Finally Neville Chapter 15



As Sasha and Neville made their way to Gryffindor tower, a
figure swathed in tartan loomed out at them.


“Just where have you been?” Professor McGonagall asked them


“Greenhouse 10, Professor,” said Neville showing her his
key. “Feeding the roses for my project.”

 “Any“Anything wrong?” Sasha asked, worried.


“No,” McGonagall hesitated. “Some of your classmates have
gotten a bit-ah-restless tonight and I’m trying to stop any more mischief
before it starts.” She blushed slightly.


Sasha stifled a laugh.


“No, ma’am,” Neville shook his head. “I’m sure the door has
a record of being opened to prove we were there.”


McGonagall sighed. “I don’t doubt you, Mr. Longbottom. Just
try to stay out of trouble tonight.”


“Yes, ma’am,” Sasha said as she steered Neville in the
direction of the tower.




“What was that all about?” Neville asked at the portrait of
the Fat Lady swung open.


Hermione looked up and smiled at the pair as they entered.
Ron looked over thek ofk of the sofa he was laying on and grinned.


“Thought you might be Ginny,” Ron laughed.


“Why?” asked Sasha, the truth finally dawning on her.


“Well, the Room of Requirement isn’t soundproof, is it?”
Hermione stifled a laugh.


“Oops,” said Neville, grinning at Sasha. And then softer,
“Have to remember that in the future.”


“Got caught by Filch,” said Ron, shaking his head. “We heard
the yelling a floor down.”


“Oh Gods,” Sasha shuddered. “I don’t think that’s an option


“Where are they now?” Neville asked.


“Dumbledore’s office,” Hermione and Ron said in unison, both


“Ooh,” said Sasha in sympathy.


There was a creak as the portal swung open behind Sasha and
Neville. Ginny and Dean slunk into the common room.


“Umm…I think I got a care package from mom,” said Ron,
running to the boys’ dorm.


Sasha knew this was untrue. Neville had showed her a box in
the boys’ dorm that was a direct line to the kitchens. She noticed a look of
disapproval on Hermiones face.


“I think mom might have sent some pie,” Ginny shouted after
him. “Bring the peach.”


“If everyone knows you have that silly box, why keep it a
secret?” Sasha asked.


“Got a better idea,” said Neville. He turned toward his
friends. “Relocating. Everyone up.”


Hermione shrugged and gatheher her books. They trooped up
the stairs to the 7th year boys dorm.


“Well, hello,” said Seamus, looking confused at the intrusion.
He was sitting up in bed in his pajamas, reading a book. Harry was in his bed
reading a book of his own.


“Dean and Ginny are back,” Ron said waiting beside the
wooden box in the wall. A small bell rang and he opened it. A peach pie sat in
the shelf. He took it and handed it to Ginny, who took it and a fork and
plunked herself down on Dean’s bed.


“How’d it go?” Harry asked, setting his book down.


“Could’ve been worse,” Dean said and thanked Ron as he
passed him a plate of potatoes and sausage. He sat down next to Ginny. “Got
detention with a bit of everybody for a month. We could have gotten expelled.
And they’re going to contact out parents, of course.”


Ron ran to his desk and pulled out a parchment.


“What are you doing?” asked Neville going for the dinging
box and continuing to hand out food.


“Writing a letter to mum,” Ron said rolling his eyes.
“Before she gets totally hysterical and starts sending howlers.”


“Good idea,” said Ginny through a mouthful of pie.


“Want anything, Seamus?” asked Neville.


“Nah,” said Seamus. “Got a package from my da today.”


He cheerfully waved a Mars bar.


“You, Harry?” asked Neville.


“Nah,” Harry said with a wave.


“I’d like some ice cream,” said Sasha, settling on Nevilles


As Neville got Sasha ice cream Ron walked over to the window
and did a series of intricate whistles.


After a few moments Pigwidgeon flew through the open window
and landed on a perch near Ron.


“Take this to mum, and do it fast,” said Ron, fastening the
letter to the owl’s outstretched leg. “It’s important.”


The small hooted as if to say ‘When isn’t it important?’ Flapped his wings and flew out into the night


“Thanks, Ron,” Ginny said quietly.


“What happened, exactly?” asked Harry, grinning although he
was trying to look serious.


“Well, Ginny gets a bit vocal,” said Dean looking at Ginny
shyly. “And Filch just happened to be passing by, apparently wishing he could
catch someone doing something wrong.”


Hermione flinched as she reached for a plate. It could have
just as easily have been her.


“So the room dropped the wards,” Ginny finished. “A fluke


The entire room winced.


“What were you doing?” Seamus asked with a chuckle.


Ginny blushed darker than her hair.


“Something we never wanted anyone to see, let alone Filch,”
said Dean looking at Seamus sternly. Neville knew they’d eventually learn what
they were doing, but Dean didn’t want Ginny any more upset than she was.


“I’m so sorry,” said Hermione, jumping up to hug Ginny.


“I just think I need to get some sleep,” said Ginny sighing
and standing up. She hugged Dean and left with Sasha to retire to the 6th
year’s dorm.


Hermione, cross legged on the floor, closed the book she was
holding and poked Ron.


“I better go too,” she said. Ron leaned down and kissed the
top of her head.


“Good night,” Ron said and helped her gather her things.




“You were what?” Harry asked incredulously. The room was
dark and the boys muffled voices were speaking through their bed hangings.


“This sling thing just grew down from the ceiling,” Dean
said. “Took us a while to figure out how to use it. Then it just tied her up
and blindfolded her. She was almost there and screaming her head off when he
walked in.”


“Poor Ginny,” said Ron, shaking his head. “I swear if he
says anything to anyone-“


“I sincerely doubt it,” said Dean. “He was really more
embarrassed than we were. That’s why he was so mad.”


“Well that’s good,” said Seamus, not sounding entirely


“Could’ve been a lot worse,” said Harry.