Chapter 10


Draco lay on Ginny, trying to catch his breath. Her smooth skin underneath him seemed to be getting cooler.

“It’s getting cold,” he said softly. “I’ll not have you catch a chill.” He kissed her stomach.

She ran her fingers through his soft blonde hair. She began to sit up, he moved and slid out of her. Draco straightened himself up and looked at her with a silly half smile on his face. He picked up her cloak and threw it around her shoulders.

“Thanks,” she smiled shyly at him.

He bent to pick his trousers up. She acted like she was going to speak and stopped.

“Yes?” he asked, still somewhat stunned by the events that had just happened.

“I- I hope I’ve not made you late for bed-checks,” she stuttered out. ‘Oh, that was smooth,’ she thought to herself.

Draco was surprised. She really knew his schedule. And she wasn’t acting hostile. This was actually kind of nice.

Draco pulled a silver pocket watch from his sweater pocket and examined it.

“Plenty of time,” he confirmed with a small smile.

“Listen,” Ginny began. “I- I really kind of fancy you.”

“I figured out that much, Wea- Ginny,” Draco said.

She turned red and became suddenly interested in her feet, still wearing the fuzzy slippers.

“Hey,” he said, tilting her chin up. “You OK?”

“It’s just-” she began. “I missed you.”

“Missed me?” he asked, slightly confused.

“It’s just- I mean- I only get to see you at breakfast, really,” she said awkwardly.

Draco was amused. She was infatuated. He had no clue. Even after she had made that hideous face at him he was clueless. Sad, really. He bemused himself with the fact that if it weren’t for the females, the wizarding population would cease to exist.

He kissed her. Full on the lips. He took both her hands and kissed the backs of them in turn.

“You can see me anytime you want to,” he said eyebrows raised. “Silly girl.”

Ginny beamed.

“What about breakfast tomorrow?” he asked.

“In front of everyone?” she asked.

“You don’t want to be seen with me in public?” he frowned.

“That’s not it at all!” Ginny exclaimed. “Your father could make life quite difficult for you if he disapproved of your actions.”

Draco pondered this. Ginny was right. His fathers dealings with the Dark Lord weren’t all that private any more, yet not even Draco knew how far his fathers dealings went.

“You may be right,” he muttered, embarrassedly. “I’m sorry.”

Ginny slid off the desk and put a hand on his back.

“Listen,” she said leaning over to look at him. “If you want to see me leave me a shamrock, don’t be shy.”

“Should I wear it in my lapel?” he asked with a smile.

“You’d be willing to do that?” Ginny asked, amazed. He seemed so secretive before, yet he was willing to wear a symbol of their relationship now. Her heart soared.

“Sure,” he said with a smile.

“Should I bring Hermione next time?” Ginny asked, awkwardly.

“Beg pardon?” Draco asked. She couldn’t have just asked what she did.

“Would you rather I come alone, or would you like Hermione to come?” Ginny said. “I mean, she is my girlfriend and all.”

Draco was speechless.

“I-I-I suppose she could accompany you if she wanted to,” said Draco, still disbelieving he was having this conversation.

Ginny beamed. He really liked her for her, not because she was willing to bring him her female partner. He cared and he wasn’t going to destroy her reputation. She kissed him. Then she reached down and began picking up her clothing.

“Run along, love,” Ginny said. “You’ll miss your bed check.”

Draco pulled his sweater over his head and put his tie in his pocket.

“I’ll see you at breakfast, then,” he said.

“GO!” she laughed.


Hermione slid her hand into Snapes shirt.

“Hermione,” he warned. “It was wrong the first time.”

“Shut up,” she snapped before mashing their lips together, somewhat inexpertly.

Snape pulled a wand out of his pocket and threw a hurtling hex at the low table, moving it a few meters across the room, leaving the fuzzy carpet exposed on the floor beside them.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he protested feebly.

“Pansy,” she sneered into his ear before sinking her teeth into his collarbone, firmly.

This was all too much. He picked up her small form and hurled her to the floor. She hit the rug and bounced. In fact, she bounced as if she had hit a rather comfortable mattress. It looked like Ginny wasn’t the only one in the castle that had put that silly spell to use.

Snape pointed his wand at Hermione.

“Accio clothing,” he said simply.

Hermione felt herself lifted off the rug unceremoniously as her toga like dress unwrapped itself from around her, spinning her in the air before it dumped her panty clad body back onto the floor, belly down.

She propped herself up on her elbows and brushed the curls that had become undone out of her face. She felt Snape slide his body over hers. His shirt was gone and she felt something stiff firmly pressed on her backside. She moaned and buried her face into the rug.

“Must you wear such intoxicating under things?” Snape drawled into her ear.

