Arrangements Have Been Made Chapter 8



Narcissa, Patricia, and Christina were studying in the Slytherin common room when they heard a nervous cough behind them.


The three girls turned and looked at James Goyle.


“Can we go for a walk, Patty?” asked James quietly. Narcissa noticed a brute squad of 7th year Slytherin males hovering nearby. She smiled shyly at Lucius and he nodded at her, nostrils flaring, although not because of her.


Patricia looked at the other girls nervously. Narcissa shrugged. Christina went back to her parchment.


“Please?” James asked, looking at his feet.


“I suppose so,” said Patricia slowly. When she rose to her feet he took one of her hands and kissed the back of it. He inhaled deeply as his lips pressed hard onto her hand. She followed him out of the common room.


“What did you tell him?” Christina asked, scribbling furiously on her parchment. Her quill split from the force she was gripping it with.


“He needed to apologize for being such an ass,” said Charles tapping his wand on her parchment and cleaning up the mess.


“And learn to control his temper,” said Lucius. “It could be so much better used elsewhere.”


The others nodded in silent agreement. Another Deatheater meeting was approaching. They had felt their marks throb intermittently, without burning properly for a few days. At least the Dark Lord gave them time to prepare excuses if need be.




When James and Patricia got back he had a black eye, but was grinning. Lucius and Narcissa were the only two left in the common room and Narcissa was braiding Lucius’ hair. Patricia was flushed so deeply red Narcissa thought something had gone wrong. Then Patricia started giggling and ran up the stairs to her dorm. James shrugged and followed her up the staircase to his dorm.


“Well, it looks as if that went well,” said Lucius, running his fingers through his hair and undoing the braiding.


“No kidding,” said Narcissa. “Hope it lasts.”