Arrangements Have Been Made - Chapter 1



Lucius straightened his tie and scrunched his nose at his reflection in the mirror.


“Well, isn’t that lovely?” the mirror said back to him sarcastically.


Lucius ignored the comment and surveyed his jaw line for any stray hairs. Not one. You’d think he’d have had the need to shave just once since he’d started school at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but not so much as a hint of fuzz.


“We’re going to be late if you continue admiring yourself,” came a voice from the doorway.


“I don’t know why you’re so bloody keen to get there faster,” snarled Lucius as he turned to the raven haired boy. “You hate that bloated potions cow just as much as I do.”


“We do have a test today,” said Severus testily. “I don’t think she’ll have time to deduct house points.”


“Ravenclaws are so annoying they should be banned,” said Lucius picking a dark grey book bag off a nearby bed.




“How did you do that?” Lucius muttered to Severus.


“I’m not quite sure,” the pale boy blushed red across his sallow face.


“Good going,” shouted a Gryffindor girl Lucius didn’t know the name of. “Those flames must have been 5 feet high!”


Severus hunched lower and began walking faster.




Lucius felt the burn on his forearm grow as he reached for his goblet of pumpkin juice. He looked at Severus who had turned a shade paler, if that were possible. Neither of them said a word.




More than half a dozen figures made their way to the forbidden forest, using various methods of stealth. Severus and Lucius did nothing more than wear black cloaks. Lucius was aware of the many magic detectors the groundskeeper used to make sure no students snuck into the Forbidden Forest and he and Severus came to the conclusion that dark clothes and, in a worst case scenario, running like hell would be their best bet.


A small clearing emerged ahead of them on the path leading into the woods. Severus jumped into the clearing with a whoop and did a little dance.


“Dignity, Severus,” Lucius said stepping into the clearing and slipping a white mask over his face.


“We aren’t there yet,” said Severus, annoyed as he slipped a matching black mask over his face.


Severus stepped closer to Lucius and raised his want in a salute.


With a loud crack they disappeared.