Garden of Ethan

Playing in clay and rocks near Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Garden of Ethan

Providing herd shares for raw milk from Saanens and mini-Saanens. 


To the left is Absalom, the king of my herd.  This picture was taken by herd share owner, Iama, in the summer of 2013.  
My education about raw foods began when my family chose to move towards a raw food diet.  Raising some chickens and growing vegetables was easy enough.  However, the cost of a herd share and the distance to pick up milk every week made me wonder if I could produce the milk myself.  I now have a herd of several goats.  I hike with them daily so they can choose seed heads or grass, weeds/herbs, leaves and bark, whatever they consider to be in season and best for them.  I supplement with grass/clover hay, and a commercial grain mix.  
Here is my blended family.  December 2010



Our home from the front doesn't suggest the amount of farming going on in the back.  Here are winter and spring pictures taken through the branches of a weeping cherry that has survived numerous goat attacks.