Arrangements Have Been Made Chapter 9



Lucius was gripped with pain as he took notes in his transfiguration class. He blinked tightly and looked at Severus. He was bent over his notebook scribbling furiously. No one else seemed to be reacting either. Lucius began getting nervous.




“Does it burn for you?” Narcissa muttered to Lucius at lunch.


“Yes,” Lucius said. “You as well?”


“Yes,” Narcissa said looking worried. “I think we’re the only two.”


“I don’t think this is a good sign,” Lucius said quietly.




Narcissa and Lucius apperated in a grove of oak trees. Voldemort stood before them, flanked by two masked Death Eaters. His untamed black hair flowed over his shoulders, his beard braided in twin braids, silver strands streaking through them. His velvet burgundy robe pooled around his feet and swirled and he spun around to face them.


“Is there a problem, children?” Voldemort asked.


“Problem, my Lord?” asked Lucius. “I assure you our dedication to you has never waivered.”


“I meant with each other,” said Voldemort impatiently.


“No, my Lord,” said Narcissa. “We get along fine.”


“Then why has your marriage not been consummated?” said Voldemort coldly.


Narcissas cheeks flushed. Lucius swallowed hard.


“My Lord?” said Lucius. He hoped he would sound older than he felt. In reality, his voice cracked. His cheeks flushed pale pink.


“My ingredients are useless unless your marriage has been consummated,” growled Voldemort. “Begone from me and fulfill your duty.”


“Yes, my Lord,” said Narcissa, taking her husbands hand. “The task will be completed tonight. If we had known we would have not disappointed you.”


“You did not have that knowledge,” said Voldemort. “Nor would I have expected it of you. I never imagined nature would not have taken its course,” he raised a bushy eyebrow at Lucius.


Lucius stepped forward, hoping Narcissa wouldn’t hear her.


“She’s a bit young, my Lord,” said Lucius. “I didn’t think it was necessary to traumatize her. She’s my wife, not a piece of meat,” he hissed.


Voldemort quirked a corner of his mouth, for the first time Lucius could remember.


“She’ll be fine,” said Voldemort quietly. “She looks a bit impatient if you ask me.”


Lucius flushed deeper. He took a few steps back and took Narcissas hand. They apperated with a loud crack.


“Children,” Voldemort shook his head.