Arrangements Have Been Made Chapter 3



When Narcissa got to her dorm room a dark shadow blocked out the window near her bed. She walked over to it and pushed the window open.


A large raven hopped in the window and Narcissa untied the bundle from around one of its legs. She stroked it for a moment and then it hopped out and soared off, soundlessly.


A parchment wrapped in a lavender ribbon unfurled in front of her.



This is the beginning of a promising life.

All the best,



The letter began to smoke slightly at the edges and went up in a poof of purple flame.


Narcissa undressed and slid into her bed, thinking. She was married. To Lucius Malfoy. He was handsome and popular. His family was old, and its money, older. He was an amazing beater, and he had the opportunity to have half the school if he wanted.


Strange how he never seemed to have a girlfriend.


Narcissa pushed this out of her mind. He was handsome and maybe one day he would come to her…


She shook herself. Too many silly romantic stories had been told to her as a child...




Lucius stared at the underbelly of his canopied bed and frowned. He was married. He didn’t feel married. He didn’t feel at all. Perhaps it was just the shock of it. Somehow he couldn’t shake the thought that he always his wedding night would be a bit…warmer than this.




“Hello,” said a voice as a weight dropped next to Narcissa at the Slytherin table. She looked up from her morning pumpkin juice and choked.


Lucius sat beside her, his grey eyes leveled on her. He was smirking.


“Hello,” she said wiping her mouth on her napkin and trying to hide her blushing cheeks.


Another weight thudded on the other side of her.


“Hello,” toned a deep nasal voice. Severus sat on the other side of her, holding out a plate of bacon. He smiled cheerfully.


“Err…hello,” Narcissa fumbled. This expression looked slightly abnormal on his face. Almost like someone gave him a cheering charm. He cocked his head and quirked an eyebrow at her expression. She burst out laughing.


“What?” Severus asked, now wearing his familiar scowl.


“I’m sorry,” Narcissa said, composing herself. “For a minute you looked like a puppy.”


He scowled and piled bacon on her plate. Then grinned as he drank his pumpkin juice.


Narcissa turned to look at her husband. He was putting flapjacks on her plate.


“What are you doing?” Narcissa asked.


“Feeding you,” said Lucius simply. He placed the plate down and held out a hand. “I don’t believe we’ve been properly introduced.”


“No,” she mused. “I guess we haven’t.”


They shook hands without saying a word.


“Oh,” said Lucius, breaking their gaze and looking over her shoulder. “This is Severus.”


Narcissa turned to regard the dark haired boy sitting on the other side of her. He nodded through a mouthful of kippers.




‘Certainly pretty,’ Severus mused while Narcissa and Lucius discussed the upcoming Quidditch match with Hufflepuff.


He marked her points throughout her conversation with Lucius.


Intelligent, focused, a little immature, but she will get older.


Not only that, but she didn’t as much as glance over her shoulder at him. Even as a first year he couldn’t remember anyone that was comfortable with their back to him. The rumors were old, but he was sure they were still alive and well by the paled looks he got from first years.


They would make fine children.


“You can sit with Severus,” he heard out of the morning rabble.


“What?” he asked, turning to Lucius and Narcissa.


“I said she can sit with you in the 7th year seats so she can have a better view,” said Lucius. “Unless you finally got a date.”


Severus felt his cheeks start to turn pink and shook his head, covering it with hair.


“Settled then,” said Lucius slapping the table. “Come Severus, Professor Binns awaits.”


“Have fun with Marigold,” Severus smirked at Narcissa. She made a rude face at him. He heard several third years gasp. He returned the rude look and swung his book bag over his shoulder.




Lucius hurriedly made his way into the hallway.


“What did you think?” he asked nervously.


“You didn’t make an ass of yourself,” Severus nodded. “What’d you have to take a shot at me for?”


“Sorry,” said Lucius, not sounding sorry at all.


“She’s bright,” said Severus. “She’s just a little young. She’ll get older. I wouldn’t worry about it.”




“I swear, Narcissa! He’s a psycho!” Emily Ulrich squeaked. “In his 4th year he attacked Nora Hubbard.”


“What?” Narcissa asked.


Professor Marigold walked among the cauldrons, systematically ticking points off Slytherin as she went.


“She graduated last year,” Emily went on. “He asked her to the top of the Astronomy tower so they could see the harvest moon. He told her how special she was and he rubbed rose oil on her feet. He wove ivy in her hair and quoted Greek poetry. Then he just jumped on her.”


Narcissas eyes widened. The Kethennis Ritual was difficult at best. The end result would be an ingredient that could be used in a potion able to create a sonic net around the drinker. No wonder Slytherin was unbeatable that year. Lucius had a lot of gold riding on that season. He made a bet with the Ravenclaw seeker. Narcissa believed the other boy was still paying it off.


“Miss Black!” a sharp voice came from behind her. The sound of hard heels ticking on marble grew closer.


“Yes, Professor Marigold?” Narcissa flinched.


“Why is your potion purple when all the others are green?” Professor Marigold sneered.


“I-I’m not sure,” said Narcissa, looking around for the first time at the other students.


“I can tell you why,” Marigold sneered. “Because you added the powdered beetle wings before the treated powdered rosewood.”


“Oh,” said Narcissa quietly.


“If you had added the next ingredient you would have been incinerated,” spat Marigold.


Narcissa now had a new found respect for the potion experimenters of the world.


“Oh,” she mumbled.


“10 points from Slytherin,” said Marigold and with a wave of her wand the cauldron was cleaned.




Lucius bit into his kidney pie and felt something soft butt into his side.


“Sorry,” Narcissa said, pulling her book bag onto the bench with her. He nodded.


She helped herself to a piece of peach pie.


Lucius stared. She gobbled it down and reached for an apple.


“Do you eat like this every day?” Lucius asked.


“Err…yes,” admitted Narcissa. He grabbed a pork pie from the table and cut a small slice. He set it on her plate and looked at her sternly. She scowled prettily and began eating the slice. She had two others following the first.


Severus slid onto the bench across from them, causing the second years to squish into each other, trying to get as far away from him as they could. He sneered at them. A fifth year giggled. He sneered at her. She blushed and examined her lunch.


“Divination next,” said Severus smiling. “I predict it will be a bore.”


Lucius groaned. “I forgot to bring my crystal.”


“You can borrow mine,” said Narcissa fishing around in her bag. “That’s what I had after Potions. Give it to me in the common room tonight.”


She handed him a medium sized blue velvet pouch.


“Thanks,” said Lucius, surprised. He tucked it in his bag.


Narcissa looked at a timepiece dangling from a chain around her neck.


“I’ve got to get to Herbology,” she said, gathering her things. “I’ll see you later.”


“By the way,” Narcissa said under her breath near Lucius. “Kethennis. Quidditch. Brilliant.” She straightened up and walked to her next lesson.




Lucius felt his blood run cold. She had heard that story, that had changed so much over the years and immediately knew what he had done. He looked at Severus, who was waggling his eyebrows at the fifth year who had giggled earlier. He kicked him under the table.


“What?” Severus said annoyed.


“We need to find out all we can about that girl,” Lucius snarled.