HP Slash Superchallenge Pairing: Hermione Granger and Padma Patil

Title: Shall We Dance?

Author: te’Shara

Rating: Adult

Warnings: underage lesbian encounter, wandplay, frottage, light bondage




Hermione Granger sat in the library of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in her favorite spot, near a stained glass window depicting a monk plucking a hair from the tail of a unicorn. She was flustered and felt a bit out of her territory.


In front of her, a large, leather bound book was open to a woodcut depicting a gathering of wizards. The caption read: Lythella the Beautiful is depicted spurning Richard the Randy at the Imbolic Festival of 1356. The humiliation caused him to throw himself into the sea.


Hermione had studied the woodcut all afternoon and had tried to figure out what was going on. Lythella was obviously the woman in the center of the crowd of dancing wizards since she was the only one with flowers in her hair. Her hand was outstretched as if to clasp the hand of a male partner as a train of women wound their way through a pattern of male dancers. The man she was reaching out to had a look of anguish on his face.


“What are you doing?”


Hermione’s head snapped up and she was surprised to see Padma Patil looking at her strangely.


“Trying to figure out what the problem is here.” Hermione gestured towards the book.


Padma walked over to Hermione’s side and looked at the picture. “Lythella is rejecting Richard.”


“I know that, but what’s so humiliating about this picture? She looks quite receptive to him as a dancing partner.”


“He had just placed a marriage bid to her father.” Padma said. “Then when it was time for them to dance at the festival she reached out to him with her palm down. It was a clear rejection and it was done in public, before he had been privately told she had refused his offer.”


Hermione looked at the woodcut and realized the girl in the picture did in fact have her hand outstretched with the palm down.


Hermione flipped the cover of the book over and reread it. “It says this book was published in 1989.”


“It probably was.”


“They can’t possibly mean all these old rules are still in effect!” Hermione spluttered.


“Most of them are.” Padma pulled a chair over to Hermione’s table so she could have a look at the books. She turned a page. “Look at this picture of a Wizarding event. One of the women in this picture wants to be left alone. Who is it?”


Hermione studied the picture before pointing to a woman sitting in a corner with a plate of fruits.


“No, that’s Gwendolyn the Harvester. She’s always somewhere with a plate of fruit in these. It’s tradition.” Padma shook her head.


“Then who is it?” Hermione looked completely lost.


“This woman over here.” Padma pointed to a plump witch in purple that was engaged in conversation with a skinny, short witch who was wearing a large crooked hat. “See her fan? She’s holding it over her left ear.”


“You’ve got to be joking!” Hermione faltered. “This is going to be horrible.”


“What’s going to be horrible?” Padma asked.


“Viktor Krum asked me to go to the ball with him and I’m going to make a fool out of myself and Hogwarts.” Hermione sunk down in her chair. “I’m doomed.”


“Does your Head of House know about this?” Padma asked Hermione seriously. She closed the book they had been looking in.


“I’m almost afraid to tell her.” Hermione said in a small voice. “I don’t want her to tell me I can’t go with Viktor. This whole thing is supposed to be in the spirit of international cooperation.”


“I’m not sure that’s the type of cooperation they had in mind.” Padma quirked a corner of her mouth.


“Maybe I should just tell Viktor he should find a more appropriate date.” Hermione drew her fingertips up into her hair and rubbed her scalp.


“I think you worry too much.” Padma sighed. “Listen, meet me in the abandoned classroom near the base of the astronomy tower after dinner and we’ll get the basics down.”


“Thanks.” Hermione quirked a smile at Padma. “I really appreciate this.”


Not nearly as much as I will.


Padma smiled at Hermione reassuringly. “It’s really no problem at all.”




Hermione was surprised to find Padma standing near a set of women’s’ dress robes on a form. She seemed to be fussing with a long scarf-like bit that draped over one shoulder.


Hermione watched her for a moment before speaking. “Let me guess, the scarf means something as well?”


Padma jumped and turned around, nearly knocking the form over. Hermione grabbed her arm to steady her.


“Not necessarily.” Padma felt her cheeks heat up as she felt Hermione’s hands holding her arm. “If we were back in India, yes. Here it’s just a decoration.”


“Well, that’s one less thing I’ll have to worry about.” Hermione sighed and let go of Padma. “So if Viktor reaches for my hand, how should I receive it?”


