1 february 2018

i will spare you the details, but after a year of hopelessly suffering my quickly degenerating web host i have decided to discontinue our collaboration - and spread the word: freewebs sucks!

which means that with immediate effect captain beefheart electricity will be flashing on at the new address
see you there, you're welcome...

captain beefheart electricity

don van vliet SINGING INK
poetry and fine arts



untitled drawing
from 011180 MELODY MAKER england
re-published 141089 MELODY MAKER england
re-published 010498 RECORD COLLECTOR #224 england

captain beefheart / don van vliet - untitled drawing 1978 - 'a couple of old folks' - melody maker 011180 melody maker 141089 / record collector 010498

don van vliet 1978


note by teejo:
although there's no evidence for it, i think the old folks don shows us above are eric drew feldman's parents. because eric was a member of the magic band in the year the drawing was made, and beefheart was very taken with them, as he confessed in the interview where's the captain?:

i did enjoy playing with eric feldman, though. he's really nice and his folks are the most incredible people i've ever met in my life. his mother and father used to come see the music and actually really dig it. can you imagine that?

they lived in a nice house in the san fernando valley near this cigar store called the tinderbox, and he - his name was harold - had a t-bird and it looked good. he dressed really nice and he'd sit there, with liz, and wait for us to go on. they weren't there just to see their son, they wanted to hear some blow. one time i said to him: 'oh, you're here to see eric', and he replied in this real serious way: 'watch it'. that was his way of saying: 'i'm here to see the whole thing'.


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