Arrangements Have Been Made Chapter 5



Narcissa slipped her hand into her husbands and walked out of the dungeon area of the castle. When they reached the main floor he stopped mid step and hugged her. A little ferociously.


Narcissa pulled back from him and gave him a quizzical look. His proud face looked down on her.


“I’ve never been married before,” Lucius began. “I shall try to do a good job of it.”


“I shall try as well,” Narcissa said and smiled at him.


She was radiant. Small blonde curls that had escaped her pony tail wound their way across her forehead, over her ears, one even wound its way down the length of her throat. He hated to think of himself ravaging her in the main entrance, but it crossed his mind.


“Do you fancy a walk in the garden?” Narcissa asked him, a little squeakily. Lucius realized his erection was throbbing on her thigh.


“That sounds lovely,” said Lucius, thinking it did not sound lovely at all. It sounded cold, and looking at the fog covering the grounds, probably wet.


Lucius opened a door leading outside for her and she murmured an incantation. A soft glowing light enveloped them and suddenly Lucius was very comfortable.


“What was that?” Lucius asked. Even the wind seemed to pass over him.


“A trick my sister figured out while she and her husband were mountain climbing,” Narcissa grinned. “It made the whole trip more enjoyable.”


“I can imagine,” said Lucius. He realized she was leading him to the gardens.


They passed rows of roses, posies of every color, exotic fruit trees enchanted to grow in cool climates. The Hedge Maze loomed ahead. Quite a simple maze, most students had it memorized by the end of their first year. Narcissa held Lucius by the hand and led him to the center of the maze, a wide open space ideal for picnicking.


He lay on the damp grass and found it soft and warm to the touch. Narcissa lay beside him.


“I’m supposed to do this stupid star chart for Divination,” Lucius complained. His wife turned on her side and put an arm over his chest. Lucius watched the peak in his robes bob and wonder if she even noticed. He counted to ten.


Yes he had roughed Nora up, but the ritual had specified it. He had studied the anatomical texts religiously in order to inflict no more damage than entirely necessary.


This girl was his wife. He by no means was allowed to rough her up. He didn’t care if others thought it acceptable, he had seen it closely and he never wanted to see it again.


Her mouth was on his. A bit inexpertly, a bit shy, but there all the same. He parted his lips and flicked his tongue over her lips.


She gasped and pulled away from him, shaking her head.


Lucius looked up at the stars and laughed. Then he pounced.


He threw her on her back and began nipping at her neck. She struggled slightly, but tilted her head to give him easier access to her necks tender spots and her arms encircled his waist. She felt his erection on the inside of her thigh and felt herself grind into him.


He propped himself up and looked down at her. Perfect white teeth panting under moonlight. He moved a hand up to fondle her breast. She blushed and he noticed she wouldn’t open her eyes.


“Narcissa,” Lucius spoke, winding his thumb around a nipple, or at least where he thought it would be under her robes. He frowned and began unbuttoning her robes. Underneath her bra had a clasp in the front and he easily undid it. He wound his tongue around one nipple and then the other. She still had not opened her eyes.


“Narcissa,” Lucius said. She peeped at him. Barely. “I want you to look at me.”


“Why?” Narcissa asked.


“Open,” he commanded sharply.


Narcissas eyes flew open. Suddenly she was reminded of Patricia. She began shaking. But her Lucius wasn’t like James. He had been kind so far.


“I want you to watch me,” Lucius said softly as he drew a fingertip over a breast. To her surprise he sat up and straddled her waist.


Narcissa watched as Lucius pulled up his robes to see his erection throbbing and straining at his undergarments. It was a lot larger than she had expected, but she didn’t really know what to expect.


Lucius pulled a small tube out of one of his pockets. He popped the top open and pulled his erection free. He smeared a liberal amount of clear gel over his erection and began sliding his hand up and down, sometimes stopping to run his hand over the top of it.


Narcissa watched in awe as Lucius threw his head back in the moonlight and pleasured himself. He reached down a hand to fondle her breast and she watched his face contort. He looked down and she arched a perfect eyebrow at him. He exploded and she felt soft warm droplets fall on her chest. His chest arced in the moonlight and she ran a hand up his thigh, over his hip, stomach, chest and back again.


Lucius looked down at Narcissa. She was pretty. He waved his wand and cleaned them up. Lucius rolled off her and pushed a hand up her robes.


Narcissa squeaked at him and jumped as she felt him push her knickers aside and find her little button of pleasure. She thrashed unremorsefully as he brought her to climax, biting her on her nipples.


As she regained her breath Lucius straightened her clothing, redoing clasps and buttoning buttons. He kissed her on the forehead.


“We need to get back,” Lucius said. “It’s probably late.”




When Lucius and Narcissa entered the common room they found all the other students had gone to bed.


“I guess I’ll see you tomorrow,” said Narcissa at the bottom of the stairs leading to the dorms.


“Breakfast?” Lucius said.


“Sure,” Narcissa smiled.


Lucius enveloped her in his arms and breathed in the scent of her hair. As she disappeared up the stairs leading to her dorm he felt a twinge of regret.


She was a fourth year. What he did tonight was pushing it a bit. Nowhere near what James was doing to his wife, but he felt a bit ashamed in a way.


He was going to spend the rest of his life with her. She came from the right family, she was bright, and she was pretty. He wanted to plunge into her, but she was a fourth year.


She acted like she wanted him to plunge ahead but he was unsure of whether or not she liked him or the romanticized ideal of ‘husband.’ He paced the common room.




Lucius turned to see Severus Snape standing at the bottom of the steps wearing grey flannel pajamas.


“Yea?” Lucius said wearily.


“Problem?” asked Severus.


“I like her,” said Lucius. He flopped on one of the leather sofas and waved his wand at the dead fireplace. The flames sprang to life merrily and Lucius stared at them.


“This is a problem?” Severus said confused. I thought you were supposed to like your wife.”


“I feel like I’ve been taking advantage of a child,” said Lucius guiltily.


“You’re only 3 years apart,” said Severus rolling his eyes. “My mother married my father when she was Narcissas age and they’re more than a decade apart.”


“Really?” asked Lucius.


“Things are done a little differently in Bulgaria,” Severus said wincing a bit. Lucius decided not to ask.


Lucius pondered Narcissa as he stared in the flames.


“Coming to bed?” Severus asked, yawning.


“In a bit,” Lucius called to him as Severus retreated upstairs.




When the flames died down Lucius still lay on the couch, his eyes closed, breathing deeply, dreaming of Narcissa.