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List of Telford Bus Group Sales Items (last updated 20 June 2018)

These are items which are difficult to take to rallies with the Sales Stand, but are of possible use to other bus owners. If anyone is interested in any of these items, please make us an offer! Inspection/Collection/Delivery can usually be arranged. CAUTION! Some items may have been sold!!

Bus Items:

ATTENTION BUS OWNERS! We have a limited quantity of Genuine NOVA Floor Treatment Kits (25L Cleaner, 5L Polish, 5L Maintainer) for just £10 (TEN POUNDS) PER KIT. Suitable for all smooth floors (lino, cork, rubber, etc.). Each kit comes with the Manufacturer's Instructions. One Kit will treat a double decker. Rejuvinate your bus floor! Contact us asap - available for collection from the WALSALL Area.

1. Grab Rail, stainless steel 1.25in diam, 65in long, with 2 brackets giving a 2.375in clearance from a surface, 2in offset on centres.

2. 2off Grab Rail, 1in diam,  61in long with 75 degree bend at one end, approx. 6in radius.

3. Plaxton Elite n/s half-screen, 42.5in deep. £12.50 SOLD

4. 2off Plaxton Elite o/s  half-screen, 42.5in deep. £12.50 each SOLD

5. Plaxton Elite window, approx 37in wide. £12.50 SOLD

6. Plaxton Elite side window, approx 25in wide £12.50 SOLD

7. Plaxton Elite side window, trapezoid (entrance door?). £12.50 SOLD

7a. Plaxton Elite side window, heated, (entrance door?). £12.50 SOLD

8. Plaxton Panorama front panel (all lights broken) from LCD231F. SOLD

9. Plaxton Panorama rear plate/display unit from LCD231F. SOLD

10. Plaxton Panorama rear plate/display unit from LCD243F. SOLD

11. Plaxton Elite rear 'bumper' stainless trim 72in long, slight dents.

12. Plaxton Elite rear 'bumper' stainless trim 72in long, unused like new. SOLD

13. Plaxton Elite front 'bumper' stainless trim, 72in long, slight dents. SOLD

14. 2off Plaxton Panorama front 'bumper' stainless trim, 64.75in long, slight dents.

16. Chromed Badges 'Panorama Elite' (originals from WWY 115G). SOLD

18. 4-track Number blind mechanism from WM Fleetline, etc, minus blinds.

19. Smiths Heater box model FHF3102/05 (outer case only) 10in x 7.5in x 4in with a 3.25in diam outlet one end and a 3.25in diam plus 4off 2in diam outlets at the other.

20. Folding Blind for Rear of drivers seat, grey/white pattern, 21.5in wide x 50in approx.

21. Folding Blind for Rear of driver's seat, red leatherette, 21in wide x 38in approx.

22. 4off Interior light diffuser 40.75in x 3.75in (37.75in fixing centres).

23. Interior light diffuser 29.25in x 2.75in (28in fixing centres).

24. 'Ford' badge (ex-Duple Viceroy front). SOLD

25. 'North Birmingham Busways' 2007 Diary (last edition before the company was sold) - grab youself a final momento for £1 plus p&p.

26. 'North Birmingham Busways' ticket rolls - not many of these about now! £3 each plus p&p.

Destination Blinds

1: Item SOLD.

2. Item SOLD.

3. Ribble Destination Blind- £10:-

Car Items:

25. SOLD.

26. Ford Sierra Headlight housings (pair).

27. Ford Sierra n/s rear light cluster.

Miscellaneous Items:

28. Scrapped.

29. OKI 5200 fax machine (for sale as seen).

30. Scrapped.

31. 2off Front Plate 12.25in x 7in from 5-switch panel from BR Class 73 Electro-diesel: e.g 'Pre-Heat Trip'.

32. Front Plate 6in x 7in  from Switch Panel from BR Class 73 Electro-diesel: 'Brake Selector'.

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