“Well, he will reach for you like this,” Padma positioned her hand with the palm down. “Since he has not propositioned for your hand in marriage you will entwine your fingers like this.”


Hermione and Padma stood in front of the robes holding hands. They looked at each other for a moment and Padma finally turned away.


“You should get into the dress robes so you get used to the way they feel.” Padma suggested weakly. “Some find it hard to adjust to the way they hang.”


Hermione waved her wand and the dress robes switched places with her black school robes. “Oh! I see what you mean!”


The robes appeared to be flowing, but because of the way the fabric was layered and sewn together her legs were held quite close together.


“How do I dance in these?” Hermione put her hands on her hips. “I cannot believe witches throughout history have put up with this nonsense! Why not just make lose robes to begin with?”


Padma smiled and walked to a large object covered in a dust cloth. She pulled the cloth off and Hermione saw her reflection in the mirror.


It was a flattering color. The shoes were all wrong, of course, but trainers would be fine for a practice run. If she’d been wearing heels she’d be in danger of breaking her neck.


“Now twirl.” Padma encouraged Hermione.


“What?” Hermione blustered. There really wasn’t very much room to move her legs.


“Come here.”


Hermione took very small steps and was pleased when she reached Padma without incident.


Padma intertwined their fingers together and placed her hand on Hermione’s waist. “Now try to look in the mirror.”


Padma stepped back and pulled Hermione to her quickly, causing her to both spin and stumble. The dress flared out in a way that showed off Hermione’s curves and seemed to outline her figure.


At least it did before she knocked into Padma and they both tumbled to the floor.


Padma giggled as Hermione tried to push herself off the floor, but kept encountering billowing fabric. “Some witches resort to a levitation charm on their slippers and a stability charm on their jewelry.”


“That seems like a much more logical idea. It wouldn’t do to go limping in on a sprained ankle.” Hermione chucked to herself.


“Have you been taught to dance yet?” Padma asked as she tried to help Hermione untangle herself. “Your twirl needs a lot of work.”


“Professor McGonagall had a special meeting last week-“ Hermione trailed off as she saw the look of horror cross Padma’s face.


“But she wouldn’t have shown you the opening dance, just the normal dancing.” Padma said incredulously.


“There’s a special opening dance?” Hermione squeaked.


“I can’t believe Viktor didn’t mention it to you.” Padma said as she knelt near Hermione and helped her pat all her layers back into place. “Does he know you’re a Muggle-born?”


“I think he just assumes I know everything.” Hermione blushed. “I’d hate for him to know when he talks about Quidditch I’m lost.”


“I felt the same when my father’s cousin tried to teach us cricket when me and Parvarti were young.” Padma brushed a stray curl from Hermione’s face. “But immersion is best when dealing with sports. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. You will find even the best players argue over the rules.”


Hermione smiled at Padma. “Thank you for all your help. I knew I needed help but I didn’t know how much I really have to learn.”


“There will be eight people leading the opening dance.” Padma said simply. “Five of them will be from Hogwarts. The other schools will be very critical of us because of this.”


“I understand that much.” Hermione shook her head. “I’m starting to wonder why I thought this was a good idea.”


“Because if anyone can pull this off, you can.” Padma pulled Hermione to her feet and cast a levitation and stabilization charm at her.


Hermione felt herself getting taller, but if she hadn’t looked down she wouldn’t have realized her feet were slightly off the ground.


This time when Padma twirled her it was perfectly executed and Hermione found herself with her body pressed forcefully against Padma’s.


Padma smiled at Hermione gently. “A little insurance never hurt anyone.”


“Brilliant.” Hermione blushed a little.


Padma released her and got her into the starting position again. “Now when the music starts he starts you out in a small rotation around the floor.”


Padma steered Hermione around the room easily and showed her the cues in the steps that signaled a twirl.


Hermione gripped Padma’s hand tightly as she was twirled. She was nervous, but the spell seemed to work very well in stabilizing her. As they came back together Hermione reached out for Padma’s other hand.


“You should never reach out for your partner.” Padma chided. “It makes you look… overly eager. You should wait for him to guide you into his arms.”


“This is ridiculous,” Hermione said crossly. “All this innuendo and coded meanings. Next thing you’ll tell me is if I grip his hand the wrong way I’ll be propositioning him.”


