Neville shifted uncomfortably under his comforter. The thunder was getting louder and he had never been fond of loud booms and sudden flashes of light.

He was the only Gryffindor in his class staying over the Christmas holidays this year. Usually Ron and Harry stayed, but this year Harry had finally convinced his relatives that it would be a good idea to sign the waver and let him go to the Weasleys. Pity about the Dursleys really, Harry was always kind to him and didn't really deserve any more piss from the world.
No doubt Ron's father had some part in coercing the Dursleys, but from what Neville understood, the Dursleys were unpleasant and just liked depriving Harry of the things he liked.

Speaking of things people liked, Neville’s mind kept wandering towards the fifth year that has danced with him at the Yule Ball.

Sasha had been sorted alongside Ginny Weasley, but Neville hadn't really gotten to talk to her until this year. She shared his love of Herbology and always seemed to know more about where he was supposed to be and what homework had to be turned in than he did. He just thought she was being helpful, but she had actually danced with him. In front of people. He didn't notice if she had noticed him looking down her dress. He hoped not. He really did like her and had really tried not to look, but there she had been. In that dark blue dress with the scooped out neckline. It looked like velvet, or at least something fuzzy. It wasn't his fault he was so tall she was so short, they were just...there. For him to see. Bouncing to the music. And she had blushed when she had said goodnight to him in the common room. He had shaken her hand before retreating to the 6th year Boys Dormitory.

Now he thought about her. All of her. The way the brown fringe over her eyes never seemed to lie flat. The way she cocked her eyebrow when she suspected something. The way her hair would look like if he had a handful of it. The way she smiled at him and the way her lips looked. The way she might softly kiss him. The way they would look wrapped around......he groaned uncomfortably. She would never look at him that way, let alone want to....oh Gods forget it. He was throbbing under his comforter and if he didn't ease it soon he wouldn't be able to walk in the morning.

He vaguely wondered why he was worried. His dorm room was empty; he didn't have to make an effort to be silent. He reached down and squeezed his erection through his pajama bottoms. His other hand reached out and opened the drawer in his bedside table.


Sasha lay staring at the underbelly of her canopied bed, fingers slipped into the waistband of her pajamas. Her long brown hair pooled around her pillow and her face was flushed with desire.

Lightening crashed overhead and lit the empty 5th year girls’ dormitory.

'Damn damn DAMN!!!' She thought to herself. Should have kissed him. The whole tower is empty and I can't speak to him.'

She dipped her hand lower and groaned in frustration. 'I can't deal with this. I'm going.'

She flung her covers off and downed the contents of a small green bottle sitting on a shelf next to a dozen others like it. In it were the contents of the contraceptive potion Hermione Granger had made for her.


There Ger Gryffindor girls had been stunned when she had confessed her fondness for Neville during a late night session of Truth or Dare the night after the Yule Ball, the night before all the others left for their respective homes. Then the giggles had begun.

"You're going to be alone with him all holiday!" giggled Ginny Weasley.

"No wonder you didn't cringe when he flattened your toes." snorted Lavender Brown into her mulled cider. "He'd probably sprain something trying to -"

"Now stop it!" Hermione had scowled. "It's not very nice to-"

"Oh hush, Hermione!" giggled Ginny. "Ron was as dense as a post before you got together - still is come to think of it - and it took you all sorts of wasted time before you started dating proper. Sasha's on a schedule unless she wants to almost get caught on the astronomy tower like SOME people I could name."

"We still didn't get caught." said Hermione in a whisper, peering about as if a teacher would suddenly pop their head in the room and expel them all.

"For someone so bright, you would have thought you'd use the common room." said Parvarti Patil.

"We didn't think it was a good idea at the time. Silly really, it would have been a lot warmer and far more comfortable." Hermione speculated. "But back to Sasha."

"I thought they were supposed to stop It." said Sasha.

"I changed my mind." said Hermione. "Neville’s never going to get it unless you come right out and tell him. I'm fairly sure all you have to do is ask and he's yours. If you wait for him you'll be old and grey before you get kissed."

Sasha smiled to herself. "I'd certainly like to do more than kiss him."

Stunned silence filled the room. Sasha suddenly realized what she had really confessed. To the all the Gryffindor 5th and 6th year girls.

"I think you'll need a potion for that." said 5th year Fanny Smythe slowly.

All heads turned to Hermione.

"Oh really," she exclaimed testily. "It was in the back of the third year book, even if Snape never covered it in class."

"Could you imagine?" giggled Parvarti.

"Well it's very simple really, I could have it done by tomorrow afternoon and it will be cool enough to bottle a few hours before the train leaves." said Hermione.

And so it was done. The Gryffindor 5th year girls’ dormitory had a row of small green bottles sitting on a shelf waiting to be used. The potions were anti-disease as well as contraceptive, something that seemed handy, but not really needed in this case.


Neville fumbled around in the dark until he found what he was looking for. Scallia's Slippery Slider for Sensuous Sensations. He wasn't so sure about that, but it seemed to do the trick. He gripped the long tube in the dark as his other hand tried to untie the drawstring of his pajamas. This was done in vain. One handed, Neville managed to make his simple looped knot into a wild gnarl of string with no ends.

He sat the tube of lubricant on his chest and tried to undo the knot in the dark with both hands. This also was in vain.

"Damn!" he muttered to himself. More fumbling around in the depths of the dark drawer. Finally Neville’s hand closed around a familiar cylinder. Rosewood, inflexible with one hair plucked from the head of a sphinx.

"Lumos" whispered. And the room was filled with a soft yellow light, offset with the silver flashing from outside.

To Neville’s dismay the knot was more complicated than he expected. He swore under his breath as he flung back the covers to better wrestle with the offending piece of clothing. His erection strained at the soft flannel of his bottoms.


Sasha looked at the door to Neville’s dorm room. She took a deep breath and turned the knob.

She looked up into Neville’s blue eyes and froze. She hadn't expected him to be awake. She thought she could make the attempt, find him sleeping and go back to her room. This changed things entirely and she felt blood rush to her cheeks and an uncomfortable throbbing between her legs that was making it hard for her to stand up.