Arrangements Have Been Made Chapter 4



“Her family is old,” Severus remarked, his nose deep in a book of wizard genealogy. “Not as old as the Malfoys, but they claim a place among the older families.”


Lucius nodded.


“They uphold the old ways and have a history of disowning those who don’t,” Severus continued. “All in all, a good match.”


Lucius wiped his face with his hands as if he were very weary.


“Thank you, Severus,” Lucius said. “I’m just a little nervous about…” he trailed off.


“Being married?” Severus finished for him.


“Yes,” Lucius said. He looked over at James Goyle and his new wife, Patricia. Once a quick witted girl with a sharp tongue, she now barely talked. She had a haunted, pale look about her and seemed to hobble as she walked. Lucius shuddered.


Severus followed his gaze.


“Are you really going to put her through that?” Severus asked, an eyebrow arched.


“No,” said Lucius quietly.


Charles and Christina Crabbe walked into the library. She was trying to convince him that her study plan was more effective and efficient than the way he had been studying for years. He was rolling his eyes at her, but shrugging in resignation.


“This is going to change my whole life, you know,” said Lucius.


“I know,” said Severus.




“Patricia!” barked out James Goyle. “I feel like taking a walk. Join me.”


Narcissa looked at her friend across the table in the Slytherin common room. Patricia set her quill down and closed her book silently. Her hands were shaking slightly.


“Coming, James,” she said dully. Her eyes met with Narcissas as she rose. Narcissa shivered.


“I don’t know how she does it,” Christina Crabbe said quietly as the door to the Slytherin common room slid shut behind the Goyles.


“I don’t either,” said Narcissa, brushing a stray blonde hair out of her face.


“At least Charles is a considerate lover,” Christina went on.


Narcissa pressed her quill too firmly to the parchment she was writing on and a pool of blue ink began to spread over her essay.


“Darn it!” Narcissa cried.


“There’s got to be a way to fix it,” said Christina. “What distracted you so much? Is Lucius that good in bed?” She smirked at Narcissa.


“I don’t know anything that can fix it,” Narcissa said scowling. “And I wouldn’t know.”


“What do you mean you don’t know?” Christina asked. “You mean you haven’t?”


“No we haven’t,” said Narcissa. “He acts friendly, though.”


“Looks pretty friendly to me,” said Christina, looking over Narcissas shoulder.


Narcissa turned to see Lucius and Severus on their way over to the table. Lucius sat on the bench next to Narcissa.


“Something distressing you?” Lucius asked. Severus sat on the bench on the other side of Christina and offered her a chocolate frog. She took it and thanked him, although she looked a bit wary.


“I’ve ruined my essay,” said Narcissa. “I’ll have to start all over and I hate Marigold.” She added, almost as an afterthought.


Lucius tapped her parchment with his wand and muttered an incantation. The tip of his wand seemed to vacuum up the excess ink from the page, effectively removing the spill.


“Thank you,” said Narcissa. “You’ve saved me.”


“No,” Lucius said, his eyes leveled on her. “Now you owe me a favor.” One side of his mouth quirked.


Narcissa felt lightning shoot through her. His eyes raked over her and she felt parts of her grow uncomfortably warm under her robes. She shifted under his gaze. He smiled knowingly at her. She blushed furiously at him. He reached out an arm to encircle her waist and draw her closer to him.


“Who told you Nightshade is best harvested under a quarter moon?” Lucius asked as his fingers traced lazy circles above her right hip.


“I thought I remembered reading it,” Narcissa said, feeling a bit light headed.


“Well you didn’t,” said Severus. “Nightshade is best harvested under a full moon, ideally 2 cycles after a full lunar eclipse.”


“Darn it!” said Narcissa, jumping a little as Lucius put his other hand on her robe clad thigh. He looked at her, registering her reaction. “Oh well, I have a week to finish it. I just thought I’d get it out of the way.”


“You’re really on top of things aren’t you?” asked Lucius, his other hand tracing circles on the inside of her thigh.


There were certainly things she wanted to be on top of. Homework was not one of those things.


“I do try,” she heard herself say.


“What else do you try?” Lucius asked quietly, nuzzling her ear. Severus was going over Christina’s home work, pointing out places where she could elaborate.


“I’m not sure what there is to try,” she said, feeling her cheeks flame.


“We could go for a walk,” Lucius said. “Somewhere a little more private.”


Narcissa nodded.


She closed her book and rose, her hand in Lucius’. The moved to the portal and Narcissa looked over her shoulder at Christina. The other girl grinned and gave her a thumbs up.


Narcissa followed her husband out of the common room and out onto the grounds.