“No. Usually it’s by doing this.” Padma slid her hand up Hermione’s back, over her shoulder and started stroking the side of her face lightly.


The blush in Hermione’s cheeks was back again. “Oh, I see.” So if I did something like this-“ Hermione lowered her head to Padma’s neck and started lightly grazing the skin with her teeth, “it would probably cause quite a scandal.”


“Undoubtedly.” Padma’s breaths were coming quickly as she continued to stroke Hermione’s face and their embrace became something more intimate and less like dancing.


She steered Hermione over to a desk and sat Hermione on the edge of it, edging her skirt up so her legs were no longer bound together.


Padma kissed Hermione’s cheeks before leaning forward to capture her mouth in a kiss.


“Stupid dance anyway.” Hermione muttered as she reached up to brush a stray lock of hair from Padma’s face. She ran her fingertips down the side of Padma’s face, down the side of her neck, and ran along the collar line of her robes.


“I agree.” Padma said simply before leaning her head down to kiss Hermione’s neck.


Hermione tilted her head back and Padma grazed her tender skin with her teeth. Hermione dug her fingers into Padma’s shoulders, gripping the thick fabric of her robes as Padma slid her hands along the tops of Hermione’s bare legs.


“We could just hide here.” Hermione giggled. “Then we wouldn’t have to worry about anything.” She was unbuttoning Padma’s robes.


“But then I wouldn’t get to see you trip Viktor Krum and break his ankle, insuring a win for Hogwarts.” Padma snickered as she started loosening the hidden lacing on the sides of Hermione’s robes.


“I’m going to be terrible.” Hermione put her head down on Padma’s shoulder and moaned dramatically.


“No you won’t.” Padma assured her. “I’m sure you can be very coordinated when you want to be.”


“Maybe I can.” Hermione blushed.


Padma pointed her wand behind her and the door to the classroom locked shut. Then she transfigured the desk Hermione was perched on into a bed.


Hermione found herself sinking into layers of brightly colored silk throws and quickly losing her balance. “What on earth?”


Padma giggled nervously. “Well you have to have an image in your head of what you’re trying to transform. My parent’s have the roomiest bed I know of.”


“It’s beautiful.” Hermione insisted. “The colors are very pretty.”


“You light up with all this color around you.” Padma said as she eased herself onto the bed near Hermione.


Hermione blushed and Padma ran a finger along her cheekbone. “See what I mean.”


Hermione leaned over and kissed Padma again. Their lips parted and Hermione breathed in sharply as their tongues met.


Padma started pulling more furtively at the lacing on Hermione’s robes and let out a sigh of relief when they were finally undone, the robes slipping off Hermione’s shoulders and easily being tugged down to expose her beautiful breasts and rosy hard nipples.


Padma had to laugh when Hermione pulled her wand out and just banished their robes away.


Hermione’s hands went to Padma’s breasts and dark nipples and Padma tilted her head back and leaned into Hermione’s gentle touch. Hermione experimentally squeezed Padma’s nipples gently and was rewarded with Padma squeezing one of Hermione’s legs tightly between her knees and moaning softly.


Hermione slowly slid her leg up until her thigh was rubbing against the crotch of Padma’s blue cotton panties and she slid her hands down to Padma’s hips, trying to synchronize their thrusting.


Padma wasn’t so shy and brought her thigh up firmly as she reached her hands around Hermione, firmly grabbed Hermione’s ass, and ground against the crotch of her pink cotton panties.


Hermione swore as Padma kissed her roughly and pushed her onto her back. Padma started rubbing her thigh between Hermione’s legs in a steady rhythm and Hermione wrapped her arms around Padma, sliding her hands down to her firm buttocks and helping her thrust faster.


Padma felt her climax building as Hermione’s thigh brushed her between her legs. As she started groaning Hermione reached up and pinched one of her nipples firmly.


Padma came with a scream and arched her back, allowing Hermione to dip her head close enough to suck on one of Padma’s luscious dark nipples.


Padma shuttered for a moment before looking tenderly down at Hermione and smiling.


She quickly snatched her wand up and had Hermione bound by her ankles and wrists to the four corners of the elaborate bed.


Hermione looked both startled and immensely pleased by this development.


Padma straddled Hermione’s waist. Hermione felt Padma’s dampness against her stomach and she closed her eyes for a moment and breathed in deeply.


