Finally Neville Chapter 13


“Well this is interesting,” Neville said as he picked up the buzzing toy. It was a crooked, bumpy thing. One he never would have chosen, but the room seemed to know what was best.

Sashas mind She had no idea what he was going to do to her. She couldn’t protest. If she struggled her bounds wound themselves tighter. She found herself alternately scared and aroused.

She felt his warm breath a fraction of a second before he slid his tongue inside her. She arched her back and she felt the rope around her throat tighten slightly and relax as she did.

He worked the buzzing toy into her gently. She squirmed slightly and moaned. Her hips worked in little circles as she tried to draw it in. Neville grinned. She really was pretty. He had drd ofd of doing all kinds of things to her and now he had her right where he wanted her, helpless and at his mercy.

He gently sucked at her clit and started biting gently as he worked the toy faster. She screamed around the rope in her mouth as she came.

He tore the toy from her and threw it away from him. It knocked over their glasses and liquid spread over the floor. Sasha made an inquisitive sound, but Neville was scrambling up her body and plunging himself deep inside her.

Neville was glad the bed was placed in the center of the room. It was highly unlikely anyone else would enter the room at random, but if they heard banging in the corridor, someone might take it upon themselves to investigate.

He nearly pulled all the way out of her before thrusting roughly back into her. He pulled the rope from her mouth.

“This alright?” he asked softly as he plunged into her, grinding his hips against her once he was all the way in.

Sasha responded by stretching herself up to kiss him. The ribbon seemed to tighten at this and she groaned softly in his mouth.

He reached down and pinched a nipple gently. He held her and kept applying pressure until she squeaked at him. He let up. Just barely.

Neville felt himself climb and pour into her before he wanted to. He felt her throbbing against him and smiled. He removed himself from her.

Neville sat up and looked at Sasha.

Beautiful. She was sweat covered and panting. Her body showed scratches and bite marks from their coupling. One of her nipples was red and swollen. Neville felt his privates ache, wanting to ravage her, but not ready quite yet.

The ropes began lifting her and turned her over so she was suspended face down about 2 feet from the mattress. Another toy near Neville began buzzing. He examined it carefully. The shaft was of medium size, nothing unusual, but protruding from the base of the toy, a small, much thinner cylinder rose parallel to the shaft. When he turned a small knob the smaller cylinder buzzed more vigorously than the shaft.

He looked at the toy quizzically, then back to Sasha. Suddenly it dawned on him where the cylinder was supposed to go. He blushed furiously. He was glad Sasha couldn’t see him.

It was something he had thought about, surely. It had been covered in that book of Rons, but he never thought she’d actually let him do anything like that. A small bottle of lubricant appeared near him. At least the room seemed to think she’d be receptive to the idea.

Sasha floated above the bed wondering what was taking him so long. Then she felt his hand on her lower back. It moved lower and began stroking the skin on her behind and thighs. She sighed and relaxed.

She felt his fingers open her and probe her gently. He smeared their juices over her privates, through her damp curls. Then she felt him bego spo spread the slippery substance a little higher than she expected. She clenched up.

“I’m sorry,” she heard his voice softly call out behind her. “I wasn’t going to hurt you.”

Sasha unclenched slowly.

“You just startled me,” Sasha said. “Do whatever you want to me.” Neville felt her throb against him.

He really had no idea she wanted him to dominate her completely. Sasha really did love him. She loved him so much she didn’t feel like she couoiceoice her wish. What if he thought she was a freak? What if he backed off? What if he told everyone?

She shook off her paranoia as she felt him insert a finger in her ass. She groaned loudly as her world exploded in a kaleidoscope of pleasure and pain, she felt herself straining at her bonds, trying to push him further. She felt a cool substance being poured on her and his finger penetrating further. Sasha felt something buzz against her thigh and Neville remove his finger. The buzzing got more intense and Sasha felt two points of pressure on her lower regions.

“I love you, Neville,” she blurted out as he worked the toy deeper in her. She felt like her whole pelvis was on fire. She climaxed around the toy, squeezing it hard.

Neville watched as the toy began to transfigure. The smaller cylinder writhed out of her and began spreading out clear green plastic. The vibrator within her got thinner and Sasha was left wearing what looked like backless panties. Nevillreatreath caught as the plastic tightened, pulling her cheeks apart. The bottle of lubricant floated toward him.

Neville felt his now recovered erection throb at the sight of her. He kneeled behind her and began stroking her exposed areas with his erection.

“I love you too,” he said back to her, spreading lubricant over his cock.

“God Neville,” she screamed as he began to pgentgently into her.

“Do you want me to stop?” he froze. He wanted to push into her roughly and make her scream. He was exercising self control he didn’t know he possessed.

“For God’s sake, fuck me,” Sasha cried out exasperatedly.

Neville plunged ahead and reveled in her cries from beneath him. He completely lost control and sunk his teeth into the back of her shoulder, driving himself roughly into her. He felt her vibrate around him and he reached one hand around her to paw at one of her breasts. The other hand rested on one of her hips, his fingers digging into her soft skin.

He felt her climax twice more before he exploded deep inside her. He pulled out of her gently. The buzzing stopped and the vibrator slid out of her. Sasha was trembling as the robes loosened and she was placed face down on the bed. Sasha was still shaking as the ropes slid back to wherever they came from.

Neville turned her over and wrapped his arms around her.

“Are you alright?” he asked, stroking her hair out of her face.

“That was incredible,” Sasha said, stroking his chest and her eyes darting up to meet his.

“You’re kinky,” said Neville before he could stop himself.

“Do you like it?” she asked shyly.

“I like it very much,” said Neville nuzzling the top of her head. “But I think you’re going to need a stockpile of healing potions.”