Scarlet Women Chapter 12


Hermione examined the tousled head in her bed and sighed.

“Ginny,” she said softly. “Ginny?”

Ginny moaned groggily and turned over. Hermione checked her clock. Still a couple of hours to go until breakfast. She dropped her wrap on the floor and climbed into bed.

“Oi!” yelped Ginny. “You’re cold!”

“Sorry,” said Hermione. Ginny was here. Her arms were going around her and her mouth was kissing Hermione. The same mouth that kissed Malfoy.

Hermione felt very confused. They had decided to bed Malfoy together. But it was Ginny’s idea. Then Malfoy wasn’t Malfoy and when Hermione want to ferret him out (no pun intended) Snape appeared. Apparently yearning for Hermione. And delving to depths of utter depravity to touch her. It was a horrible thing to do. But then she had seen Ginny with Malfoy….

What an amazing night.

“Ginny,” Hermione interrupted.

“Where were you all night?” Ginny blurted out.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. Why did you go looking for him last night?” Hermione quickly changed the subject.

“What?” Ginny stiffened.

“I know you slept with him last night,” Hermione drew her arms back from their embrace.

“Oh,” Ginny said quietly. At least she didn’t deny it. She didn’t look very proud of herself, either.

“I-I’m sorry, Hermione,” said Ginny.

“You cheated on me!” Hermione said, feeling defensive all of a sudden.

“I did not!” Ginny looked appalled at Hermione.

“You did not?” Hermione said incredulously. “You just said you slept with him.”

“That’s not cheating!” said Ginny defensively.

“What do you call it then?” exploded Hermione, sitting up.

“I just slept with a boy!” yelled Ginny.

Hermione was suddenly glad her rooms were soundproof.

“Slept with!” Hermione enunciated. “Without me! That would make it cheating!”

"I've never slept with another girl!" Ginny raged, hitting the mattress with the palm of her hand.

"But you slept with someone!" Hermione yelled.

"Where were you last night?" Ginny yelled, now tears streaming down her face. "Who is she?"

Hermione stopped and looked at Ginny. She looked truly distraught. Her nose glowed a pink red and tears stained her cheeks.

"I didn't sleep with a girl last night." Hermione said calmly.

"Where were you then?" Ginny asked, sniffing, but the tears had defiantly stopped.

"I really want to tell you Ginny, but I don't know how." Hermione said hesitantly.

"Did you sleep with my brother?" Ginny asked suddenly.

"No!" Hermione said, startled. Then began laughing. Her arms went around Ginny.

"We're arguing about boys," she laughed.

Ginny coughed, trying to clear her runny nose and laughed, wiping her nose on Hermiones sheets. She returned the embrace.

"What was all that about?" Ginny asked.

"I'm still miffed at you," Hermione said with a frown.

"Well, it looks like we're even," Ginny said examining Hermiones face. "Where were you last night?"

"I swear, you won't believe me," Hermione said, resting her chin on Ginnys shoulder and guiding their heads back to the pillows.

"Where?" Ginny asked, brushing a curl out of Hermiones face.

"Snapes," Hermione said with a strange look on her face.

"What?" Ginny said, disbelieving what she just heard.

"I said Snapes," said Hermione, a little quieter.

"What do you mean by Snapes?" Ginny asked slowly.

"I mean - listen - did Draco seem surprised when he saw you last night?" Hermione asked suddenly.

"A little," Ginny said suspiciously. "Why?"

"Draco brought Snape with him because he thought he was going to be set up," Hermione said wincing.

"Snape saw us naked?" Ginny shrieked. "Merlin’s Beard! We're lucky to still be here!"

"That's not the half of it," Hermione said. "But, Ginny, you've got to promise not to over react."

"What's going on?" Ginny asked, looking at Hermione, panicky. "Is he going to expel us?"

"I'd say that's a definite no," Hermione said, wincing again.

Ginny examined her lovers face and recognition dawned.

"You slept with him so he wouldn't get us expelled?" Ginny bolted upright again and flung the covers off them.

"No!" Hermione said, pulling the covers back over them and flipping Ginny on her back. She straddled the smaller girl and pinned her down.

"I slept with him because I saw you and Draco and he saw me crying and gave me tea and I didn't think you loved me and..." Hermione broke down crying.

"He took advantage of you!" Ginny whispered into Hermiones curls.

"No, I jumped him. It was lovely!" Hermione sobbed.

Hermione felt Ginny stiffen. Then began to shake. Hermione looked up.

"What's so funny?" she asked, annoyed.

"You," Ginny said, wiping tears out of the corners of her eyes. "Did you start that fight just because you felt guilty?"

"No!" Hermione said. "I mean - I mean - I don't know what I mean," she muttered.

Ginny shook her head.

"I don't suppose that excuses us from the potions finals this year?" she asked, one corner of her mouth quirked.

"I seriously doubt it," said Hermione.

"It was lovely?" Ginny asked, disbelieving.

"It was absofuckingloutly incredible," said Hermione, guiltily.

Ginny reached behind her on the bed stand and grabbed her wand.

"Vibrato," she said and the wand began to hum. She guided it between the sheets and along the inside of Hermiones thigh.

"Better than this?" Ginny asked, dipping her wand into the patch of ginger hair and lowering her mouth to one of Hermiones nipples.

"Probably not," Hermione said, closing her eyes and laying back on her pillow.