Sweat and perfume and musk. She wanted to taste it all. Her tongue flicked over her lips.


Padma reached down and started squeezing Hermione’s breasts, playing with the nipples until they were stiff peaks, then sliding down to suckle at each in turn.


Hermione squirmed, her clit begging for attention.


Padma started kissing her way down Hermione’s belly and started rubbing her hand over the damp spot. “You like being tied up, don’t you?”


“It’s-“ Hermione hesitated “sort of a relief.”


“A relief?” Padma looked amused as she pulled Hermione’s panties aside to expose her pussy.


“Nothing to do when you’re tied up.” Hermione sighed pleasantly as Padma made Hermione’s bonds pull her legs apart, exposing her completely. “No performance anxiety. No worries about making a mistake. No worrying about whether your butt looks big.”


“Your butt is fabulous.” Padma insisted. “Trust me.”


She whispered an incantation to her wand and it started buzzing softly. She touched to one of Hermione’s knees first, drawing it up her thigh lazily before sliding it across Hermione’s most sensitive parts.


Hermione shivered and tried to bring her knees together, but was stopped by her colorful silk restraints.


“Ticklish?” Padma grinned and ran her wand softly over Hermione’s inner thighs and the small panel in the crotch of her panties. She took a deep breath and placed her mouth over the panel. She exhailed hot air as she pushed the wand gently where Hermione’s opening was.


Hermione squirmed and moaned but Padma started pressing her mouth against her harder. Then she pressed her tongue against the soft fabric and started undulating it.


When Hermione opened her legs wider without the help of the restraints Padma moved her panties to the side and started penetrating Hermione with the handle of her wand.


Hermione started begging and panting, but Padma only paused to rise up and bite gently on Hermione’s nipples before slithering back down her torso, making Hermione moan in frustration and grind into Padma when she returned to the area between Hermione’s legs.


Padma smiled to herself when Hermione’s legs started shaking. Her moaning got more intense and Padma tried to prolong Hermione’s climax as long as she could before Hermione came in a rush of energy and unbound magic.


Dusty books that had ringed the room on a high shelf flew off their perch and fell to the floor. A rolling chalkboard spun in place. The layers of silk they were laying on billowed out on ghostly winds.


“Wow.” Padma said, impressed.


“What on earth was that?” Hermione was still catching her breath and her restraints had lost all of their tension and she was unraveling the fabric around her wrists.


“You have a lot of magical potential.” Padma looked at Hermione suspiciously. “If you’re that powerful magic should come naturally to you. Why are you always studying as if you’re barely passing?”


“I… always feel like there’s always so much more to learn.” Hermione said hesitantly.


“And why aren’t you a Ravenclaw?” Padma asked Hermione.


“The hat wanted me to be a Ravenclaw or a Gryffindor and it let me decide.” Hermione looked sheepish. “It seemed like Gryffindor students have a wider range of career choices when leaving Hogwarts.”


“And to think we could be rooming together.” Padma said with a shake of her head and a twinkle in her eye.


“Well you could always get Parvarti to switch places for a day.” Hermione snickered.


“She might just be up for it, you know.” Padma chortled as she eased herself off of the big bed. “She’d love a chance to be alone in the Ravenclaw common room with Hector Fillmore.”


“Maybe it’s something to think about.” Hermione said tentatively.


“Maybe it is.” Padma said shyly. “You know, after you fulfill your obligations at the dance with your partner you’re free to dance with whomever you want.”


“You don’t say.” Hermione said casually as she climbed off the bed and picked up her everyday robes.


Padma waved her wand and she and Hermione were cleaned off and redressed.


“Where do you learn all these practical charms?” Hermione marveled.


“We have many small cousins.” Padma smiled as she transfigured the bed back into a desk. “Usually we’re the ones that get stuck babysitting.”


Hermione chuckled. “Very practical.”


“Well, since it’s almost dinner and you still need a lot of work I think we’re going to need to meet again.” Padma said as she magically folded the dress robes and tucked it into a large plastic lined silk bag.


“That would probably be a good idea.” Hermione said with a quirk to her lips.


“Friday after dinner?”


“That’s fine with me.”


“I’ll see you then.”


“Unless you convince your sister Hector could use some company Wednesday.”


Padma smiled at Hermione. “Of course.”