Arrangements Have Been Made Chapter 2



“Lucius,” a deep voice said as the boys strode into the abandoned church.


“Yes, my lord?” said Lucius, dropping to one knee and kissing the hem of the robe belonging to the man that stood before him.


His hair was thick and black, his eyebrows shaggy and his beard nearly reached his navel. Serpentine eyes gazed out of weirdly rounded sockets, seemingly lidless.


“Tonight is your lucky night,” the man said. “You have been chosen to help participate in a very important ritual.”


Lucius paled slightly.


“Tonight I will perform the Serpens Ritual. It will require the binding of six pureblooded families,” the man continued, motioning Lucius and Severus, who Lucius had finally realized had knelt as well, to their feet.


“My lord?” asked Lucius, not understanding, but not wanting to be seen as impudent.


“You are to be married this evening,” said the man, sighing.


Lucius gave a start.


“You will do as lord Voldemort commands, boy,” came a voice from behind Lucius and Severus. They turned to see other Death Eaters beginning to filter into the church.


“Of course, my lord,” Lucius bowed deeply to Lord Voldemort. “I was just surprised and honored at this inclusion in such an important event.”


“Such an intelligent boy,” Voldemort murmured. “You’ll go far.”




“Lucius Malfoy, Narcissa Black; James Goyle, Patricia Applebottom; Charles Crabbe, Christina Johnson. Do you accept your selected partners in the magical bounds of marriage? Do you promise to uphold the old ways and never let the lines be tainted?”


“We accept,” the six echoed, drawing silver daggers across their left thumbs and letting the blood droplets sizzle in the black potion swirling in a crystal bowl in front of them.


“The rest of the ritual is best done in private,” Voldemort called out to his followers. “Go knowing you have seen history tonight.”




The crack reverberated through the Forbidden Forest as Severus, Lucius, and Narcissa apperated in the clearing.


They crept across the grounds together and Lucius was startled when she didn’t break off to go in the direction of another house.


“Are you a Slytherin?” Lucius blurted out.


“Yes,” said Narcissa. It was all she had said since the ceremony.


“Why haven’t I seen you before?” he asked. Severus rolled his eyes behind her.


“I don’t know,” Narcissa said and blushed. “I study a lot. I’m not really one for Wizards Chess.”


Well, she certainly seemed to know his habits. It was a bit off putting. She was attractive enough, and didn’t seem to have an overbearing personality. Lucius was sure he could live with her.


“Well, goodnight,” Narcissa blurted and shook Lucius’ hand. “Need to get some rest. Potions in the morning.”


She practically ran up the staircase to the girls dorm.


Severus clapped Lucius on the back.


“At least you don’t have to worry about mounting her,” Severus chuckled.


Lucius sniffed himself.


“I’m not that bad, am I?” he asked.


“She’s a bit nervous, that’s all,” Severus said with a wave of distain. “She’s yours now, I wouldn’t worry about it.”


“And what was all that drivel about Potions in the morning,” Lucius snorted. “We don’t have Potions in the morning.”


“Well, she’s not in our class, now is she?” Severus said pulling the black robe over his head.


“She’s a Sixth year?” Lucius asked, astonished.


“Mate,” Severus said quirking an eyebrow at his friend. “You must be totally oblivious to your House Mates. She’s a Fourth Year.”