Finally Neville Chapter 10


“Are you sure this is safe?” Sasha asked tentatively.

“Of course,” said Neville tightening a rope.

It was a Hogsmede weekend, but the both of them had decided to stay behind. The boys had promised to be back no sooner than 8PM and it was only 6. And Sasha was completely tied down to Neville’s bed.

“I have a cousin that’s a squib,” he explained. “He decided to join the British Navy. Taught me to tie knots as a kid.”

“Well, that’s encouraging,” Sasha frowned beneath a blindfold, not looking sincere at all.

“I have something to cut them with if I can’t get them undone,” Neville said, tr not not to snicker.

Sasha seemed a little less tense. Then she felt pressure increasing on her nipples.



“What are you doing?” Sasha asked nervously. The pressure seemed to reach a certain point and evened out.

“Putting clamps on your nipples,” he explained away easily as if he had just announced the weather forecast.

She quirked her head to one side, which looked really funny with her arms and legs bound to the bed.

“You’re doing what?” Sasha asked. “Is it safe?”

Neville lifted up her blindfold to see two little clamps attached to her. They seemed muggle oriented. They seemed harmless.

“Where did you get those?” Sasha asked.

“The same cousin that taught me to tie knots, I owled him and he sent them to me.” Then he pulled her blindfold down.

‘First the book, now this.’ Sasha thought. What else did he have in store for her? It didn’t take long for her to find out.

He slapped one of her thighs firmly. She shivered.

“Do you like that?” he asked gently.

“Yes,” she whispered. He drug his fingernails up the inside of one of her thighs. She bucked up involuntary.

He placed a hand on her lower stomach and held her firmly.

“Control,” he said softly. She began breathieepleeply, trying to control her reactions. She felt his fingernails gently pricking at her privates.

“Careful,” she warned.

“Do you want me to gag you as well?” Neville asked her. Sasha pulled her lips into her mouth and bit them.

He began licking her between her legs, but kept prickling her with his nails.

“Oh Gods!” she yelled.

Neville looked up at her. “Well that was quick.”

“That was fucking amazing,” she breathed. Then he pounced.

Suddenly he was on her, licking and biting her shoulders, roughly shoving himself into her. She opened her mouth to cry out, but her cry was lost as his mouth covered hers. She felt the clamps dig into her as his weight settled on her and she imagined he felt them as well.

He pounded into her and she felt his fingertips gently brush one of her breasts before he grasped one of the clamps and began slowly twisting it. He pulled his mouth away from hers and stopped thrusting.

“Tell men ien it’s too much,” he said gently.

“Too much,” said Sasha with a sharp intake of breath. He loosened a bit and he felt her shiver beneath him.

He began thrusting and twisting in unison. She fought against her bonds and he began whispering into her ear.

“I should make you lick it off when I’m done with you,” he twisted harder and she bucked against him. She murmured incoherently in his ear.

“Do you like it when I grind into you?” he asked and thrusted so hard the headboard banged into the wall.

“Don’t bring down the tower, love,” she warned. He began laughing. “What’s so funny?

“You have absolutely no faith in me,” he laughed.

“You don’t have the best track record,” she remarked and bucked against him, reminding him of what he was doing.

He bit her on the shoulder and brushed his fingernails over her breast, flicking the clamp as he got near to it. Sasha was flying. She wanted him to bite a little harder, but he’d learn later. This was a fine first attempt at breaking her. Then he grabbed his wand and pointed to her hips.


Her hips began vibrating. She squeezed Neville between her legs as she climaxed. He forced his tongue in her mouth and began nearly pulling all the way out of her before he thrust back into her vibrating form.

Sasha yelled out a final climax before Neville pulled all the way out of her and sprayed all over her stomach and breasts. He tugged off her blindfold gently and began undoing her knots. She rubbed him into her and slid her arms around him.

He lay back against the bed and put an arm under her pillow, turned onto his side and looked at her. He unscrewed the clamps and Sasha found they hurt more now than when he was actually playing with them.

“I think I might have bruised you,” said Neville apologetically. “I’m sorry.”

He slid down and kissed both of her nipples, blowing cold air on them. He pet down the hair between her legs. She winced slightly.

“I bruised you,” he said petting her more lightly.

“It was very nice,” she told him. “But next time you need to bite harder.”

Neville looked at Sasha’s shoulders, blossoming purple in some places. He was floored.