Chapter 3


He had kissed her. She had thought she'd blown it. She had just reached over and kissed him. He had not been expecting it and she mostly kissed his teeth. When she had pulled back he

caught her full on the lips. Maybe a little firm, but from what she understood he hadn't much practice. And now he asked her to stay the night with him. So he could protect her from the

thunder he was so afraid of. She began to wonder where else he had freckles. Her head began to swim and her body felt light.

A clap of thunder shook Gryffindor Tower. Neville jumped.

"Beg your pardon?" she asked, as the rain began to pelt against the panes of glass vibrating in their frames.

"I mean," he began, "that with all the noise and the tower being so empty you might not want to be alone."

Sasha tried not to laugh as Nle jle jumped with another loud clap from the storm.

"I--I think I might." she said softly and shivered slightly.

"You must be cold!" Neville started. He pulled his comforter around her shoulders.

Then he leaned over and kissed her again. His soft lips lingered on hers. She smelled like pumpkin juice and some sort of girly shampoo.

He pulled back from her. He hoped she didn't know he'd never kissed anyone before. He knew the Gryffindor girls were close. He knew they had late night gossip sessions. He saw the

looks Ron got the morning after he came to bed so late after a late night "study session" in the common room with Hermione. The girls knew before the boys had even woken up.

Neville was nervous. She looked....different. Her breath was quickening and her face was flush. He inwardly groaned. I've terrified her. She hates me. I went too fast.

"I'm sorry." Neville said.

"For what?" Sasha asked confused.

"I---I don't want you to think..." he trailed off.

"I know you're afraid, Neville. It's alright, I'll stay with you." said Sasha softly. Then she kissed him. She began to nibble of his lower lip. One of her hands came up and caught the side of

his face. It snaked behind his head and became entangled in his hair.

'OK,' Neville thought to himself. 'So I guess she doesn't mind me kissing her.'

Sashas kisses trailed from Nevilles lips across his jaw line down his neck and came to rest on his collarbone.

Neville groaned. She had interrupted him earlier and his body was reminding him. He pulled part of his comforter over his lap to hide his dilemma.

"We could get in bed if you're col she she nibbled around his ear. "But we'll have to remake it, you made a mess when I came in."

Neville felt like he was flying. The hand that was entwined in his hair now rested on his hip, with her thumb slowly stroking him.

"Sa--Sa--Are you sure?" he stuttered out.

Sasha reached out and stroked one finger along the prominent shaft that tented his pajamas. He shuddered.

"Oh, Neville," she said as she squeezed him. She pulled back suddenly and examined his face. "Do you want this?"

He looked down to see her hand wrapped around his cock. He began to laugh.

"I don't really think I'm in any position to argue."

"I guess not," she giggled and ran her thumb over his head.

He reached out his hand and caught one of her breasts. He ran his thumb over the small hard nub.

"So how do you like it then?" he breathed. She was really going to let him. Her back was arching into his hand and her hand was tightening around him. He wondered vaguely if he was

going to hurt her. He knew she had never dated before. He wondered how he'd be able to squeeze it in. She began slowly stroking and he groaned.

"This would be easier if we were lying down." he mumbled.

She pushed him to a standing position and whipped a wand out of her pocket. She pointed it at the bed and mumbled a few words. The bed began making itself.

"You'll have to teach me that later." said Neville.

Moments later they were lying under the covers entwined in a kiss as the wind from the storm howled above.