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 The Best ever Creamy Chicken Pot Pie


Basil: A favorite summer herb

For the last 2 summers my Basil has just been beautiful. It's about 3ft tall and each plant is about 2ft in diameter...large plants! I love Basil and use it in many of the things I cook, from omelets to pastas and pasta salad, to herbed baked potatoes and soups. Many people like to make pesto with larger batches of Basil and even freeze some of it to use in those dark and dreary winter months for a little pick-me-up. I dry lots of it for using all year round. I recommend the "easy pesto" recipe located in the following link.

Pesto Recipes


Sage: Savory and hearty

Sage is one of those herbs we use mostly only at Thanksgiving but here are some additional options.

Sage Uses and Recipes



What do you do with those greens?

Cooking Greens like Collards, Kale, mustards, Swiss Chard, Beet greens etc... are often just steamed/boiled like spinach with a touch of butter, salt and lemon juice. I like to add some cooked bacon to the stronger tasting and tougher cooking greens like Collards and Kale. Beet greens and Swiss Chard are sweeter and are best just steamed with a little butter and salt just like Spinach. If you are not a fan of Spinach and Greens, you can use them in dishes like stir fry and lasagne. Some people even eat them raw mixed in a salad.   Great Greens

What the heck is a Scape?

Garlic scapes are a new item on my menu this year. Prior to growing garlic I'd never seen or heard of scapes before. These unique curled and goose necked flower buds of the garlic are routinely cut off to prevent the plant from going to seed and therefore putting the energy back into the bulb instead of seeds. They are very tasty to add to stir frys and soups and other cooking where you's use garlic but this is a fresh and brighter garlic taste, like green onion vs. bulb onion.

 Scapes extraordinaire


Snow Peas/Snap Peas

Stir Fry is a wonderful way to use your snow peas, matched with beef or venison, or even just vegetables. asian beef recipe






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