Chapter 5
Sasha woke before Neville and watched him sleep. He was naked under the covers and his arm was still around her.

Dim gray light filtered through the paned glass and began to light up the room. The rain still hadn't let up but it was considerably more quiet than when she had first arrived in the boys

dormitories last night.

What a night. Unbelievable. Sasha cuddled close to Neville trying to ward off the early morning chill that always seemed to seep into the castle.

Neville awoke to something squirming next to him. His eyes flew open to see Sasha, or rather Sasha from the eyebrows up burrowing closer to him under the covers.

"Cold?" He asked.

"Just a wee bit," came a muffled reply.

"I think we need to make an appearance at breakfast," Neville said softly.

"Hey, look what I found," said Sasha brushing her fingertips over his early morning erection and changing the subject.

"That's not fair," he said pulling her on top of him.

Sasha turned red, burrowing her head in his chest, but he only flung the covers off them and pushed her shoulders up.

"It's freezing!" Sasha exclaimed, trying to cover herself up with her hands.

"No," he said catching her hands and exposing her to his eyes and the cold air of the room. "I want to look at you. I always want to look at you."

She felt her cheeks get warm. They seemed to be the only part of her that was warm. Her flesh tightened in goose bumps and her breath steamed.

A corner of Nevilles mouth quirked and he pulled Sasha closer, flipping the comforter back over them.

"I won't let you freeze today," he said as he nuzzled the top of her head.

"Gee, thanks," she said as she crawled up the length of his body to kiss him.

She felt something nudge her firmly inside one of her thighs. She swiveled down to meet it. She was still coated with their juices from the night before and he was easily lubricated, running his

head around and up and down her sex.

"I thought we had to go down to breakfast," she giggled at him.

"It's Saturday," he said as he slid easily into her. "Formal dinner tonight, just baskets of fruit and muffins in the morning."

His hands moved her hips into a small figure eight pattern, grinding herself against him in a regular pattern.

"Neville!" Sasha cried out as she climaxed around him. She began pumping faster and watched Nevilles breathing get faster and his eyes screw shut.

"Sasha!" Neville cried out, wrapping his arms around her and thrusting hard and deep inside her.

He felt his fingertips buried in her back and hoped vaguely that she wasn't uncomfortable as he shuddered inside her and collapsed back on the mattress.

She looked down at him. His eyes were closed and his ginger freckles stood out on the top of his nose and over his cheekbones. He looked pale in the misty morning sunlight and his breath

fogged slightly.

She lifted herself off the mattress and grabbed her robe. Then she padded over to the box on the wall.

"How does this work?" she asked.

"You just write what you want on it," Neville explained, eyes still closed. "Within reason of course, if you want something fancy they like to know a bit ahead of time."

She dipped the feather end of a quill in a small dish of water and carefully wrote BREAKFAST FOR TWO on the side of the box. The words seeme see seep into the wood and a small bell sounded a

few seconds later. Sasha opened the box to find a basket of muffins.

"Well that's nice," she began and turned back towards Neville, walking to him. The bell went off again.

"You might want to put it on the table," he began rising from the bed and throwing a bathrobe over his naked form. "There will be more coming. The box is a little small, you see. It takes them a

couple of trips to get everything together."

He walked over and kissed her on the temple.

"I'll get the food, you get the dishes."

"Dishes?" she asked.

"In the cupboard near the window sill." He pointed. "We put the dirty ones in the box when we're done and the elves do them for us and send them back."

"I feel cheated!" Sasha marveled getting a few dishes and cutlery from the cabinet.

When she returned to the table she saw a spread of muffins, sausage, eggs, pumpkin juice, and a few different kinds of spread.

"Wow," she said, amazed. "That's incredible."

"I don't like to use it too much," Neville confessed. "It gives them more to do, but there's no one here for the holidays and it's not much bother."

"Why are you here?" Sasha asked. "You usually go away."

"Gran won a vacation," Neville grinned. "Gone to Switzerland for a White Christmas. I told her to take her friend instead of me. They'd have more fun anyway."

Sasha examined Neville's face for disapointment but didn't find any.

"Why did you want to stay over the holidays?" she asked.

"You were staying," Neville said putting butter on a muffin and taking a bite out of it.

"Oh," she said turning red and looking down at her plate. She selected a piece of bacon and began thoughtfully chewing.

"You think you were set up?" she murmered.

"All I was going to do was ask you to sit with me at the next Quidditch match," he said defensivly.

She began snickering.

"Sure, I'll sit with you," Sasha grinned.

"I'd certainly hope so," he smiled. "I hate to think you're just using me for my manly abilities."