Chapter 4


Dim light from both of their wands illuminated the room.

Neville's head was still swimming. There was a girl. That liked him. And the whole of the tower was gone. And she was in his bed. Laying next to him. Sucking on his bottom lip. And she

had just slipped her hands down the back of his pajama bottoms and squeezed his buns. He had completely forgotten that he was afraid of thunder.

He involuntarily thrusted forward. His erection strained against the now confining clothing and jabbed into Sashas crotch. He froze. If they were naked he'd be THERE. She squeezed her

legs around him.

Sasha began swirling litcirccircles of him on her. She was feeling lighter and more frenzied. Her face burned.

Neville grinned smugly to himself. He was driving her insane. He was going to get her there before they even started. He slid a hand down the back of her pajama bottoms and

squeezed. The other began undoing the buttons of her top, sucking and nibbling his way down. He was suddenly gone from her.

Her hips ground against his midsection in frustration. Then she realized her shirt was open and her bottoms were quickly leaving.

"Neville?" she whispered.

"I'll get you there love," he nuzzled into her collarbone as he tossed her bottoms away. He slipped under the covers and turned her on her back. She felt him lay between her legs, still

fully clothed and felt cold air on her breasts, making her nipples stand up.

There they were. He had stared at them at the Yule Ball. Just the thought of them were working him into a frenzy before she came in to see him. He nipped at one while one of his hands

squeezed the other. She squirmed under him and wrapped her legs around him.

His tongue wrapped gently around one nipple and began sucking. As she began floating he suddenly surged upwards and bit her shoulder firmly, squeezing one breast. He fiercely

ground into her. She gasped.

"Do you want it?" he growled.

"Yes!" she cried out and her back arched under him.

He dove under the covers.


Then she felt his tongue on one of her thighs. She suddenly felt very shy and tried to close her legs. He gently stopped her and made her open wider. He slid one finger down her cleft

and opened her.

He began to lap, suck and nibble at her. Her thighs began to vibrate.

Sasha entwined her hands in Neville’s hair. She wasn't sure what he was doing but whatever it was she was going to be THERE. Soon.

He heard her scream into a clap of thunder and felt her throb against him.

Neville rose up, wiped his mouth on the comforter and kissed Sasha repositioning the head of his cock at her opening. He felt her throb and grip at him.

Neville felt her soaking through his pajama bottoms. His eyes fluttered. He wanted to push. He wanted to tear his clothes off and thrust into her. He also wanted her to talk to him


"Sasha," he panted. "I respect you, I swear."

Sasha's expression completely changed. She began to giggle.

"I don't think you would have done that if you hadn't," she laughed.

Neville felt his face burn. Then she kissed him, grabbed his shoulders and slammed him on his back.

"Wha.." Neville began. Then he felt Sashas hands in his waistband tugging downward.

"There's a knot," he grunted.

Sasha pulled a loop and it came undone.

"Figures!" he grumbled.

She tugged his bottoms down and took a look at him.

"Wow, Neville." she commented.

She took him in her hand, watching the foreskin run over his head. He smelled like soap, and a little of her. She flung the comforter off them.

He watched her. Her eyes never left his, but her tongue....he watched her slide it over the underside of him, closing her mouth over him and gently dragging upwards.

"Sasha..." he warned.

The corners of her eyes crinkled wickedly. She began running her mouth up and down his shaft faster and pumped him in her fist.

"Warn me," she whispered. Then she began swirling her tongue around his head while pumping him up and down. It didn't take long.

He pushed her away from him and took himself in his hand. He felt her hands on his shoulders pushing him on his back. He let go of himself and landed on the mattress. Sasha kissed him

quickly and began pumping with her hand. He felt himself tense up, then he felt Sasha running her tongue over his scrotum and it was more than he could take.

"Sasha!" he yelled as white splashes painted his pajama top.

Sasha rose to kiss him. She lay on top of him, sticky pjs and all and kissed him.

"I respect you, Neville," she said solemnly. "I swear."

He began to laugh.

She pushed herself off him, her chest glistening with him.

He reached up and rubbed it into her skin, caressing her breasts. He began to rise again.

Sasha felt a persistent nudge between her thighs. She began unbuttoning Neville’s shirt, and he sat up to kiss her and remove it. He lay back down naked, with her on top of him.

