Scarlet Women

Ch. 1


“Are you completely mad?” Hermione Granger hissed at Ginny Weasley. “He’s a self righteous prig!”

Hermione and Ginny were hidden away in a secluded part of the library alternately whispering and scribbling in a battered notebook.

Ginny began to giggle manically. Madam Pince glared at them across the library. The girls ducked further behind the enlarged copy of Theoretical Arithmancy and lowered their voices.

Ginny gently reached down and stroked Hermione’s thigh.

“Don’t you want him to beg for it?” she breathed as she ran her hand up further and brushed Hermione’s mound with her fingertips. Hermione gasped quietly. Ginny began to swirl her fingers between Hermione’s thighs.

“Don’t you want to feel his tongue?” Ginny pressed one finger firmly on Hermione’s damp panties and her legs clamped shut.

“I’ll do it,” said Hermione through clenched teeth as a small orgasm gripped her.

“Good!” said Ginny withdrawing her hand. “I’ve got a plan.”

“Thought you would ,” said Hermione, straightening her skirt primly.

“We simply send him a letter telling him to go to an out of the way, unused classroom at a prescribed time and he finds us.” said Ginny.

“Well isn’t that easy,” said Hermione testily. “I’d go roaming around in the castle in the middle of the night just because I got an owl telling me to.”

“Not if we put it on Slytherin letterhead,” said Ginny cheerfully, pulling a light green sheet of parchment embossed with a silver serpent in the top left corner.

Hermione nodded, impressed, and looked down at the page in front of her. Small hearts and swirls decorated the border of a page clearly labeled:

Project: Malfoy

1) letterhead

2) owl

3) rope

4) blindfold

5) Harry’s cloak

6) Small basket of food

“Basket of food?” Hermione whispered quizzically.

“We’ll be hungry at some point,” said Ginny. “The house elves will pack us one.”

Hermione frowned.

“Oh, come on! It’s there, all they have to do is toss it in a pack.” said Ginny pleadingly.

“Just when is this going to happen?” asked Hermione.

“Tonight, if I can get it to him before potions.” snickered Ginny pulling a white quill out of her bag. She put the quill on the page and began murmuring to it.

“Why do you have a Quik Quotes Quill?” asked Hermione.

“It’s not,” Ginny explained. “It’s something Fred and George made. It just writes neatly. Saves a lot of time on essays, all you have to do is dictate.”

“So it can’t be traced,” said Hermione. “Brilliant.”

Ginny beamed.