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Gallery - pictures of our vehicles at various events  - some are being moved to our new 'albums' page!

Daimler Fleetline 'Mancunian' 2236 seen at Keele on its way to the 'BIG ORANGE' event in Manchester on 9th October 2004 - there's quite a bit of orange!

Greater Manchester Transport Seddon 'Pennine' midibus 1722 (XVU352M) seen outside Victoria station before heading to Piccadilly on 9th October 2004, re-creating a scene which had not been seen for many years!

Greater Manchester Transport Metrobus 5001 (GBU1V) seen parked outside the Museum of Transport, Boyle St., Manchester, on 9th October 2004. This was one of many 'orange' vehicles on display.


West Riding No. 3 (Bedford VAL14 EHL472D) seen in Wakefield on 29 August 2004 - at an event celebrating 100 years of West Riding Transport


On 7 June 2003, M Redgate took VAL/Viceroy BHO670J back to its 'homeland' in Hampshire. Here it is standing in the yard of Castle Coaches, Horndean - this was the coach's original home when new in 1971.

You may have seen a similar picture to this in the recent issue of 'Bus & Coach Preservation' magazine - you can read all about 670 in the article by Philip Lamb:

Here's 670 outside the 'only landmark in Horndean' - Gale's brewery! The following day, 670 attended the 'Southsea Spectacular' Bus & Coach Rally:

WWY115G (now owned by TBG member D Greatholder), seen on 22nd September 2002 on it's way to the Showbus event at Duxford, Cambridgeshire. '115' (as we call it) was restored to this condition over a period 1994-2001.

In December 2002, our annual 'Santa Special' took us to Llangollen. FAR724K is seen (complete with Christmas decorations) just after arrival; this scene was repeated on 17th August 2003 (except it was warmer!):

In April 2005, this photo was taken from above the rear axle on 724, looking towards the rear offside corner. Note the extensive corrosion of the 'angle' (!) sitting on top of the chassis rail - both sides were the same! You can just spot the rear road spring at the bottom of the photo:

Here's the very first 'Mancunian' - 1001 is a 30' long Leyland Atlantean (compare with 2236 at the top) - 1001 is seen here at the 'Manchester 100' event at Boyle Street on 15 October 2006.

In the West Midlands on Boxing Day 2006, Special bus services were paid for by Centro - all services were provided by TWM, including the 156 which is normally Diamond Bus and uses single deckers (Brownhills-Birmingham). 4046 and 4051 operated route 156 hourly. Here's 4051 in Aldridge:

Well, 2236 had to be repainted sometime...(can you spot it?). It was always the intention to return 2236 to 'Greater Manchester PTE' livery as worn in the 1975-82 period. Here's a shot of 2236 at Llandudno on 6 May 2007 (only a bit of it is really repainted - there's a bit of work to do yet!

On 26 August 2007 we borrowed Bedford VAL VBD310H (thanks to P Emery) - a VAL70 with Plaxton Panorama Elite body work; here it is seen in Telford (shortly before the 08:00 pick-up at the Town Centre): we took this coach to the Stapleford Miniature Railway Open Day.



On 3 May 2009 we went to Llandudno Festival of Transport. Because 2236 was off the road with no steering ram, we were fortunate to be offered this Midland Red Olympian owned by P Emery for our trip (it was restored by S Riley, D Howdle and others). This was it's first outing showing off the new colours! It is seen here at Telford Centre before heading north!

Sunday 14 June 2009 was the Chasewater Bus Rally - Midland Red type S27 JHA227L, a Marshall-bodied Leyland Leopard, made a rare appearance, seen here en-route near Brownhills.

At the Chasewater Bus Rally a line-up of 5 TBG members' vehicles was arranged late in the afternoon. Bedford KPC204P, Leyland JHA227L, Leyland EEH902Y, Bristol GOG653N, Daimler RNA236J, seen with the reservoir in the background.

2236 is seen above at Gladstone Pottery on 1st Aug 2010.

On 6 July 2014, the engine compartment of 2236 was steam cleaned at Chasewater Railway. In the process Kevin got absolutely filthy (and very wet) but it does look good here, doesn't it?

Although FAR724K has not run in anger since Showbus 2012, it is kept 'in test', taxed and insured. Here it is seen outside the Aston Villa F.C. ground following it's annual MOT test on 5 September 2015. One lucky photographer managed to get a photo of 724 near the Greyhound Stadium at Perry Barr, too! 724 really needs £1000-worth of front tyres before being 'let loose' again.

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West Midlands 4701

Here are three images of 4701 (Bristol VRT JOV701P) in various stages of its life. 4701 was recently (August 2005) sold for scrap to provide parts for the preserved 4413 (NOB413M).

The first image shows 4701 loading passengers in Station Street Walsall. This street is today in a pedestrianised area of the town:


One of many of the WM Bristol VRTs sold on to other operators, 4701 is seen here shortly after being repainted into the colours of its new owners, Kettlewells of Retford. Kettlewells used the bus mainly on school contracts:


Following its return to the West Midlands on 13 August 2005, 4701 appeared at the Bus & Coach Show the next day - seen here in Bloxwich after this event. Just days later 4701 was sold for spares:


Shrewsbury's Wrecker

Here is the ex-Midland Red wrecker from Shrewsbury, seen on 4 September 2005, as a result of a conversation between P Emery, S Riley, J Sergeant and T Reekie; originally Plaxton Panorama-bodied Leopard coach GHA325D, it was converted and latterly carried the registration Q125VOE and carried the fleet number RV25.


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