Arrangements Have Been Made Chapter 10



Narcissa and Lucius apperated in the clearing located in the forbidden forest. Narcissa was looking at Lucius. When he turned to look at her she glanced away, blushing furiously.


“Well,” he began awkwardly.


“Well,” Narcissa said. Then her arms encircled his neck and she kissed him.


Lucius felt a flood of relief as the pressure of seducing a virgin was off him.


“Have you done this before?” Narcissa nuzzled in his ear. Lucius felt his blood freeze.


Of course he had done this before. He was privileged. He had been seduced at 12 by a friend of his mothers. Others had followed. Many others, thanks to the gentleman’s clubs in Knockturn Alley, at least before the incident with the Hubbard girl. After that he had lost the taste for random physical encounters.


“You should never ask questions you don’t want the answer to,” said Lucius softly kissing her.


“I don’t want you to be with anyone else,” blurted out Narcissa.


“Well of course not,” thundered Lucius dropping his arms from her. “I’m married, if you haven’t noticed.”


“I have noticed,” said Narcissa. Lucius felt slightly silly. Of course she would think he would keep frequenting gentleman’s clubs. He probably would. Most high born men did indulge frequently, even if they were married. Not all decided to sample the wares, but enjoyed being waited on by beautiful women, while others seemed intent on committing more infidelity than the entire population of London. Many business dealings were discussed there, while those desiring opportunity sometimes found it.


“Well then that should be your answer,” he said frowning and bringing her closer to him. “I have a private lab; I think that would be a good place.”


Narcissa nodded remembering his talent for potions. He led her in the direction of the Slytherin common room, but veered down a corridor to the right, past a bust of Theogem the Determined. The corridor narrowed and ended in a small wooden door with a snake intricately carved on the door. The eye looked hollow; as if someone on the other side could look out if they moved a piece of wood. As Lucius opened the door, Narcissa found she had been correct.


The room had two large tables with assorted cauldrons and beakers piled on it. No potions seemed to be brewing and all the instruments appeared clean.


“What happened to the ingredients we got?” asked Narcissa.


Lucius walked to a portrait of Salazar Slytherin. The portrait blinked infrequently.


“He won’t talk to me because I’m not pure enough,” said Lucius. “I don’t know if anyone is pure enough for his standards. Deorc.”


The portrait swung up and shelves of organized potions ingredients were revealed to Narcissa. Volatile ones had red stoppers now.


“I’m impressed,” said Narcissa, noting the lower shelf held the cane and the bag, prepared for the Dark Lord.


Narcissa turned to look at Lucius and spied a single bed up against one wall, if a potion couldn’t go unsupervised. He followed her gaze and led her to the bed.


With a single word, Lucius extinguished the light in the room except for two candles at the head and foot of the bed.


“I hope to further impress you,” Lucius said pressing his lips to Narcissas neck, hoping he didn’t sound too stupid. He felt her grip him through his heavy robes and he felt himself stiffen.


Narcissa felt herself pull away from him, undo the clasps holding her robe on and heard a soft slumping sound as they fell to the floor. Her cheeks turned a deep crimson and goose bumps rose on her skin.


Lucius looked at her for a moment before letting his robe fall to the floor. He was extremely embarrassed. Narcissa reached out for him and drew him closer to her. Her soft breasts, pushed against him as they embraced. He felt her small hard nipples indent his skin and he felt himself nudge into a downy softness between her legs. He felt his knees grow weak and he groaned and nudged forward.


“This would probably be easier if we were lying down,” Narcissa groaned as she pressed into him.


Lucius was amazed she was ready so soon, but again remembered her age and blushed at the idea that he was both taking his first virgin and his wife. He lay her on the bed and began covering her with kisses. He was sure she was going to dislike him when he pierced her so he wanted to make everything else as pleasant as possible.


He crawled up her torso to kiss her and was surprised as she grabbed his erection. Narcissa deepened her kiss as she drew him into her. She whimpered slightly, but continued pulling him until he was nestled deep inside her.


Lucius winced at her tightness. He decorated her neck and shoulders as he began moving inside her. Her small teeth bit into him and he stiffened. He felt himself throb and he began moving faster. Narcissa cried out, but he quickly covered her mouth with his. One hand gripped her breast as he felt her fingernails bite into his back.


She was crying his name out into his mouth. He thrust harder and she bucked up to meet him. He bent down to take one of her nipples into his mouth.


“Harder!” she cried out, to his surprise. Lucius pulled out of her abruptly and pulled her upright.


“Turn over,” he ordered. She turned around, knelt and gripped the headboard. Lucius looked at the bloodstain on the bed coverings and tried not to feel guilty. He knelt behind her and pushed himself in. As she squirmed he lay on her back and gripped her breasts.


Narcissa corkscrewed herself on him impatiently and he pulled most of the way out of her before he rammed himself all the way in.


Narcissa shrieked in pain.


“Oh shit,” Lucius said as he pulled all the way out of her and turned her around. “Are you OK?”


“Give me a moment,” Narcissa said, clutching her midsection and wincing.


“We can even stop,” said Lucius, sounding panicky. “The deed was done. We can try again later.”


“I don’t think it’s that serious,” Narcissa said, laughing and rubbing her stomach. She gently placed her hands on his shoulders and pushed him on his back.


Narcissa lay on him, letting him nudge her between her legs and teasing him as she kissed him deeply. As she placed light kisses on his eyelids she sunk down on him.


“Gods,” Lucius cried out as she increased her pace, squeezing him tightly. His arms wrapped around her tightly and he whimpered helplessly as she brought him to climax.


Lucius felt his world fade to black. He opened his eyes a few moments later to see his wife draped across his chest. She was watching him.


“Do you normally black out?” Narcissa asked him.


“Not to my knowledge,” said Lucius, surprised.


“It’s just because I’m so wonderful, then,” Narcissa said, satisfied.


“Could be,” Lucius said closing his eyes and falling asleep.