Finally Neville Chapter 14



Hermione practically ran down the stairs from the girl’s
dormitories and grabbed Ron.


“We’re going for a walk,” she blurted out as she dragged him
towards the portal.


“What the-“ Ron began as he was pulled out of the common


“We’re going for a walk next,” Ginny called to Dean from the
stairs before disappearing back up the stairs.


“What’s all that about?” asked Harry, confused.


“I have an idea,” said Neville grumpily as Sasha descended the
stairs. She came up to him and sat on his lap.


“Do you have to tell them everything?” said Neville annoyed.


“Do you know Ron likes having his toenails painted?” said


“What?” said Neville both amused and confused as to where
this line of conversation had come from.


“Girls talk and you’re no where as weird as the rest of the
boys, deal with it,” she said simply as she kissed him. She hoped he would be
distracted enough to forgive her and forget about it quickly.


He chuckled.


“Would you like to take a walk?” he asked her.


“Sure,” said Sasha. “Where are we going to?”




Sasha pulled her cloak around her tighter. The wind whipped
around them as they ran across the grounds to the greenhouses.


“I get access to greenhouse 10 because of my 7th
year project,” Neville yelled at her over the wind.


“I didn’t even know there was a greenhouse 10,” said Sasha.
She was a little ashamed she didn’t share Nevilles talin Hin Herbology and
didn’t know the whole layout of the Herbology department.


“Experimental hybrids,” said Neville. “Not many people are
allowed access, so you wouldn’t have a reason to know about it.”


He slowed as he reached greenhouse. Sasha stared at the
door, which seemed to grow up out of the ground, as did all the support beams.
She suspected the frame of the building was living plant life.


Neville reached into the neck of his shirt and drew out a
root on a chain. He inserted the root into a small hole in the door and the
door glowed green briefly. There was a soft click and it opened.


Sasha drew in breath as the door opened, casting a soft
yellow glow from lanterns on the ground in front of her.


“Come on,” said Neville, tugging her hand.


Sasha walked in and gazed around her. A tree nearby sprouted
apricots as big as both her fists.
A row of tiny pink flowers vied ted to a
cheery tune they seemed to ummiumming. A feathery purple fern hiccoughed at
regular intervals. Neville walked to the back of the greenhouse to a row of
roses that seemed to be made of water. It wasn’t solid enough to be crystal of
glass, but seemed to sway in a fluid manner.


“What are they?” Sasha asked.


“Stardust Roses,” Neville said. “We don’t know the
properties of them yet, only that they’re bonded to the wizard that sows their


Neville reached down and picked up a long glass cylinder and
pressed it to one of his fingertips. It slowly began to fill with blood.


“What are you doing?” said Sasha.


“It’s the only thing they feed on,” Neville explained
shrugging. “Took us 3 batches of them before we figured it out. The wizard that
they’re bonded to has to feed them 3 drops of his blood every fortnight or
their connection is cut and the plant withers and dies.”


“So it’s like a plant familiar?” asked Sasha.


“Sort of,” said Neville. “It’s as good a guess as any.”


As Neville dropped his blood on the petals of the roses they
seemed to glow pink faintly. Sasha leaned over and peered at one of the roses
Neville had just fed. It began trembling slightly and its petals unfolded. Gold
light came from within the petals and a sweet smell rose, along with a ghostly
image of Sashas face.


“I’d defiantly say they’re tied to you somehow,” said Sasha