good idea, actually. She’d have to thank him later. Hermione was beautiful, but unsure. Sweet, but terribly shy. This was defiantly a step in the right direction.

Hermione felt her girlfriend writhe under her and she swirled the handle of her wand inside her more vigorously. She watched as the handle of her wand became coated in Ginnys juices.

“This doesn’t seem to be very fair, does it?” Hermione hissed at Ginny.

“Fair to me,” Ginny said, moaning into Hermiones coverlet. Hermione began teasing Ginny with her free hand and felt her climax violently underneath her.

Hermione pulled her wand out abruptly from Ginny and flipped her over.

“Fuck me!” she ordered and lay back on her pillows. Ginny grinned a lopsided smile and slid Hermiones white panties to the side.

“I don’t think you want to get too close,” Hermione warned.

“I figured as much,” Ginny said sliding the wand into her and seeing coated with a slightly whitish fluid as she withdrew it. “Thanks for the warning. You know, it would be nice if he didn’t do that. It would make it certainly more pleasant for me.”

“I’ll keep it in mind,” Hermione said gripping handfuls of the coverlet.

Ginny ground the wand in more intently and reached up to scratch at one of Hermiones nipples through her starched white shirt. Hermione tried to close her legs as she climaxed, but Ginny pulled them open and flicked her finger at Hermiones clit.

Hermione regained her breath and looked at Ginny, who was cleaning the wand in Hermiones small sink. She wiped it dry on a small blue towel and turned back to Hermione on the bed.

“We do have to go to class,” Ginny reminded Hermione.

“See you later,” Hermione said lifting herself off the bed and straightening her clothing.