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i will spare you the details, but after a year of hopelessly suffering my quickly degenerating web host i have decided to discontinue our collaboration - and spread the word: freewebs sucks!

which means that with immediate effect captain beefheart electricity will be flashing on at the new address
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don van vliet SINGING INK
poetry and fine arts


art exhibition DON VAN VLIET
usa 0701-100300

ATLANTA georgia
7 JANUARY through 10 MARCH 2000
local time
tuesday through friday 10:30-17:30
monday and saturday 12:00-17.00
or by appointment
20 paintings and 9 works on paper
22 big SCANS on [later deleted] SPECIAL WEBSITE


as this gallery failed to update their website - and hasn't answered an e-mail asking for some more information (yet) - there only is the announcement:

from 'atlanta journal' 7 january 2000
Lowe Gallery: "Paintings by Don Van Vliet" (aka Captain Beefheart) and 'The Hourglass Project: A Woman's Vision.' Opening today: reception 6-10 p.m. Through Jan 20."

and an impression by an early visitor, scott burland:

Checked out the show today... Pricey! There were larger works in oil and smaller works on paper... I enjoyed the latter... Nice gallery, also some great other stuff on exhibit at the Lowe and surrounding galleries.... I hadn't seen any art in some time and I found myself having a great
time... Inspiring!


later message, posted by millard isobar
in the newsgroup:

I just saw the show this afternoon and it's a very nice exhibition - about 25 or 30 pieces in all, most of them from the 80s & 90s. I particularly liked the larger figurative pieces - one was named "China Pig"... in fact, pigs and ponies figured prominently in several of them. The smaller pieces were around $2000 and the big paintings were in the $7000 range. The gallery had a desk copy of [the art book] STAND UP TO BE DISCONTINUED but alas, none for sale. I grabbed a couple of the postcards, though, and I've posted a scan to alt.binaries.rock-n-roll if anybody wants to see it.

The show is going to be up for another couple of weeks and is well worth the trip if you're in the area.


the promotional text beneath the exhibitions list on the postcard goes:
critically recognised as a composer, rock musician and author in the mid 1960's, don van vliet a.k.a. captain beefheart explored the outer limits of music in order to liberate himself from the plight of the world in which he found himself immersed. knowing that musisc was the art traditionally devoted to the expression of the soul, not the reproduction of natural phenomena, he refocused his creative expression on the medium of painting with the same goal and determination that he applied to music.
(wow! - teejo)


the gallery has created a [now defunct - 280804 t.t.] SPECIAL WEBSITE for this exhibition, containing (clickable) pictures of 22 of the exposed works, a 'biography' and image descriptions.



it appears that the gallery has created a SPECIAL ARCHIVE of this exhibition, containing (clickable) pictures of 28 of the exposed works and a 'biography'. take a long look!
note: although there are more of them, the scans are smaller than the ones mentioned above

captain beefheart / don van vliet - drawing - 'untitled' 1989 - lowe gallery exhibition 2000
untitled - 1989 - china ink, gold ink - 36 x 51 cm


one dutch fan, co de kloet (discover some of his activities by searching for him or 'supplement' in my intra search engine), also went to this exhibition one day and - although he forgot to take me along - he came home with the following memorabilia:

3 times 20,5 x 25,5 cm - full colour on thick, glossy paper
the three-pieces fold-out shows reproductions of four of don's paintings and four of the 'works on paper' presented at the exhibition, and the promotional text by the gallery.
front: painting 'check bif' - only reproduction without margins
back: the three untitled works on paper from 1989, and one from 1992
fold-in: the promo text, and address data of the gallery
inside left: painting 'bat day in the night'
middle: painting 'bad vaggum' (or vuggum)
inside right: painting 'dirty champagne'

15 x 22,5 cm - full colour on thick, glossy paper
the front has the painting 'bat day in the night' reproduced with white margins
the back tells us about 'don van vliet' (1941 - born in glendale, california), selected solo exhibitions, and selected group exhibitions above the promotional text mentioned earlier and the full gallery address. mind that the exhibition is dated '1999', which after all was too optimistic

13 x 18 cm - full colour on thick, glossy paper
obviously manufactured in the course of the exhibition is a smaller card with a detail of the painting 'royal hind doer' on the front (without margins) - the text on the backside is a slightly shortened version of the bigger card, with the bold addition:
Exhibition continues through March 10, 2000

goed gedaan, co!



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