"We need something," Neville reddened. "I think Seamus has..."

"Already took a potion," she said as her kisses became more frenzied.

"I feel set up," said Neville wondering just how many of the Gryffindor girls were in on this.

"You were, don't take it personally." snickered Sasha into his shoulder.

"Hmmmph!" said Neville, suspicions confirmed.

She positioned herself over him.

"I--I think I'd hurt you if I did it," he confessed.

"It's alright." said Sasha softly.

He pulled back from her and looked into her eyes.

"I love you."

"You don't have to say that, you know." she whispered.

"I know," said Neville. "But I do. You've been driving me crazy for a year."

And he sunk his hands into her hair and kissed her.

So she sunk herself onto him and returned the kiss.

'He loves me!!' Sasha inwardly sang to herself. She ld dod down at him. His eyes widened as she ground down on him, working her hips down a little at a time.

"Sasha?" he mumbled into her mouth.

"Mmmmm?" she murmured, eyes squeezed shut.

"You're biting my lip."

She unclenched her teeth and drew back to see a trickle of blood on Neville’s lower lip and a faint coppery taste in her mouth.

"Oh my God," she whispered.

And while she was distracted he thrust up in one fluid motion. He was already half in her, he just sped it up a little.

"Ow!" yelled Sasha and smacked him on the shoulder.

He flexed his groin muscles and throbbed inside her. She fell on him and slid her tongue into his mouth.

Sasha and Neville rolled over and he settled inside her. Her hands reached down and gripped his waist. Then Neville felt the sensation of tongue and teeth running over one of his

nipples and he grinded forward.

Sasha whimpered under him. She had figured out how to masturbate long before this, but was still unprepared for his size. It wasn't painful anymore but a strange erotic stretching

sensation that made her feel alive. She moved against him, grinding her hips upward.

"Neville?" she whispered as his thrusting increased in speed.

"Mmmmmm?" me murmured into her brown curls.

"I love you."

And he looked down at her. She looked afraid, like she was afraid he'd reject her, even though he said it first.

"I didn't say it so you'd toss me off," he said and thrusted violently. Sasha moaned beneath him.

So she liked that did she? He reached down and slid her legs up and over his shoulders so he could penetrate more deeply. He grabbed both her wrists and pinned them above her head

with one hand. The other genially applied pressure to one of her nipples. He began to thrust shallowly.

"Where did you learn this?" she asked, and suddenly realized she did not want to know.

"Ron has this book," he explained as he switched positions again, so Sasha was laying on her side and Neville was behind her gripping her breasts firmly. "Hermione gave it to him.

Thought it would be helpful." He snaked one hand down her flat stomach and between her legs.

Sasha bucked back against him. "Amazing," she whispered.

Neville began swirling himself inside her in unison to his twirling fingers.

She climaxed suddenly and violently clenching him within her and screaming his name.

He withdrew from her and turned her onto her back. Her eyes widened in surprise as he entered her swiftly and began thrusting harder and faster than before. His mouth crashed down

on hers and she tasted blood.

Neville was nearly there. She had screamed his name, not a celebrity, not one of those blasted quiddich players, but his. And she loved him. He was going to do everything he had

thought about doing to her in the last year. It was more than he could take and his world exploded.

A dark kaleidoscope of colors swirled behind his eyes as he shuddered and cosed sed on her.

"Wow." she whispered.

"Oh my god," he groaned and rolled off her. "That was amazing."

Neville reached towards the discarded comforter, but Sasha stopped him. She reached for her wand and mumbled something incoherent. The linen tucked itself around them.

"You really need to teach me that," Neville said as he kissed her, the wet fringe of his sweaty hair wetting her forehead.

"And turn us into mummies?" asked Sasha. "I think not."

He rolled onto his back and put his hands behind his head. He felt himself drifting off.

"Suppose you're right." Neville murmured.

Sasha cuddled up to his chest and began playing with one of his nipples.

"Hey! That tickles!" he exclaimed.

She giggled sleepily and cuddled up to him.

"I do love you, you know." he said softly.

"I love you, too." she mumbled half-asleep.

Neville tucked one arm around Sasha and listed as her breathing get deeper and regular.

'Guess this means we're going steady,' he thought to himself and closed his sleepy eyes.