Finally Neville Chapter 7

Neville caught himself looking down Sasha’s blouse for the sixth time that morning and forced his eyes away. He felt the heat rising in his cheeks and hoped she didn’t notice.

He noticed her attention wasn’t on his eyes at all but his lap. He shifted suddenly and pulled his book bag onto his lap. His cheeks got hotter. He was lucky they were all sitting at the table in the Great Hall and not just lounging around the Gryffindor common room.

Sasha looked at Hermione seriously, as if her attention had been on the Head Girls lecture about the importance of having a clean cauldron during your OWLs the whole time. She suddenly gasped in surprise. Harry and Ron glanced up from their latest offensive Quidditch play to look at her questioningly. Even Dean and Seamus turned around to see what has warranted such a surprised sound.

“Really?” Sasha said suddenly. “Sand really works?”

“Yes,” said Hermione startled, as if she hadn’t really expected anyone else to get that excited over clean cauldrons.

“I should write that down,” said Sasha suddenly plunging her hand into Neville’s book bag, pretending to look for a quill. “Before I forget.”

Neville felt her hand through his robes and the thin canvas of the book bag. It encircled his erection and gave a tight squeeze and gentle tug. He closed his eyes and tried to breathe normally.

“Found it,” said Sasha cheerfully, pulling out Neville’s pheasant feather quill and a small pot of ink. She flipped open her homework notebook and made a quick note.

“Keeping track of details is important; don’t you think so, Neville?” Sasha turned to ask him and showed him what she had written in her notebook.

Instead of a quick note about cauldrons, her neat handwriting spelled out “Want to go somewhere more private?”

He nodded vigorously at her and began gathering his things quickly.

“I have a Herbology exam this afternoon,” Sasha apologized. “Only an hour for studying left. We’ll catch up with you later.”

Sasha and Neville rose and practically ran from the Great Hall.

The Gryffindors still seated at the table sat in stunned silence.

Seamus was the first to break the silence with a derisive snort. Hermione began giggling uncontrollably and the rest followed.

“What was that?” asked Ginny tears streaming down her face.

“What ever it was,” said Ron, “It sure wasn’t subtle”

“That wasn’t fair, you know,” said Neville pinning Sasha to his burgundy comforter.

She giggled and squeezed him between her legs.

He was carried her up the stairs to his room and tossed her bodily on the bed. Then he had pounced. Her robes were pushed up to her waist and Neville stared at her white panties. Sasha struggled against him, not really wanting to be freed at all.

“I’m sorry,” she said, snaking a hand away from his and beginning to unbutton his robes. She took his bottom lip into her mouth and began to suck gently.

He moaned his frustration and looked down at her

He suddenly sat up and pulled his robes up to his waist. He fumbled a bit with them before lying back down on Sasha. She felt his bare erection on her thigh and gasped.

“I’m sorry,” Neville blurted out as he moved her panties to the side and slammed into her.

Sasha wrestled her hands away from his, still trying to pin her to the mattress and wrapped her arms around him tightly. She sank her teeth into his shoulder. He moaned louder and began to pound into her.

She looked up and him and his eyes were closed She reached down gently and kept unbuttoning his robes. Slowly. Her fingers traced lightly over new areas of exposed skin in contrast to his violent thrusting. She dragged a fingernail over a nipple. He shuddered so greatly she was forced to abandon her explorations and climax around him.

He pulled out of her suddenly and flipped her onto her stomach.

“Neville?” Sasha asked questioningly a second before Neville thrusted into her from behind. She arced her back to meet him and her throbbing was prolonged. She felt a firm slap on her buttocks and a hand reached around her to squeeze one of her breasts.

She really was pinned down now, but she found it surprisingly pleasant.

“Again,” she whispered.

His thrusting slowed slightly.

“What?” she heard him whisper behind her.

“Slap me again please,” she whispered.

“Did you like that?” said Neville gently as he thrusted harder into her.

“Yes,” she whispered. His response was a firm slap on her bottom. He felt her squeeze around him. He ran his thumbnail over the nipple of the breast he had been squeezing so firmly. She throbbed again.

She was all his. He almost spilled into her right then. He started grinding little corkscrews into her and felt her buttocks begin to tighten. He began gently biting her on the back of her shoulders and he heard her scream his name into his pillow. He spilled into her and yelled out her name.

“Do you think they’re done yet?” asked Dean Thomas, leafing through a copy of Witch Weekly.

“I hope so,” said Ron grumpily. “My broom is up there and I need”

Suddenly they heard a loud bellow from upstairs.

“Neville’s done,” said Hermione, turning a page in her Arithmancy textbook. “They should be down soon.”

“Doesn’t mean it’s over yet,” said Seamus defensively.

“Yea it does,” said Hermione turning another page. “Neville’s nothing if not predictable.”

“What does that mean?” said Harry with a confused look.

“He always takes care of Sasha before himself,” she said exasperatedly, as if she thought the boys should know such obvious things.

Her statement was confirmed by a small squeak from up the stairs and the sound of feet descending the staircase.

“Err…” began Neville as the crowd, obviously waiting in the common room for them to finish, came into view. “Off to Potions, see you there.”

With that he scuttled out of Gryffindor tower and began the long descent to the dungeons.

“Herbology,” said Sasha rather weakly as she followed Neville out of the portal on shaky legs.

More stunned silence filled the common room as the portal quietly clicked into place.

This time Ron broke the silence.

“I hope they don’t make a habit of this,” he said grumpily.