Finally Neville Chapter 12


“Hey, they’re really gone,” Neville said impressed.

Hermione does a really good job,” Sasha said. “She said you really helped by bringing her really fresh thistles during a critical period.”

“Yea, well,” Neville said softly. “Wanted to make sure you were patched up.”

“You know,” Sasha said softly running a hand up Nevilles thigh. “I feel much better now.”


“I reminded them of the Room of Requirement,” explained Ron, carefully placing a card precariously on the fourth level of a large house of cards.

“Brilliant,” Hermione said softly as she reached out with a card of her own. The house exploded with a sudden bang.

“You lose again?” Harry asked turning around on the overstuffed couch to look at Hermione, who still had the card in her hand, mid-air.

Hermione shrugged and helped Ron pick up the deck, which now covered a large section of the common room.

“Can’t be good at everything,” Rons muffled voice came from under the table a little too cheerfully than necessary.

“You know,” Harry said, taking off his glasses to clean them on the sleeve of his robes. “I don’t remember you being this bad.”

“We had years to warm up,” said Hermione reaching up to reach a card perched upon the tallest hat topping a very tall coat rack. “They got a few hours after being all pent up. They’re rutting.”

“Lovely,” said Ron handing her the last card.

“Now there’s a mental image,” said Harry testily returning his glasses to his face.

“Well they are,” said Hermione shuffling the cards in her hand and walking across the room to sit next to Harry.

“Hate to hear what you think of me,” snorted Ron, folding his long legs under him and sitting on the floor near her.

“Do you really want to know?” said Hermione quirking an eyebrow.

“NO!” shouted Ron and Harry in unison.


“This is really nice,” said Sasha, reaching up a bubble coated toe to tweak Nevilles ear.

“Thought you might think so,” said Neville, eyes closed and reclining.

Sasha ran a hand along the inside of the smooth bathtub lazily as she closed her eyes and enjoyed her soak. The tub was longer than usual and rose slightly in the center as if the designers had two in mind for bathing sessions. Both ends of the tub reclined in an arch meant to cradle the back. Neville explained as they discarded their uniforms the water would not cool down, but remain stable as long as they remained in the tub. The bubbles were enchanted to multiply at the same rate that they popped so they wouldn’t dissolve into nothingness momentarily.

Neville reached toward a tray and picked up two goblets full of apple juice. He handed Sasha one and reached for a fruit bowl that wasn’t there before.

“Sasha?” Neville began, stammering slightly.

“What?” Sasha asked, opening her eyes to look at him.

“I-I,” he began, turning slightly red.

She quirked her head to one side and looked at him.

“Will you come to visit for the summer holidays and meet my Gran?” Neville said quickly in a single rush of breath.

“I’ve met your Gran,” said Sasha. “But I’d still like to come and visit.”

“How do you know my Gran?” Neville demanded in amazement.

“She’s a friend of my Auntie Augusta’s,” Sasha explained, closing her eyes again. “She’s really nice.”

Neville settled back in the tub. There were many things he could say about his Gran, but nice wouldn’t be the first that came to mind.

She’d already met his nutty family and was willing to come stay with him anyway. He closed his eyes and lazily stroked Sasha’s leg under the water.

He felt her lift herself up and cover his body with hers. He opened his eyes to see her breasts in front of his face.

“Well this is nice,” said Neville, easing her hips into place and sinking her down onto him.

She leaned forward and kissed the top of his head. He thrusted gently up into her. Her hands reached around behind his neck and began scratching him gently. She leaned down and took one of his nipples in her mouth. He groaned out loud and exploded into her. She left tails of kisses over his face as he regained his breath.

“I’m sorry,” said Neville apologetically.

“I’m sure we can fix my problem,” said Sasha looking up to see a large red canopied bed with an assortment of toys lying on it.

“Wow, this room is handier than I thought,” Neville remarked and he and Sasha climbed out of the tub and walked over to the bed.

Sasha lay on the bed and long ropes of red silk bound her to the bed, lifting her legs up and open. She opened her mouth to protest, but one of the ropes slid over her mouth, wrapped itself around her head and over her eyes as another rope slid around her neck and tightened firmly. One of the toys began buzzing.

“Incredible,” said Neville softly, feeling his erection rise again.