Finally Neville Chapter 6

Hermione demanded upon seeing Sasha sitting in the common room, one leg slung over the arm of the overstuffed chair she was sitting in.

“Well what?” Sasha said innocently, although her eyes were twinkling.

“You know what!” exclaimed Fanny Smythe climbing through the portal into the Gryffindor common room.

“Sasha,” called out Neville’s voice from the top of the stairs leading up to the dorm rooms. “I think you forgot your….” His voice trailed off as he thudded down the stairs and spotted the Gryffindors beginning to file into the common room.

Ummm…” he stammered, suddenly realizing he was waving a bra in the air and quickly whipping it behind him. “I’ll just toss it in your room.”

With that he pounded back up the stairs to a chorus of laughter.

“I guess it all went well, then,” said Hermione laughing.

“Something like that,” Sasha smirked into her book.

Fanny frowned and looked at Sasha closer.

“What happened to you?” she asked, concerned.

Sasha’s hand rose instinctively to her eye. It has faded from a vivid purple, but still had a yellowish-green tinge to it.

“Had a bit of an accident,” Sasha admitted sheepishly. “A door attacked me.”

“Oh really,” said Hermione looking over her shoulder as she climbed the stairs to her dorm. “Well, tell Mr. Door that the boys are already in the Great Hall waiting for dinner.

Sasha reddened and sunk slower in her chair.

“Really?” exclaimed Dean Thomas later that night after they had eaten dinner and the boys had retired to their dorm room.

“Swear to God,” Neville chuckled. “She just whipped around and banged right into it.”

“I’m amazed neither of you ended up in the hospital wing,” laughed Ron Weasley.

“So am I,” Neville admitted. “But I guess it means I’m going with her now.”

“I’d say so,” said Harry Potter snickering. “Either that or she’s one hell of an actress.”

“I don’t think she’s that good,” said Dean Thomas. “That was one heck of a shiner.”

“I’m actually surprised she didn’t knock herself out,” chuckled Neville.

“Looks like you’ve finally met your match, Neville,” grinned Harry. “Hope you survive long enough to tell the tale.”

Really?” squeaked out Ginny Weasley in the girls’ dorm. “I never would have guessed.”

“Guess it makes up for everything else,” snickered Fanny.

“Oh, shut up,” said Sasha turning pink.

“Good God,” exclaimed Ginny looking at the shelf containing the contraceptive potions. “You certainly were busy.”

“You have no idea,” giggled Sasha.