Arrangements Have Been Made Chapter 7



Narcissa showed off her new ring to her friend, Emily.


“It’s very pretty,” remarked Emily. An opal, offset with two blue topazes, set in a gold band. “He must really like you.”


Narcissa nodded, noncommittally. “He’s been really nice so far.”


“If he turns into a psycho, don’t come crying to me,” Emily said, shaking her head.




Lucius and Severus sat on Lucius bed dividing an enormous bag from Honeydukes.


“Go a bit mad?” Charles asked, laughing and reaching out to get a cockroach cluster.


“Perhaps,” Severus said shrugging. “But our N.E.W.T.’s are coming up and I want to have enough to study with.” He cracked open a box of Bernie Botts Every Flavor Beans and offered Charles one. He took one and made a face as he bit into it.


“What is it?” Lucius asked interestedly.


“I don’t know,” said Charles. “Almost wish I did so I can avoid it in the future.”


Severus popped a deep red one in his mouth and chewed thoughtfully. “Beets.” He shrugged.


“Disgusting,” said Lucius unwrapping a butterscotch disk and devouring it.


“If you dislike muggles so much, why do you eat their candy?” asked Charles.


“I’m not afraid of it,” said Lucius. “Some things are best left alone.”


They were interrupted by their dorm door flinging open violently.


“Stupid bitch,” James was muttering under his breath. He was hobbling slightly and there was a splash of blood across one cheek. It didn’t seem to be his.


“James?” Charles said nervously.


“What?” said James flinging himself on his bed.


“What have you done, James?” Charles asked, his voice shaking slightly.


“I haven’t done a thing,” said James, unconvincingly. “She attacked me.”


“Really,” Severus sneered. “And whatever would she do that for?”




Patricia sat up in the Sixth Year Girls Dorm with Christina and Narcissa, sobbing and shaking. Her nose was bloodied and her robes were ripped.


Christina held her and looked at Narcissa as if she didn’t know what to do.


“Tell us what happened,” Narcissa said softly.


“He pushed me into a classroom,” said Patricia, trying to breathe normally. “He ripped my robes and wanted…to be intimate.” She blushed a deep scarlet. “I don’t know what came over me.”


“What do you mean?” asked Narcissa. “What did you do?”




“She kicked me where it counts,” said James indignantly.


“It’s about time,” thundered Charles. James looked shocked.


“You mean you haven’t sampled what’s yours?” sneered James. “Pathetic.”


“I’ve certainly had what’s mine,” said Charles. “But I don’t have her squeaking in terror every time I look her way.”


Severus noticed Lucius was furiously sorting chocolate frog cards and staying unusually silent. Severus handed him a Sticky Strap. Taffy so chewy it was guaranteed to make you mute for 5 minutes. Some parents considered it a godsend. Lucius was inclined to agree with them at this time.


“Some of them like it that way,” grumbled James.


“Well it’s pretty obvious yours doesn’t,” said Severus sharply. “If you were a bit gentler with her she’d do what you ask.”


“How would you know, Snivellus,” spat James. “The only one polishing your wand is you.”


Severus flushed. “Shows how much you know,” he muttered under his breath.


Lucius raised his eyebrows, jaws still sealed shut.


“Don’t you pick on him,” said Charles. “He’s bagging Amanda O’Sullivan.”


Severus looked shocked. Lucius tried to show his approval with a facial expression.


“How in blazes did you know that?” Severus exploded.


“Christina has a younger sister in 5th year,” Charles said as if this was common knowledge. “Amanda told Beth, Beth told Chris, Chris told me.”


“You sound like a girl,” said James in disbelief. “She’s turned you into one of them.”


“Yea, but my wife is all over my cock every time we’re alone,” said Charles with a nasty grin.


This was all more than Lucius wanted to know. He tried to mute out the room around. He tried to think of loud music in his head. It didn’t work really well.


“What?” James asked.


“I give her attention, she gives me head,” said Charles. “It’s pretty simple. Lucius got Narcissa a rock today. Tonight she’ll give him a little something special.”


James looked at Lucius who shook the taffy wrapper at him stupidly. This seemed to satisfy James.


“So you’re saying my problem is I don’t gossip or buy Patricia jewelry,” said James sarcastically.


“I’m saying your problem is that your wife is terrified of you and you’ve got her blood on your face,” exploded Charles. “For God’s sake, save it for someone who deserves it.”


James was silent. His hand went to his face and he brought red fingertips away.


“Fuck,” he said softly.




“He backhanded me and swore at me, but he left me alone,” Patricia said stubbornly.


“Good for you,” said Christina. “You may be stuck with him, but you don’t have to put up with this sort of rubbish.” Narcissa nodded in agreement.