White cotton was intoxicating? Hermione began to wonder exactly how much experience Snape had between the sheets. She bit her lip trying not to laugh. Apparently he thought her chuckles were shivers, because he slid off her, examined her firm rump in front of him and slapped firmly, exactly on her most tender of spots.

Hermione gasped and lunged forward. He caught her around the waist and buried his mouth into the white cotton covering her privates. He felt something soft buffeting him on the sides. He looked down to see the triple socked feet pummeling his sides. He looked up to see Hermione’s face buried into the rug, both her fists full of fur. He flipped her small form over and rose up to lay on top of her.

She rose up a hand to stroke his chest softly and slid it down further to begin undoing the drawstring on his black satin pants.

“Hermione,” Snape said hesitantly. “I’m not sure this is the wisest of ides. You’ve been under a lot of stress and I don’t want to take advantage of you any more than I already have.”

She slid her hand into his pants and gripped his erection.

“You need to learn to hush,” Hermione insisted as she clamped her mouth on his and slid her tongue between his teeth.

“Yes, absolutely right,” he mumbled into her mouth as he pulled down her panties, followed by his pants.

He lay between her legs, nudging her, afraid of how far she wanted him to go. She acted like she wanted this, but her eyes still looked a little unsure. Was it just his imagination?

Hermione’s eyes grew large as she looked down. Then she smiled in wonderment. He looked down quickly. Then he looked back at her. Her expression was unchanged.

“What?” he asked sharply.

“You’ve still got it,” she said amazedly.

“I’m not that old,” he said annoyed.

“I meant your foreskin,” she said laughing, and with that she gripped him with one hand and pulled on his hip with the other.

He found penetrating her was still a little difficult, but her eyes remained locked on his and when she squirmed she did so with delight.

Hermione pulled him closer and nuzzled his shoulder.

“Harder, Severus,” she whispered in his ear.

“Delighted,” he growled and thrusted.

She screamed his name, mostly out of startled pain and felt him as he tore through her. His hands wandered over her body and tried to make her comfortable.

Snape stared down at her, he face was screwed up in discomfort, yet her hands were firmly grasping his hips pulling him into her again and again.

He felt his breath starting to leave him. He made a mental note to make a potion for stamina, or perhaps even a potion of youth if they were ever had another encounter.

He collapsed on her, panting. She covered his face with small kisses and rotated her hips under him.

“Want to lay down for a bit?” she asked.

“I think I might have to,” he commented as he slid out of her.

“Damn!” he cried out as he looked down at himself and noticed a thin coating of blood.

“It’ll happen for a bit,” Hermione said. “I’m just not used to anything---that large” she mumbled out quickly.

“Natural process, really,” she looked at him pleading.

Snape gave her a distasteful look, pulled himself up with a groan and walked over to his desk. He opened a drawer and pulled out a bright blue potion, glowing softly. He walked over to the door he had emerged from and returned with a washcloth. He poured some of the glowing blue liquid onto the washcloth and pressed it between her legs. All pain left her.

“Well,” she said impressed. “That’s nice.”

He lay the washcloth on the floor near them. He stretched himself out on the floor next to her. His hand reached down and tugged at his erection.

“I think you can come up with something to thank me with,” he regarded her with a smirk.

She reached down and cupped him. He closed his eyes and felt her breath on his head. He felt her lips caress him and her tongue slip under his foreskin. He groaned out her name and felt her mount him.

“Severus?” she said sounding panicky.

His eyes flew open to see hers screwed up, face contorted. He grabbed her hips and ground her down onto him.

She screamed out her climax and felt herself being pushed off him, onto all fours and plunged into from behind. Her orgasm seemed to prolong itself thanks to the new assault and she reached a small, weaker peak and he groaned loudly as he gave one final thrust inside her.

Snape bent over and placed a line of small kisses along her spine. He saw her bronzed skin glistening in the firelight. As he pulled out of her he saw himself leak out. He filed that memory away for later.

He lay her down on her side, facing the fire and spooned himself behind her.

“Are you alright?” he asked her.

“That was incredible,” she said, eyes closed. He looked down at her and saw a tear slip down her cheek.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, suddenly worried.

“I just- I mean- Ginny-,” she managed to mumble out.

He sighed.

“Was she acting unkind to you?” Snape asked Hermione.

“Pardon?” Hermione asked.

“Was she treating you poorly, recently?” Snape persisted.

“No,” said Hermione.

“Speaking to you normally?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said, wondering what his point was.

“I’d say Miss Weasley has a fondness for Mr. Malfoy,” he said. “I don’t think it’s going to decrease her fondness for you.”

Hermione remained silent, staring at the fire.

“Talk to her,” Snape persisted.

Hermione nodded.

‘Well,’ Snape thought to himself. ‘It’s going to have to do for now.’