Finally Neville Chapter 16



The Gryffindors were gathered at the breakfast table when the owls
arrived. A small envelope landed in front of Ginny. From the look of relief on
her face, it wasn’t a howler. She opened the letter and paled slightly. She
folded it silently and put it in her book bag.


Dean watched her and when she looked at him she shrugged.


“I really did expect it,” said Ginny. “Mum’s the only one I’ve ever met
that could shout in a letter.” Dean winced.


“At least she didn’t send you a howler and embarrass you in front of
the school,” said Ron, looking very sorry for her.


“You’re invited to come visit over the summer,” said Ginny in Dean’s
direction. He looked surprised.


“Didn’t think they’d want to talk to me after our show,” said Dean.


“That part was at the bottom in dad’s writing,” Ginny shrugged. “He’s a
bit more forgiving.”


“Probably felt sorry for you. Filch,” Harry shuddered.


“Thank you for reminding me,” said Ginny testily.


“He was far more embarrassed than we were,” Dean said gently. “You
didn’t see his face. I did.”


“He saw far more of me,” Ginny muttered grumpily. Harry snorted pumpkin
juice out his nose and started coughing uncontrollably. Neville pounded him on
the back.


“It could have been any of us,” Sasha said. “This has gotten out of


“I agree,” said Hermione. “Next think you know they’ll be segregating
classes by sex instead of house.”


“Could you see Snape trying to teach a room full of first year girls?”
said Sasha elbowing Neville who began chuckling.


“They’d all wet themselves,” smirked Harry. “They’d have to put a drain
in the floor.”


“That’s disgusting,” said Hermione. “Lovely bfastfast conversation
we’re having. First Voyeur Filch, now peeing in potions. I’m going to class.”
She grabbed her book bag and left the Great Hall.


“Don’t we have potions next?” asked Ron, grinning.


“Oh, yes,” said Neville rubbing his hands together evilly.




“Thanks,” said Hermione as Sasha handed her a sandwich. The day was
beautiful. Not a cloud in the sky and the grass near the lake was soft and
warm. “I was not going to deal with them at lunch as well.”


“What did they do?” asked Sasha innocently, noting how annoyed Hermione


“Neville kept making noises at me,” I botched the potion.


“Well at least it wasn’t him for a change,” said Sasha sighing. “Don’t
know why Snape let him in the advanced classes, his grades have always been


“Well, Neville wants to be an auror, doesn’t he?” said Hermione biting
into her corned beef sandwich. “Have to be in potions to do that, and Snape
knew his parents. I think the whole vengeance thing appeals to him.”


“Makes sense,” Sasha shrugged and looked inside the sandwich she
grabbed without looking. Peanut butter. She began eating. “Hey, what was
Neville doing to you?”


“Making psssssss sounds at me,” Hermione said grumpily. Sasha started
laughing. “It’s not funny.”


“Yes it is,” Sasha said, trying to stifle her laughter.


Hermione shook her head and continued eating. Sasha thought it was just
to disguise the smile creeping over her face.