1 february 2018

i will spare you the details, but after a year of hopelessly suffering my quickly degenerating web host i have decided to discontinue our collaboration - and spread the word: freewebs sucks!

which means that with immediate effect captain beefheart electricity will be flashing on at the new address
see you there, you're welcome...

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29 january 2018

captain beefheart revised concert chapter

oh, oh, folks, that was a lot of thinking what the best form of the revised concerts chapter would be, also considering the way in which the loads of background information should be presented later on.... but the starting idea was to make separate lists for each year, and i'm glad that the easy half of the changes is done: all captain beefheart's stage appearances from 1973 through 1981.


22 january 2018
after the release of 'trout mask replica' in 1969, captain beefheart was spotted on the cover of some european MAGAZINES a few times....

15 january 2018
if don van vliet
* was still alive - but he has left our frownland and his remains float in the ocean
* hadn't quit painting a new kind of music decades ago
* was fond of playing it on stage - but he already began to hate that in the late seventies
would like to celebrate his birthday today
* had invited m to represent the mad fans,
i could talk with him for hours about the odd job which keeps me off the street for years now and drives my girl friend crazy:
an effort to thoroughly reconstruct his LIVE PERFORMANCES, searching thousands and thousands of documents in archives and cyberspace.
and of course i would give him a sneak preview of the tremendous supply of material i already have gathered.
unfortunately nothing of that fantasy has happened.... so, perhaps yu want to see a glimpse of the things to come - but you really shouldn't expect the extended overview to be ready soon. because, besides re-arranging the old chapter, i'm still fine-tuning the concert lists and sorting out all the advertisements, tickets, reviews and pictures to use....

4 january 2018
behind this screen you're looking at i'm working on a new arrangement of the history chapter (and other overhauls). in stead of using ne folder with a confusing labyrinth of nearly five hundred files, i made some smaller sections which are easier to overlook.
but a logical result is that all links in the overview of the magazines (will) have to be changed. well, it are tremendously outdated lists anyway, so they really can use a thorough improvement. sadly enough, that doesn't solve the main problem that they are ANNOYINGLY DULL, but i thought to pimp them up a bit by adding scans of the COVER PAGES with our captain on it.
and although there were no pictures to add to the MAGAZINES 1968, the list of the years 1941-1967 looks much nicer now...
captain beefheart - back cover world countdown june 1967captain beefheart - cover page world countdown january 1968

13 december 2017
captain beefheart - the magic band reunion - farewell tour november 2017 british islands
the last version of THE MAGIC BAND has finished its uk FAREWELL TOUR.
the lucky
visitors of the concerts have a lot of fond memories to
foster, but all the people who were (too) far away will have to do with a bunch of reviews and pictures....
captain beefheart - the magic band reunion - john 'french' drumbo after the parties
4 december 2017
unfortunately don van vliet never kept a log of his adventures. so there is n proof my list of the BAND LINE UPS is reliable. but because my overview was quite old - read: terribly outdated - i decided to check it again. in a few spare moments i studied some available sources and refreshed what most likely is the smallest chapter of this site, but an essential database to the history of captain beefheart.

beside more precise start and end dates of the bands, the most important changes are:
* the period spanning 'the spotlight kid' to 'clear spot'
* the crews from 1965 and 1966, which section merely was a case of good guess work

while working on the new lists, i also considerably simplified the additional information. thus, only the basic records remain - as all re-releases and album combinations can be found following the links. and the much too long 'bootleg directories' have been reduced to the best releases brought out. furthermore all the illegal live recordings have been removed, because (in future) they are part of the 'concerts' chapter.

captain beefheart and the magic band - one of the line ups


27 october 2017

if links don't work or pages are temporarily lost
(you can always search them)

11 august 2017
update 4 january 2018: exhibition has closed, but virtual tour still is possible
captain beefheart - don van vliet: untitled drawing, 1978 - michael werner gallery, new york 2017
citizens in and nearby new york, usa have time through 9 september to visit an EXHIBITION at the michael werner gallery, presenting DON VAN VLIET: WORKS ON PAPER. it consists of forty-four untitled drawings made after his life as captain beefheart. for people further away the gallery organized a nice virtual tour along all the works (click twice to see 'full screen' reproductions)!

but personally i have an important point of criticism concerning a considerable part (one third!) of the exposition: the works from 1999. while the press release claims that 'the late works clearly evoke a sense of primitive sound or language, eschewing the pictorial for pure and unfettered expression', the truth is that by then the multiple sclerosis don suffered from had made him lose control over his muscle functions....
captain beefheart - don van vliet: untitled drawing, 1999 - michael werner gallery, new york 2017


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