Ten Accomplishments

Ten Accomplishments

Welcome to the Ten Accomplishments web-page.  You will learn a lot about the idea of Ten Accomplishments along with how the idea started and some suggestions on what to do for your own accomplishments.  To get you started on the subject, the Ten Accomplishments idea is a creative way to fulfill your summer and it provides you with a sense of achievement when you go back to school in the Fall.

How the Ten Accomplishments began

The whole idea of the Ten Accomplishments began one school year in which my brother and I spent too much time on the computer, playing video games, watching television, being lazy, etc.  When the school year ended, that summer, my father came up with the idea of making us achieve ten tasks worthy of being recognized as an acceptable accomplishment.  Therefore, my dad created a guideline, schedule, recommendations list, and all of the rest such as I am creating for you on this web site.  My brother and I had to plan out and accomplish the tasks of our choice and finish them on a weekly time schedule before the deadline: The end of summer.  Ultimately, the main idea was created by my dad and fulfilled by my brother and myself.

The main idea

The very basic main idea of the Ten Accomplishments is that it offers a variety of activities to do and complete so that you don't become lazy over summer break.  It also provides an accomplished, non-wasted summer.  Though I recommend the idea of ten whole accomplishments, you can pick the number of accomplishments that you wish to complete.  Accomplishments should either help another person out or provide a learning experience in any way.  Though some may not like the Ten Accomplishments idea, there is an upside.  Well first the basic feeling of accomplishing something should itself be rewarding.  Another thing to look forward to is parent-given rewards.  These rewards can be given at any time when your parents think you are deserving of them.  Some basic ideas can be things such as ordering pizza, going to the movies, small gifts, going bowling or a sport you like to play, etc.  Accomplishments should also be things that expand your horizons and therefore should be something new and unexplored.  Remember that the main idea of this is to provide a learning experience.  A good accomplishment should take about 10 hours at the max and about 5-7 hours at the very least. I recommend an 8 hour accomplishment.  Know that 8 hours spread throughout a few days still leaves you plenty of time to have fun.  If parents wish, you will need proof that shows that you completed the task. For example if you choose to read a novel, you can summarize it to your parents in a few sentences.

Recommendations of accomplishments

  • Plan out your ten accomplishments (including schedule or completion dates and outputs)
  • Read a novel (must discuss novel with parents)
  • Make a commercial/video and upload to YouTube
  • Perform a valuable community service
  • Learn to drive a car, boat, aircraft, etc. (if you are old enough)
  • Learn or get better at a certain sport
  • Write a short story
  • Attend a summer camp
  • Create an organization plan for the entire coming school year
  • Plan and cook a four course meal for your parents including shopping
  • Organize and start a small business (i.e. lawn care, dog walking, babysitting, etc.)

Basic schedule of completion

Considering that most accomplishments take about 8 hours, The basic time frame of one accomplishment is about a week which leaves you under 2 hours of work to be done each day which is pretty simple. First, you need to figure out how many weeks there are in your summer.  If you have ten weeks or more, that is very easy because you can do one accomplishment per week meaning only about one and a half hours or work per day.  If you have less weeks, you may have to share accomplishment work every week which would mean maybe 2 hours or a bit more of work each day to be done which is not a problem at all.  Every now and then during the day, you can take breaks when working on your accomplishments but always make sure to get back to them as soon as you can.  Remember that if you are falling behind on completing your accomplishments, the rewards may not be as great or there may be no rewards at all.